Pope RiRi: Twitter Explodes To Rihanna's Met Gala Ensemble (15 Tweets)

Monday night was one of the biggest nights in fashion: The Annual Met Gala.

It's a night where celebrities, fashion, and art combine. It's a night that completely revolves around what people are wearing and the the theme.

Essentially, the Met Gala is a fundraiser to raise funds for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York City. But people pretty much forget about that since we're so consumed in which designs the celebrities are wearing. However, every year is, more or less, kind of the same. The same heavy hitters are invited — along with the newest young guns. Celebs like Rihanna, the Kardashians, Blake Lively, Zendaya, and the Hadid sisters tend to take over the whole fashion game time and time again. But without question, Rihanna is the all-time favorite Met Gala guest.

Designers love dressing her up and watching her shine. Unlike many celebrities, Rihanna takes chances with fashion and isn't afraid to go big and try something new; something designers admire.

This year's theme, of course, was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. And as always, Rihanna came to SLAY, honey. You could call her ensemble the female version of the pope. A more current, more fashionable, more iconic pope.

15 *Bows Down*

The NY Times states that Rihanna wore "white beaded Margiela corset mini dress under a full skirt, with a beaded bishop’s hat to match." Considering she was that extra to wear a corresponding headpiece that was probably bedazzled with thousands of gems — the headpiece alone won her best dressed.

She certainly is the Popepette.

Are Popepettes a thing? Um no, no they're not. But now that Rihanna showed up wearing this flawless ensemble, maybe the church will bring the term to life? OR we can just appreciate what Rihanna gave us and have it go down in history. Either one.

(Wait — maybe we can try to get people to dress up in higher-end fashions for church on Sundays like they used to do in the past?)

This Met Gala was a big one for Rhianna considering she was co-hosting the evening with Vogue icon Anna Wintour, fashion designer Donatella Versace, and lawyer/activist Amal Clooney. Like, attending the Met Gala is a big deal, but imagine hosting it with icons like Anna, Donatella, and Amal. You already know it's gonna be epic before even showing up. So you have to come dressed to ace — you're essentially setting the standard.

14 SLAY!

As I said in the post above, Rihanna just gets the fashion industry. She doesn't sit back and let things happen — she makes things happen. She's not gonna pull something off the rack, designers are dying to dress Rihanna. Especially on the red carpet.

If there's anyone who doesn't really understand fashion and wants to know which celebrity to stalk and learn more; Rihanna's your girl.

I think Rihanna is even more desired because of her general presence. Sure, she's a Barbados beauty who could show up to a red carpet with no clothes on and still win best dressed, but her aura takes her to another universe. She's confident, she's glowing, she's the ruler of the carpet. What's better is that she knows what she brings to the party — and that's what makes her who she is.

She's on another level. I honestly feel bad for the other stars who showed up on that red carpet. How in the heck do you stand on the same carpet knowing Rihanna is also on the same carpet taking pictures? HOW!? How can you be casually taking photos knowing Rihanna dressed as the POPE!? There's just no comparison.

13 All Hail!

According to Harper's Bazaar, RiRi's insanely beautiful outfit took "250 hours to sew and 500 hours to hand embroider by Maison Margiela Atelier in Paris." I guess it's pretty easy to look unbelievable when you're literally sewn into your dress.

If I wore anything other than yoga pants and sweatshirts, I'm sure I would look just as amazing as Popepette Rihanna.

It's not everyday a designer spends over 200 hours sewing a dress that's going to fit every inch of your body. Now, I don't know how much this outfit cost Rihanna, but I wouldn't take this bad boy off. I'm sure she wore it for the four hours of the evening, but I'm guessing she changed for the after-parties, right? There's no way Rihanna can get down and groove with that phenomenal headdress on her head, let alone that incredible jacket! LIKE, HELLO!? Imagine putting that jacket on the back of your chair at the party. You just wouldn't. That coat has to be so heavy — there's no way the chair would even sit up straight without someone sitting in it. And just the thought of someone taking this coat when Rihanna was off greeting friends is unfathomable.

Actually, the the security at these event has to be top notch. Thinking about all of those robberies going on in the Hollywood hills, there's no way anyone leave their house these days without some sort of security for their belongings.

