Prince Charles Feels Better After Didgeridoo Blessing

Prince Charles Didgeridoo

Prince Charles felt great after receiving a traditional didgeridoo blessing from the natives of Northern Australia.

One of the many perks of being famous royalty is being able to visit all the old colonies that used to belong to the United Kingdom. One such colony is Australia, where Prince Charles finds himself currently on a week long tour.

Usually the royal confines his visits to the metropolises found in the South, but this time he decided to head North and pay the native villages a visit. He went to the Gove peninsula in the Northern Territory of Australia, where he toured the Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Arts Centre which showcases the many artisans of the northern tribes and their incredible creations.

Prince Charles was given full honors and a traditional welcome by the tribes. He was handed a Woomera, which is a wooden device used to augment a warrior’s throwing arm for hurling spears, and then greeted by Galarrwuy Yunupingu, the aboriginal leader.

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The gifts didn’t end with the Woomera. He was also handed a Malka String, which is a feather-stringed headdress, and a beautiful Bathi woven basket. Then he wanted the singing and dancing of the Rirratjingu people atop sacred Nhulun Hill.


But with the amount of traveling the trip involves, meaning crossing thousands of miles, Charles eventually felt a little run down. To perk him up, the Yidaki people insisted he take part in a healing ceremony performed by didgeridoo master Djalu Gurriwiwi. The ceremony involved Djalu blowing his didgeridoo into the Prince’s chest for a full 30 seconds.

Afterward, Charles smiled and declared, “I feel better already!”

Prince Charles
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Although the healing properties of didgeridoos are disputed, the British Medical Journal has found that the didgeridoo can be healthful for the one playing it. A 2006 study found that playing the didgeridoo could be helpful in treating obstructive sleep apnea by strengthening the muscles of the upper airways.

After a bit of healing and resting, Charles will head to Darwin before flying home on Tuesday.



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