18 Team Rocket Cosplays That Have Us Blasting Off Again

We are reasonably sure that this is going to be an article where people spend much less time reading anything that we have to say and way more time just gawking at the scorching Team Rocket cosplays we have in store for everyone today. There is something about being bad that is so good and while there are a lot of smokin' Misty cosplays out there... we like Team Rocket quite a bit.

That being said, we couldn't really catch them all, but we did get 18 fantastic cosplays for everyone to enjoy of Jessie and James. Of course, most of these are of Jessie... but there are also some gender-bent James cosplays as well, and that is certainly something everyone will love. Now, prepare for trouble and make it double!

18 Those Boots!


Those legs! Who knew that boots could go up that high!? This is a very fun glam shot of Jessie that sort of makes her look a little nicer than she really is. On top of that, she even has that flowing hair that seems to be paying homage to the strange hairdo that the cartoon character has. That's a fun detail.

17 Alone On The Stairs


We like this one because there is a vulnerability we don't usually get to see with Jessie. It's like she was one of those loners on the stairwell in high school who just never fit in. Maybe if someone here tried to help her fit in, she wouldn't try and enslave Pokémon. Maybe she'd just be gorgeous and happy!

16 Rockin' The Convention


There is something about a Jessie who has legs that could crush us that is just quite alluring. Add the fact that she is roaming about at a convention and every Pokémon nerd within 100 feet should be drooling. It really does seem that this Jessie could have any fan she wanted by the Pokéballs.

15 Come For A Walk In The Woods?


Who wouldn't want to go for a stroll in Eterna Forest with this Jessie? She looks sort of innocent, doesn't she? But she has that hint of something devious which we are reasonably sure everyone here loves. It makes that she'd be out on the prowl for Pokémon... so why can't we be on the prowl too?

14 A Check In The Mirror


If nothing else with this Jessie, we have to say that she really does not need to check herself out in the mirror... but are we really surprised that she is doing just that? We would too if we looked like that. We're not too sure about that tattoo, but we really don't mind the length of the outfit by any means.

13 A Stroll In The Park

via imgur.com

We don't know about anyone else here but we would love to go for a stroll with this Jessie out in the park. Sure, like most of the cosplayers here, she just has the white outfit and while she has the right colored hair, it's not quite styled how the character really is... but we couldn't say no to her.

12 Punk Rocket


Well, hey. This Jessie even has a Meowth with her. That is not something that the majority of the other cosplayers have and it makes perfect sense. In addition to that, she has interpreted the cosplay in a little bit of a punk way, giving Jessie an edge that we don't really see often. We like it.

11 Jessie And James


We can definitely say that we do not mind when both Jessie and James are played by women. Especially when played by smokin' women. Jessie here is certainly the more... expressive of the two, at least when it comes to purposely being alluring. She's got that open-mouthed thing models do... and that eyebrow...

10 A Little Conservative

via instagram.com

Sure, this is a more conservative look for both Jessie and James but that doesn't mean these two lovely ladies aren't at all attractive. On the contrary, the one playing James actually has a sort of librarian look to her... an interesting purple-haired librarian who likes to cut up her outfits make them more revealing.

9 More Punk-Rokin' Jessie


She's got a great pose, first and foremost. But then she's rocking the long gloves and a choker that really gives her a punk rock sort of look. On top of that, the cut of the outfit is just perfect and while her hair is straight and down, it definitely works for the style of cosplay that she's working with.

8 Hello Jessie And James!


Well... we don't think that we need to say all that much on this one. We are pretty sure no one is going to be reading this entry because they will be too interested in a James on Jessie cosplay played by two absolutely stunning women who really know just how to capture an audience... to say the least.

7 Jessie's Lingerie


Jessie already had a pretty sweet costume for lovely ladies to cosplay but doing a side by side cosplay with the sort of generic outfit and then an amazing lingerie cosplay after the fact... sure, without the costume on the one side, it really does just seem like a random girl in lingerie in the second photo but... are we complaining?

6 Laying Back...


Well, we are pretty sure everyone is ok with a bit of a laid back Jessie. If not, then they should be after this cosplay. Especially given the cut of the outfit she has on. There are a couple of reasons we can think of that may have readers wanting her to lean more forward than back but... either should be good anyway.

5 Kickin' Back


We were sort of worried that people might eventually get tired of the same outfit over and over again with this Team Rocket article but... how could they? Every new photo is another gorgeous woman doing a great rendition of Jessie and/or James. We admire this one for kicking back with such killer boots that go all the way up!

4 She's Captured Pikachu!


Here is a wonderfully devious Jessie who has managed to capture a Pikachu. Or maybe even worse. It kind of looks like she might have actually just had the skin of Pikachu saved so she could dress her black Meowth up for kicks. That is just sadistic but also... she's got a certain level of spunk, for sure!

3 Smokin'... Literally


How often is it that one sees a cosplay of Jessie that is literally smokin'? It's not like she's on fire but there is no denying that she is pretty hot, so that has got to count for something, right? After all, it's hard not to be darn good looking with that sort of outfit and the body to rock it!

2 Never Mind James


We are pretty sure that no one has even noticed yet that there is a James in this photo. There are two very good reasons that we can see to make us believe that. We have a hard time noticing him as well. But that's ok because no matter how much tape or glue it took to make this cosplay work, we're sure everyone is fine with it.

1 By The Pool


Let us be totally honest right here. Who here is really going to say no to a day by the pool with this Jessie? Does it really matter to anyone here that all she wants to do is rule the world with Pokémon? Might as well be on the good side of someone who is so ambitious... and smoking hot. We think, anyway.

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