12 Help! I've Fallen And Can't Get Up

Back in 2016, the Pope was performing a Mass at Poland's holiest site. The Mass was televised, with millions of people watching and all of sudden, the most embarrassing thing happened to Pope Francis. He took a tumble. While walking up the steps of the Jasna Gora Monastery, the Pope stumbled on the steps and took a fall. And any time you see a person in their late 70's take a fall, it's always horrifying. They're so brittle — you never know what could happen to them. And to make matters worse, he's the POPE. He fell in front of millions of people. The poor dear.

After the fall, Czestochowa Archbishop Waclaw Depo said, "He is in good condition. He did not even complain at all. He never said a word. Also the homily showed that the pope has strength and this strength he gets from the people."

Thankfully, the tumble happened two years ago and he's in good condition today. And since his fall was two years ago, I think we can joke about it now, right? Maybe the Pope should have taken some advice from RiRi. She was probably aware of the possibility of falling, so she wore a shorter hem, making it easier to walk.

Side note: anyone who can walk in those heels time and time again deserves a medal all on its own. Good for them.

11 Goodnight

As flawless as all of the fashions are, I know there were a bunch of people who were really sad by the whole theme. Religion is a prized thing for many people, and those who are religious didn't think it was okay to make religion a "theme" just for a gala.

Now, I attended Catholic school as a girl, but that changed real quick when we moved to another town and realized how expensive religious education is. So, since it's been a long time since I've been to church, I get all the Popes very confused.

In short, the Pope is the leader (the captain, if you will) of the Catholic church.

He sets the pace for the religion and is probably one of the holiest figures we have today.  As of 2013, our current Pope is Pope Francis. He is at the youthful age of 81 years old and is the 266th pope of the Catholic church! (I don't really know how many popes I assumed were already in the church, but over 200 seems unbelievable.)

If we're going by this tweet. Pope Francis (the one who's shaking) is our current pope. Pope Benedict (who is still alive and kicking at 91 years old) is quaking. Lastly, Pope John Paul (well, there were a few of them), but he passed away in 2005.

10 RT

Imagine being a person who doesn't give a hoot about fashion, celebrities, or even the Met. Even people who don't really care about fashion know something big was happening in the celebrity world, considering the Met Gala is all anyone could talk about in the past upcoming weeks. Regardless, imagine those roaming the streets of New York, who saw Rihanna from afar. Not knowing that the Gala has a religious theme to it, they might leave some lasting questions. For starters, what the fudge is on RiRi's head?

So you could say that Rihanna looks like she's ready to party but also ready to go to church. I mean, I don't know what church she would attend, but she would fit in quite nicely. Actually, on second though, she would stick out like a sore thumb. She's so gorgeous and outrageous that she would be the most over dressed woman in church.

Is anyone mad about that? Nope. I'm encouraging it! Let's start dressing more classy and flashy for religious events! The only times we really get to dress up for anything is for weddings, funerals, maybe some charity benefits, and work events. But let's spice it up like RiRi does and make this a weekly thing, okay? (I just need like, a million more dollars to actually wear something nice once a week.)

9 OMFG That Glare

Part of rocking an outfit on the red carpet is nailing down the personality that goes with the outfit. If you're wearing something that's pink and bubbly — most celebs smile and flirt with the cameras a little bit. But if you're rocking a gem-encrusted gown, made for the 2018 Met Gala, you gotta serve that camera looks, honey. You can't just stroll in wearing a headpiece like this and not know how to pose. RiRi probably practiced posing in the mirror for a straight day before conquering this carpet. As as we can see by this look, RiRi nailed this pose. LOOK AT THOSE EYES. She doesn't play.

The great part, for those who aren't offended by this look, is that they're suddenly encouraged to take part in the Catholic church after seeing some of these looks.

Seeing Rihanna actually makes me miss the way churches used to look like. They used to be massive with floor-to-ceiling windows with stained-glass. Churches weren't just an air conditioned building with ugly red carpet going down the center of the church. They were hand built with amazing detail that cannot be duplicated. They can't be.

