Primark's Adorable New Phone Case Collection Makes This Must-Have Accessory Affordable

Aside from protecting your phone, phone cases are also a fashion statement. Now Primark has made a case for every occasion, and as usual with the Irish clothing and accessories superstore, the prices are super affordable.

Perhaps the most adorable of all the cases features tiny dachshunds, aka sausage or weiner dogs, in bread roll beds printed on clear plastic with a red trim. The case is a steal at £2. If you’re looking for something more monochrome and less starchy, you may just love the black and white sloths hanging from branches, another steal at £2.

Via Primark

For a beachy look, you may prefer the green palm leaves printed on silver, or for an art-deco Miami theme, you can choose the pink and gold faux marble case. Both are also a great buy at, you guessed it, £2.

For those looking for a bit more bling, there’s a studded pink unicorn case, a “glitter in my veins” case, a gold print case, and a gold cat case. At £2 each, you can afford to get them all to mix it up.

Via Primark

While similar premium cases retail for upwards of £14 at sites like Velvet Caviar, Skinny Dip London, and Coconut Lane, Primark allows you to be equally stylish and save your money for your phone bill.

Primark just opened its ninth store in the US, and second New York location, on July 7 at the Kings Plaza mall in Brooklyn.

Via Primark

Experts say the success of Primark reflects larger social changes. As the middle-class shrinks, the two ends of the retail business, luxury, and budget, are booming.

"The middle is disappearing - low and middle-income customers increasingly shop at discounters and dollar stores, forcing retailers that once served these customers, like Bon-Ton and its subsidiary brands, to close shop," analysts from intelligence firm Gartner L2 say.

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Recently, luxury and budget retailers have seen revenues soar, increasing 81% and 37%, respectively, in the last five years, according to Deloitte. Meanwhile, mid-range stores have only seen a 2% sales increase in the past five years.

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