20 Powers Princess Peach Never Uses (And Keeps Getting Captured Instead)

Princess Peach has a penchant for being taken… and she gets taken A LOT.

The absurd amount of times that she’s been forcibly removed from the Mushroom Kingdom has caused a surprising number of fans to consider that Princess Peach might actually want to be taken.

While we’re not necessarily here to agree or disagree with that theory, we can certainly see where they’re coming from, especially when considering the huge amount of or practically unused powers that Peach has at her disposal.

With this list of 20 Powers Princess Peach Never Uses (And Keeps Getting Captured Instead), you’ll soon come to see that Peach isn’t as helpless as her repeated kidnapping might make it seem and, by the end, you just might start questioning her motives, too.

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20 Explosive Hip Bumps


In Super Smash Bros. Melee, Peach showed off a surprisingly destructive technique that has rarely been seen since.

Using unknown means, she launches herself horizontally and whatever her hip comes in contact with immediately erupts into an explosion.

We realize Melee isn’t meant to be taken seriously in terms of canon, but still, this is pretty intense.

19 Magic Resistance


We can’t say if it’s from training, her bloodline, or some kind of ancient amulet, but Princess Peach is seemingly fully resilient to the “black magic” of the Koopa Tribe, specifically that of King Koopa himself, Bowser.

Presumably, this applies to the attacks used by the Magikoopas and, if that’s the case, why does she take damage from them when we know that she doesn’t have to?

18 Her Extensive Martial Arts Skills

via gamearthq.com

Peach typically isn’t portrayed as a fighter, and her ability to beat people up is rarely considered in any context, minus Super Smash Bros., but make no mistake, she’s a ruthless combatant.

Peach is agile and dexterous, and although she doesn’t deal a lot of damage with her various attacks, she’s more than capable of eliminating the kind of opponents that take her away on a regular basis.

17 Bob-Omb Materialization


In Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Peach shows the uncanny ability to will an army of Bob-ombs into existence, and then toss channel their explosive fury at her enemies.

Plucking blunt-force turnips is one thing, but creating sentient and highly-powerful life forms is something else entirely.

Walls would have no meaning, enemies would be defenseless, and not even Bowser could resist a series of point-blank explosions… but the power remains virtually unused.

16 An Arsenal Of Weapons

via ShadowlesWOLF (DeviantArt)

In Smash Bros., should Peach use a “smash” attack, you’ll see her pull out a variety of sporting goods to wield as weapons.

Much like Toad, the giant peaches and devastating turnips, these objects appear out of thin air, and Peach is well-versed in how to use them to wallop anyone who dares enter her personal space.

15 Creating Tornadoes

via Wattpad.com

You know what would be a really good power to use if you were under attack by an army of enemies who were intent on trapping you in a giant turtle’s castle? Creating tornadoes by manipulating the weather.

Yeah, that’s something Peach can do.

When she is joyful in Super Princess Peach, she’s more than capable of generating tornadoes at will.

14 Turning Enemies Into Ice

via YouTube.com

If Princess Peach is feeling gloomy, she can turn her exorbitant amount of flowing tears into flash-freezing nightmares for pursing enemies.

While the injuries resulting from running at full speed across a floor that has inexplicably turned into ice at a moment’s notice are surely devastating, we imagine that, with a little practice, Peach could simply aim her tears at encroaching enemies and freeze them solid.

13 Sleep-Inducing Hallucinations


The aforementioned “Giant Peaches” ability was the Princess’ Final Smash from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but we purposefully neglected to mention its insane side-effect due to just how crazy it really is.

In short, Peach can just put everyone around her to sleep. There’s no explanation, and no real rhyme or reason. It just happens.

...yeah, she definitely wants to be taken by Bowser, because she could escape at any time using this power.

12 Telekinesis


We’ve already mentioned Peach’s telepathy, but she’s also armed with powerful telekinesis, which essentially confirms the fact that she’s an almighty psychic.

Her ability to toss around objects and people with her mind is so powerful, that she was even able to launch Bowser miles away with a mere thought.