RiRi's dress reminds me of the older churches; the beginning of Catholicism and what so many people love about it.

8 Rihanna Did That

I have a lot of bones to pick with whoever thought of the quote, “Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have.” For starters, WHAT if someone’s dream job is to be a dog walker? I’ll be you $10 that a dreaming dog walker isn’t going to wear their dog-walking clothes to their 9-5 cubicle job, just waiting for their dog-walking dreams to come true. For starters, they’re probably gonna get yelled at for not looking professional.

I also find this quote ridiculous because, my dream job is to work at home while also taking care of like, 20 puppies. Now, call me crazy, but I doubt my “supposed” boss would be okay with me wearing those dirty clothes to the office.

Luckily for me, I work from home, so I can wear whatever the heck I want. But my “uniform” usually consists of lululemon leggings, a zip-up, and a makeup-free face. The downfall for me, however, is that I don’t have 20 puppies running around me. For starters, I wouldn’t even know how to train one dog, let alone 20. I also wouldn’t even be able to work because I’d be too busy chasing around puppies all day.

7 I Saw This Coming

To be honest, I'm shocked the Met made religion their theme. Considering we live in a world where everyone and their mama is offended, they probably should have thought this theme through a little more.

Then again — the Met could have made their theme Teletubbies and someone out there would have been offended.

They would probably say how adults are ruining something that was directed towards children. But hey, what's done is done.

Appropriating cultures is something that happens everyday, unfortunately. From hairstyles to clothing to slang — people are fed up with their culture becoming trendy. And obviously, people feel the same way about religion. When it comes to themes for the Met Gala though, I feel like themes are kind of limited, no? Like how many "costume" parties can you actually throw without repeating them?

Over the years the Met Gala had themes like Vanity Fair, American Women of Style, The Eighteenth-Century, Dance, Fashion and History  — the list goes on. Now, I have no idea how the committee comes up with these themes but to have a religion-based theme in 2018.... ehhh, it could have been thought out a little better. I guess we just have to wait to see what next year's theme is.

[Editor's note: Let's also make sure we understand the difference between cultural appropriation from cultures that were historically oppressed by Western societies, and appropriation within the privileged as well. Also, the Catholic church has been a big proponent of arts and culture in Western history, and the theme of the Met Gala most likely had to do with the art and culture propagated by the Catholic church, not the religion itself]

6 Goodnight

Rihanna is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her look is unlike anyone else's with her almond-shaped eyes and gorgeous accent. And year after year, fans of RiRi's wait to see what the queen is gonna wear to the Met Gala.

Considering Rihanna first hit the scene in the early 2000s, it took some time for Rihanna to find out what kind of artist she wanted to be. Who was she as an artist and as a person. (Every artist goes through this phase when it pertains to their image. Hiiii, just look at Britney Spears.)

However, Rihanna is kind of new to the Met Gala scene. She's been invited for the past six years, and it all started in 2009 when she wore a Dolce & Gabbana tuxedo. The following year she wore a mesh/lace dress by Stella McCartney. In 2012 Rihanna was slowly becoming her own with her style; she wore a long sleeved dress by Tom Ford which had a deep cut out in the back. But that's all in the past. Her fashion became next level in 2014 when she wore a two-piece Stella McCartney dress.

After those years came the outrageous dresses that later turned into hilarious memes. But regardless, Rihanna shuts it down.

5 But Seriously...

I understand people get offended by religious appropriation, but if I didn't know a lick about Catholicism, I would simply assume that she invented the religion by the sheer confidence she's oozing in this outfit.

Do you have any idea how confident a person needs to be to dress as the female, bedazzled version of the POPE!?

There's only two people in the world who could dress as a bishop or act as the creator of Catholicism; and that is Rihanna and Beyoncé. These women are so well known and beloved for everything they do that they can get away with anything. I saw a meme saying Beyoncé could sell a CD that had nothing in the background (literally no music) and her fans would rave about it, saying they could "hear the music through the silence.

But like I said, not just anyone could wear what Rihanna is wearing. If Britney Spears rolled up wearing this outfit... people would be very confused. If Madonna wore this outfit, it would kind of make sense. If one of the Kardashians wore this outfit — she would be ripped apart. But when Rihanna wears this? She's praised.

