25 Weird Facts About Princess Peach's Anatomy

Among the iconic faces of Nintendo, Princess Peach is one of the oldest and most popular. At first, she was just the “damsel in distress” Mario had to rescue in the inaugural Super Mario Bros. game (and the line of “your princess is in another castle” was a meme before they formally existed). The second game had her as a playable character with nice touches like hovering about. Since then, Peach has bounced between being a prisoner and being a top heroine in her own right. She’s become hugely popular and a constant sight on the cosplay circuit.

Naturally, Peach has changed a lot over the course of the games with new abilities added onto a lot. She’s been a racer, a sports enthusiast and even a fighter. Yet there are some things about Peach that just don't add up. Sure, she has magic, but some of her abilities are just too much to take and look rather weird. Here are 20 things that don’t make sense about Peach’s anatomy and showcases how this lovely princess has a bit of an odd side.

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25 Can Only Affect Males

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This is an ability that pops up more in sports games than in the main Mario titles. In Mario Super Sluggers, Peach is a good ballplayer (ditching her usual dress for a nice uniform) and handles herself well. Her “heart swing” allows a magical field to surround her just before she hits the ball. Any male player who tries to catch the ball will be stunned, allowing Peach to get an easy run to the base. It only affects men, not women, to show how Peach can wow the guys.

24 She’s Descended From Toadstools

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Peach was actually called Princess Toadstool in the first U.S. Mario game. "Peach" only came later as it just sounded more fitting. Peach does hang around with Toad and his ilk as they’re loyal subjects and good friends. As it happens, the backstory is that Peach is somehow descended from the Toad people. How she looks so human (and gorgeous) has never been explained but maybe some of Peach’s odd traits are because of this unique ancestry.

23 Generates Hearts Easily

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Peach powers herself with love through many of the games. That includes being able to craft magical hearts out of thin air. Often, Peach can create these hearts as a defensive shield against attacks. She can also fire them off as a blast attack against other enemies. Even in sports, these hearts follow Peach around like air and she sees nothing odd with being able to use them. When people say “Peach has true heart,” that’s not just some turn of phrase.

22 Can Heal Entire Parties

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Peach is known for her amazing heart, but this is taking it a bit far. In Paper Mario as well as Super Mario RPG, Peach has the ability to heal others with a touch. It can be one on one or she can heal entire parties in one go. It’s very helpful when the party takes heavy hits in a fight yet it’s unique in that it’s classified as either Therapy or a Group Hug command. On top of all else, Peach is also a counselor who can heal the body and mind of any of the heroes with ease.

21 Makes a Ride Go Faster

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Gamers love to argue as to which character is the best to use in Mario Kart. Each driver has their own special skills and talents that can be utilized well for the wild races. Peach is often a favorite due to the fact that, somehow, she can make her ride go faster than the others with the touch of a button. While some characters can be faster overall, Peach still retains this unique ability to boost her car up without the usual power-ups. Even behind the wheel, Peach is a serious force.

20 Can Easily Move in That Dress

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Any cosplayer who takes on the role of Peach agrees that the dress is a nightmare to handle. It’s huge, it can be very heavy, and dragging it around on the ground makes it tough to walk in. In the games, the laws of physics don’t seem to affect Peach at all. She can run at high speeds, leap major bounds, fight and even slip into a go-kart without the dress being so much as wrinkled. Several cosplayer wish they could handle the dress as well as Peach does.

19 A Master of Disguise

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Peach usually stands out thanks to that huge pink dress and long hair. Yet in Paper Mario, all she needs is a quick change and a mask, and she can easily disguise herself. She can pass for a Koopatrol, Clubba, or even a Hammer Bro. Sometimes, she just needs a small mask with the dress to mingle with the bad guys like she’s one of them. It’s bizarre someone so unique can just slip into the background but Peach somehow pulls it off.

18 Floats Over Long Distances

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A key reason gamers enjoyed Peach in Super Mario Bros. 2 was that she had an ability even Mario couldn’t touch. Not only could she jump high but she could even hover across gaps. That’s continued over the years as sometimes Peach can use an umbrella for her hovering. Usually, it’s just herself as Peach can levitate across chasms with no problem.

17 Power Herself With Emotions

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Super Princess Peach finally put Peach front and center leading her own game. In a wonderful change of pace, Mario and Luigi are the ones captured by Bowser and Peach has to rescue them from Vibe Island. There, her emotions come into play as Joy, Rage, Gloom, and Calm are utilized to take on enemies and boost Peach’s abilities. Oddly, this only works on Vibe Island which robs Peach of what could be a useful power in the Mushroom Kingdom.

16 Her Hair is Never Messed Up

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Peach goes through a lot in the games. Often, she’s held prisoner by Bowser or some other baddie. Other times, she can in the thick of the action fighting bad guys. She can also be a kart racer, play a variety of sports and take part in brawls. Yet no matter what, Peach’s hair is never less than perfect. It never gets dirty, it’s always immaculate, and looks terrific even when she takes heavy hits. That’s some serious conditioner.

15 She’s Still a Princess

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Maybe the oddest thing about Peach is that after all these decades she’s still a princess. We never get mention of any King or Queen and often, Peach is shown actually being the sole ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. Yet after all this time, she still is not a queen. It just seems bizarre how Peach hasn’t ascended to the throne majorly as “Queen Peach” does have a ring to it. Maybe she just prefers being a Princess still despite how she’s the Queen of Nintendo.

