German Professor Turns Observatory Into Giant R2-D2

A German professor has taken his love of Star Wars to a whole new level when he painted an observatory to look just like the lovable and iconic droid, R2-D2.

Professor Hubert Zitt currently teaches at Zweibrücken University of Applied Sciences in East Germany. In addition to teaching, he is also a lover of science fiction which is where Star Wars comes in. Master painter Klaus Ruffing had a hand in this design but he wasn't alone. With the help of some students and his father-in-law, Zitt completed his passion project in September 2018.

To be honest, Zitt was right. The observatory did need a whole new look and it was quite bland before. Look at how boring and grey it was.

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Zitt used his imagination, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the dome-shaped observatory looks an awful lot like everyone's favorite funny droid. Look at how much better it is now.

This building was the perfect shape for an R2-D2 inspired design. The attention to detail is great too and they got all of the patterns right. Euro News shared this story so that those of us on the other side of the pond could also appreciate this clever paint job.

The finished product even caught the eye of Mr. Luke Skywalker himself. Mark Hamill noticed the nerd alert and gave credit where credit was due. His tweet about the observatory must have been a real treat for Professor Zitt. Hamill's caption read, "R2-D2 Observatory Transformed Germans Into Giant Nerds." All that's missing is a huge C-3PO complaining over its shoulder.

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When Professor Zitt isn't lecturing about computer science, he writes his own science fiction stories. It's important to note that he also doesn't discriminate - he loves Star Trek and has even taught classes on that subject. He taught the class called "The Physics of Star Trek" when he was a visiting professor at the University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio, Texas. Zitt's love goes even further when he travels to conventions and conferences to talk about Star Trek.

Maybe he is currently developing a Star Wars themed class...or he should! What do you think of the observatory? Are you a Star Wars fan? Let us know in the comments!

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