4 Our Pope

The cool thing about the world's current Pope (Pope Francis) is that he's so progressive. He's probably the most beloved Pope in this day and age, mainly due to his views on some sticky topics. He was even voted for and chose as Person of the Year in 2013!

PRI posted an article listing all the reasons why the public adores the Pope so much. Not surprisingly, one of those things is for being social media friendly. The Pope has no qualms with posing for a selfie with his loyal followers. We are the future, after all.

In 2013 there were also rumors swirling around that Pope Francis was sneaking out of the Vatican so he could hang out with the homeless. This rumor was pretty much confirmed after The Huffington Post wrote an article stating, "Swiss guards confirmed that the pope has ventured out at night, dressed as a regular priest, to meet with homeless men and women.” Now, I don't know too many well-known 80-year-olds who sneak out of the comfort of their own home to say prayers with the homeless, but that makes him 10x more cool in my book.

So while Rihanna might be the youth's version of the Pope, Pope Francis is also a good egg.

3 She Will Always Win Best Dressed

Jarett Wieselman makes a great point: everyone already knew Rihanna was gonna shut down the Met Gala with her ensemble before she even arrived. In all honesty, she could have shown up in a bath towel and reporters and experts would have called her iconic. The woman can do no wrong in the eye of fashion. In fact, I don't even know why this gala is still called the Met Gala or why other celebrities are even invited.

This is the Rihanna show. We're here to see Rihanna in all her glory.

Sure, it's cool to see what all the other stars are wearing; Blake Lively, Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, and Cardi B all knocked this year's theme out of the park. But everyone else is peanuts in comparison to the one and only Rihanna (although I do think Blake Lively gave RiRi a run for her money — she looked glamorous AF).

This is subtle, and I don't even know why I'm mentioning it, but I also love that Rihanna kept her shoes really subtle with this outfit. She knew her dress, jacket, and headpiece were going to be doing all the talking — so there was no need to wear some sort of outrageous shoe. She didn't need the attention on her feet — she needed it on all of THAT..

2 No One Was

Here's the thing about Rihanna and the Met Gala. We all know she (along with other celebs) are gonna show up blowing our minds, so why are we blown away when they walk down that red carpet? If anything, everyone in that audience should have dropped their notepads and microphones and did a slow clap for her attendance. I mean, she's a walking piece of art. That's what Rihanna is.

Even those who attended Catholic school have never seen anything like this before. I highly doubt Jesus spoke about the beautiful creation that is Rihanna from Barbados, wearing a similar ensemble to that of the Pope's. If I'm being 100% real, I don't even think Jesus was ready for this look.

When I heard this year's theme, I don't really know what I was expecting. Katy Perry wore ACTUAL wings, which seemed appropriate. A bunch of other celebrities wore smaller halos which is also what I had in my mind. BUT, THE POPE'S HEADPIECE?! Nope. That never went through my mind when imagining what Rihanna could possibly wear. You know what, I’m actually surprised there weren’t more men dressed as Jesus. I know celebs aren’t supposed to dress as a religious figure (they’re just supposed to embody them), but I think it’s safe to say Jared Leto looked like Jesus on or off the red carpet.

1 How Long Until This Happens?

You guys... How long do you think it will take until people start praying to Rihanna. There are a ton of different religions and spiritualities. I seriously would not even blink an eye if someone told me their god's name was Rihanna and had her face on a pendent. Would it be weird? Yes. I mean, the woman sings a song about dollar bills and dances in close to nothing. That's unlike any other religion I've ever heard of.

Plus, there are plenty of people who bring church to their home. Mel Gibson famously built his own church on his property. Who's to say that he won't swap out pictures of Jesus and add Rihanna's face instead? I don't know what her personal religious beliefs are, but she is charitable woman who does great things, so who knows?

Regardless, I think this will probably be the last time we see Rihanna in this outfit.

This ensemble will probably be donated to the Met or some other fashion museum where people can ogle and take pictures of the iconic gown. There's no way anyone could ever even try to wear something like this again; they would be immediately compared to Rihanna and lose that competition real hard.

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