This Popeyes Offered Customers Mardi Gras Beads To Carry Their Chicken

Last Tuesday, a Popeyes branch in New Orleans offered its customers the chance to walk around the Mardi Gras parade with snacks around their necks.

Hungry Mardi Gras-goers were able to celebrate their love for New Orleans with some Louisiana-spiced chicken and fun-colored beads around their necks.

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The celebration of Mardi Gras can be traced back to the late 17th to early 18th centuries. Meaning“Fat Tuesday” in French, the event is linked to the Christian tradition of Lent. Right before Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the season of Lent, people celebrate Mardi Gras by indulging in rich, fatty foods before the period of fasting.

The tradition was brought to the US when French-Canadian explorer Jean Baptiste Le Moyene Sieur de Bienville established New Orleans in 1718, and the event was widely celebrated by the 1730s. Over the years, the parade has evolved and changed into the event we love and celebrate today.

Popeyes gave Mardi Gras participants the perfect “get-fat-Tuesday” accessory for the parade. According to Food and WineThe NOLA location provided its customers with the option to add a string of Mardi Gras beads to their snack box. This allowed fried chicken lovers to carry their food around hands-free and be festive at the same time.

Unfortunately, the bead-box was available at the Canal Street location for only a day, so those who didn’t get it will have to wait until next Mardi Gras.

Even if you didn’t participate in the Mardi Gras parade, eating Popeyes could’ve been a great way to celebrate New Orleans. The fast-food giant boasts its ability to give a piece of Louisiana in every single meal, and every item on the menu contains the special flare of Southern cuisine. If you would rather make your own Louisiana dish, there are many recipes available online to get you a taste of the South at home—from shrimp and grits to beignets.

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Mardi Gras is now over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in some fried chicken on a Tuesday night. You can have your own mini Mardi Gras celebration at home with some Louisiana-style food and a string of plastic beads from the dollar store. While it won’t be as grand as the parade, it will surely be a time of great indulgence.

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