11 Burning Rage

via Super Mario Wiki

Should Peach’s cheerful demeanor become one of all-consuming rage, Bowser and his armies better steer clear, lest they get burned.

Peach will literally burst into flames when she taps into her rage, and no living mushrooms or sentient turtles want to be immolated, so we imagine she’d get away scot-free… and, yet, she never seems that mad when she’s captured. She’s not even the slightest bit annoyed.

10 Making Her Enemies Fall In Love With Her

via pinterest.com

Barring very few exceptions, the majority of Bowser’s army is seemingly comprised entirely of men.

That’s great, because Peach has demonstrated the ability to use a power that causes men to become dazed with admiration for her. Heck, Bowser is already in love with her, so he’d likely be hit hardest by this spell.

So, basically, Peach can make 99% of her captors immediately fall so deeply in love with her that she could leave Bowser’s Castle without lifting a finger.

9 “Magic Powers”

via forums.kc-mm.com

According to the Super Mario Bros. manual, the reason that Peach is taken in the first place is because she is the “only one who can undo the magic spell” cast by Bowser on the Mushroom Kingdom and its people.

If anything, it seems that he’s deathly afraid of her and her potential, and is locking her away for his own protection.

8 Toad Body Shields


According to the Super Smash Bros. series, Peach can pull a Toad out of thin air, using them as a human shield to intercept incoming damage (and then dole it back out in the form of spores.)

Again, we realize Smash Bros. isn’t a series that should be taken seriously, but every character uses a move set based on their actual characteristics, meaning that Peach could probably pull a Toad out of her pocket at any time she wished.

7 Flight


Debuting in Super Mario Bros. 2, Peach’s bizarre ability to hover made itself known to the world and quickly made her the favorite choice among the available characters.

This peculiar power has appeared in a multitude of games since then, but Peach never seems to use it to escape danger or evade her assailants. Why?

6 Earthshaking Ground Pounds

via Reddit.com

In Super Princess Peach, the titular character uses an assortment of powers tied to her emotions, and almost all of them are exceptionally crazy.

For example, should the normally kind and sweet Princess become enraged, she can stomp the ground so hard that enemies are knocked out from the shock wave.

Sounds like that could be useful for escaping hostages, huh?

5 Life-Draining Mind Powers

via deviantart.com

Bowser is physically imposing and far more powerful than Princess Peach, but that would mean nothing if he were in jeopardy of having his life force drained away… which Peach is apparently capable of doing.

To be fair, the Princess was combining her powers with that of Starlow from Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story when this happened, but she at least had SOME involvement with it.

4 On-Demand Turnips

via SmashWiki

Throwing vegetables at enemies was a key mechanic in Super Mario Bros. 2, and it was great to see it referenced in Peach’s Smash Bros. move set.

Again, though, it begs the question as to why she doesn’t just do this all the time?

In SMB2, there were specific patches where the veggies were plucked, but Peach seems to just will them into existence whenever she pleases.

3 Telepathy


Telepathic powers would be instrumental in planning and executing an escape from captivity, as you’d be able to read the thoughts of every guard in the area.

Shockingly, Princess Peach is occasionally shown to have telepathy, and yet she doesn’t use it anywhere close to as often as she should.

The times she does use it seem random at best, but if this really is some ace-in-the-hole, we can understand her choice to keep it relatively secret.

2 Summoning Gargantuan Peaches

via dailymotion.com

Let’s say you’re locked in a dark dungeon, captured by a giant dragon/turtle thing, and are getting hungry.

Well, if you’re peach, you’re apparently able to summon an army of enormous peaches to sate your hunger.

Heck, there might even be some room to use the oversize fruits as weapons if you really needed to.

1 The Healing Factor

via Shacknews

Characters like Wolverine and Cell have well-known healing and regenerative abilities, but you might be surprised to know that Peach has a variation on these powers, too.

In Super Princess Peach, she can enter a state of calmness and, as long as she isn’t interrupted, she’s capable of healing her injuries.

Might be useful in a breakout attempt, no?

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