Prince George Kept In Line By Cousin Savannah Phillips

Prince George’s cousin Savannah Phillips kept him in line during a Royal Family gathering the other day, and it was one of the cutest moments ever.

Trooping the Colour was supposed to be all about celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s 92nd birthday. However, Prince George and his cousin Savannah Phillips literally stole the show when she had to shush her little cousin. The oh so funny moment was caught on camera, including Prince William looking down at his cousin and son with a very stern look on his face.

Via The Sun

On Saturday the entire Royal Family gathered on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to round out the celebration honoring the Queen’s birthday. However, the public gathering took an interesting turn when the National Anthem played shortly after the RAF's stunning display. Prince George was getting a little carried away, so little Savannah not only had to hush her cousin by putting her finger to her lips but also placed her hand over his mouth to silence him.


Savannah is the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II’s daughter, Anne. Her father is Prince Peter, who is Anne’s son. She is 7-years old and clearly in control of all of the younger children. Savannah was also there to help cheer up Princess Charlotte when she took a tumble down two stairs.

It is unclear what exactly Prince George was doing to be so disruptive, but he had a smile on his face the whole time, so he was clearly enjoying himself. There is video that has gone viral that shows Savannah covering his mouth, but there is there music playing, so you can’t hear what the little guy is going on about.

By the end of the ceremony all of the young children seemed to have put their bad behavior behind them. Savannah, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte were all smiles on the balcony as the ceremony came to a close. However, there is no doubt that the newest generation of the Royal Family is full of spunk, attitude, cuteness and that they are ready to make their mark. We certainly can’t wait to see more of these little ones together at public family gatherings.


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