14 Hints She Could Be Bowser Jr.’s Mom

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Everyone knows Bowser has a crush on Peach and half his schemes involve trying to marry her. Peach just brushes him off (being held prisoner is hardly the way to win a woman over) and considers him a bad guy. Super Mario Sunshine had Bowser Jr snatching Peach and surprising everyone by revealing he thought she was his mom. It was unsure if Bowser had lied to his son or if he wanted to believe it, but odder was Peach never denying it. That’s just disturbing on several levels.

13 That Relationship With Daisy

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For a long time, Peach was the main princess on the block. Then Daisy showed up. Daisy is described as more of a tomboy than Peach and far more lively in her appearances. The two are good friends with fans naturally suspecting there’s more to that. Indeed, one guide actually says the two are cousins yet they don’t seem to act much like family. It’s a rather offbeat friendship between the lively Daisy and the more regal Peach to set them apart from others in the Nintendo universe.

12 She Can Be a Statue

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The first Mario games had Peach totally imobbile. She couldn’t even turn in place as Mario would have to find and rescue her in the castle. The second game made her a playable character complete with her ability to hover over distances. The third game once more had her stuck in place. It’s been shown a few more times as, while she can be a playable character, Peach can also just be stuck around while Mario does all the action. It just seems weird that Peach can often do a fine impression of a statue.

11 Could Have Stockholm Syndrome

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It’s impossible to count how many times Peach has been abducted. Bowser is the main culprit and one would assume after the tenth time, Peach would have much better security around her. This has led to fans speculating Peach may be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. She wants to be kidnapped as she secretly likes Bowser and plays hard to get. It may seem unlikely given how strong she can be yet it would explain why Peach is just so easy to take prisoner.

10 Doesn’t Really Rule That Much

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A key reason fans think Peach is still just the princess is that she has an awful lot of free time on her hands. If she’s not being kidnapped, she’s racing karts, playing tennis or baseball, joining Mario on adventures or brawling with other characters. Much is made of how her subjects love Peach yet it doesn’t seem like she actually spends any time ruling at all. Frankly, having your ruler constantly off the throne doesn’t speak well of the entire kingdom as a whole.

9 The Size Changing

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True, this can go for a lot of other Mario characters. Yet it still seems odd when Peach gets herself knocked down in energy and her entire body shrinks in size. The fact her clothing (complete with crown) changes with her looks strange too. A few times, she can take on a bulkier outfit that muscles her up, but still retains her thin form. Even among the other characters, Peach’s size changing stands out.

8 Too Freaky For a Demon

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Peach is usually just held captive by the bad guy, but in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, the evil Shadow Queen uses Peach to try and conquer the Mushroom Kingdom. That means possessing Peach’s body and turning her into a Dark Peach. Mario and the others have to fight hard to finally break her free. When she’s driven out, the Dark Queen states that she found Peach’s body “uncomfortable” for some reason. Even a demon finds Peach a bit weird for her tastes.

7 Her Voice Can Work Wonders

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Often, Peach’s voice is heard in the sports games or Super Smash Bros as just a high-pitched squeak. She spouts out some encouraging words and can relish in a victory well. Yet her voice can pull off some impressive stuff. In Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, Peach’s voice is the only thing that can awaken the Beanstar, which leads to her being targeted. It’s also noted how her singing can soothe beasts which proves that Peach has a truly regal voice.

6 Can Conjure Bombs Out of Thin Air

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One would not expect Peach to be a bomb expert. She is a princess, after all, and many of her attacks utilize hearts and magic. But in Super Mario RPG and the Super Mario Adventures comic, Peach’s powers are bigger and better. She can conjure a Bob-omb out of thin air and then toss it at opponents with ease. It seems wild but it works and showcases that somehow bomb creation was among the lessons of Peach’s princess training.

5 She Can Communicate From Anywhere

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One has to wonder what kind of security Bowser has. No matter how well he locks her up, Peach is able to somehow find a pen and enough paper to constantly write messages to Mario. From advice and tips to giving out 1-ups and other tricks, Peach can easily send these letters anywhere. That includes when Mario is in deep space as this woman can beat e-mail when it comes to contacting Mario with ease.

4 Can Breathe in Space

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Super Mario Galaxy is a fantastic game with players loving the unique platforming. It kicks off with (of course) Peach being taken by Bowser and held in her castle in the middle of space. There’s no talk of any special force field or such which indicates Peach can survive in space with no problem. That’s not the only time either as she pops up in other space settings without any protection at all. Maybe Peach isn’t really human at all in order to handle outer space.

3 Can Create Huge Explosions

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Usually, Peach’s powers are warm and helpful and show her kind nature. But she can get mean now and then. In Super Smash Bros., Peach can launch attacks that include hearts, which does fit her. She can also unleash explosive attacks that can send opponents flying back with such force they erupt. She can even blow up some of the backgrounds with some fighting. It shows that under her Princess demeanor, Peach is one truly tough lady.

2 Her Hair Changes At Will

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Modern gamers associate Peach with bright blonde hair. However, in her first appearance, her hair was actually darker. Sometimes it could seem a light brown while other times it could be red. It was also brown in the Super Mario Bros. cartoon series. It was in the late 90s that Peach took on the blonde color that’s become central to her. Yet she can still shift her hair a bit without the need for any dye.

1 Has Trouble Lifting

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This was a major issue in Super Mario Bros 2. Each character had their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Peach was able to hover over gaps which was good. However, she was the weakest when it came to lifting up objects and actually shown straining picking up enemies or a vegetable off the ground. It’s popped up a few times to show Peach isn’t the strongest character on the block. Maybe the princess can use more time at the gym.

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