15 Pretentious Car Mods Only A Celebrity Can Afford

Amidst all the commuters in their crossovers, many car owners feel unhappy with their bland vehicles that look similar to everything else on the road. But when buying a car on a budget, there aren't many options that actually look good, drive well, and offer a semblance of reliability at a good price.

Plenty of people dream about one day owning a supercar or rare collectible, but in the meantime, a large new domain of aftermarket modifications has become available on the internet to help car owners make their babies stand out. Some mods improve performance while others are purely cosmetic; the range of potential upgrades varies based on the price tag.

Wealthy celebrities, however, go about modding their expensive sports cars in just the same ways, for reasons that boggle the mind. Keep scrolling for 15 pretentious mods only celebrities can afford.

15 Justin Bieber's Blue Period

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Plenty of car owners these days love to get wraps and custom paint jobs to help their bland commuter cars and "special edition" Mustangs stand out from the crowd. But only celebrities like Justin Bieber have the wherewithal to get their Ferraris wrapped, with custom wheels and wheel lettering to help them stand out amongst the G-Wagens of Calabasas.

14 Flo Rida's Ride

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Shaquille O'Neal may have been a bit obscene when he spent good money that could have helped people in need on a custom gold pickup truck, but Flo Rida went a huge step beyond and wrapped his million-dollar Bugatti Veyron in gold. Just think about how many starving children or homeless shelters that car could pay to nurture.

13 The Most Expensive Chalkboard

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The Kardashians are essentially famous for being pretentious, though Kim—at the very least—had to earn her stardom in a similar fashion as her former boss, Paris Hilton. Now, Kylie leads the family in the financial department, thanks to her cosmetic line, and she certainly hasn't fallen short in terms of pretentious cars, like this grey-wrapped Ferrari.

12 The Rusty Future

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The futuristic BMW i8 is built largely using carbon fiber and is powered by a hybrid gasoline-electric powertrain. The exterior looks straight out of Tron, too, although internet sensation Austin Mahone ruined his by getting it wrapped in a faux-rust look, all on top of huge gold wheels. The result is a mind-warp of epic proportions.

11 Fluffy R8

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Fur in fashion has largely gone by the wayside as wealthy clothing buyers up their eco-consciousness and choose faux furs that don't require an animal to be slaughtered. But this Audi R8 reveals that Justin Bieber may have no conscious at all, given the crime he's committed on such a spectacular supercar.

10 Air Force Two

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Chris Brown is notorious for many reasons, though his taste in cars definitely contributes to the image he projects of a guy who can't seem to control his impulses. Although, it would actually be worse if he bought this Lamborghini Gallardo and took his time debating what kind of a paint job to apply to the exterior.

9 Not So Sly

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Part of celebrity life involves putting up with paparazzi and fans who constantly flock to everything hoping to capture an awkward moment on film. But superstars like Sylvester Stallone have to get used to the attention, and most try to slink around on the sly. But Stallone's custom Mustang isn't about to help him get around incognito, thanks to its paint job and some hideous rims.

8 G-Wagen

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Kylie Jenner clearly loves orange, given that she's had her Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen and her Lamborghini Aventador both done up in the bright color, along with some wheels upgrades and, of course, limo tint on the windows. After all, it's important to keep people from seeing your face when they watch your ridiculously attention-grabbing car go by.

7 Purrari

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Most Ferrari owners manage to appear pretty snobby and exclusive, just by the simple act of owning a Ferrari. The DJ known as Deadmau5, though, took things so far that even Ferrari had to give him a talking to about his custom wrap job based on the Nyan Cat internet meme, which was so ugly and offensive that it made the company embarrassed.

6 Big Bad Jeeps

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Tyrese's role in the Fast and Furious movies mostly consists of less-than-witty one-liners and the occasional scene where he gets to take his shirt off for no reason. In real life, Tyrese has parlayed those talents into a gig where he's the big name attached to a company called Voltron Motors, which takes Jeep Wranglers and mods them extensively to help celebs crawl through malls more effectively.

5 Matte Pink Everything

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Wrapping a car as angular and complex as a Lamborghini Aventador takes plenty of patience, experience, and money—but does it require good taste? In Nicki Minaj's case, the matte pink Pepto-Bismol exterior of her Lambo just gives off a nail on the chalkboard feeling to everyone who looks at it.

4 I'm A Little Bit Country

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Kid Rock has some pretty wild taste in music, life, and cars. His attempt to run for Senate turned out to be a publicity stunt, but there's no doubt the guy has a serious affection for Detroit steel that has been fed by his net worth over the years. This custom convertible just looks absurd with all the cowboy details, especially since it belongs to a dude from Michigan, not Texas.

3 Paris in Pink

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Just about everything Paris Hilton does points to her pretentious upbringing, though there's no doubt she earned a fair amount of her fame the hard way. Her taste comes out when she spends oodles of money on hideous projects like getting her Bentley Continental GT done up by West Coast Customs in a pink color scheme.

2 Stretched Lambo

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Shaquille O'Neal is one of the largest humans on the planet—and also one of the wealthiest. Though he's a generally good person, sometimes he spends his money in dubious ways. Case in point is this Lamborghini, which Shaq had stretched until he could fit his massive frame into the mid-engined sports car.

1 Golden

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As if spending a ton of cash on a stretch job for a Lamborghini wasn't bad enough, Shaq went ahead and got himself a pickup truck wrapped in gold. The color scheme even matches the suspensions components revealed by the massive lift. At least the truck is almost as tall as Shaq now.

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