When Prom Is Just A Sad Excuse For *This* Type Of Behavior (25 Photos)

It's prom season, which means that it's that time of year again when I am reminded by how nobody wanted to ask me to prom and how I felt very sad about it. It's fine, I went with friends who didn't really like to dance and spent all the slow dances drinking punch from afar, which I think is how most people experienced their prom (or at least I hope). The whole concept of prom to me is a little weird anyhow; like, everyone spends a bunch of time putting puns on signs hoping that they'll score a date and then spend a bunch of money to be locked into the school gym for a few hours to dance, while their teachers watch over them to make sure they dance "appropriately."

I feel like no matter what decade it is, prom is always going to be weird and there are always going to be awkward photos that come out of it. Even though high school kids these days know how to dress better than their parents did back in the '80s, they still are going to have to endure through some embarrassing prom moments. It's like a rite of passage that one must take before one can truly pass on into young adulthood — it's to teach humbleness and humility.

25 The Perfect Match

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It's a pretty good feeling to find out that two pieces of clothing items are the same color since it feels like that almost never happens, but sometimes I wish that it didn't happen and this is one of those occasions. Like most other normal high school students, they just casually own a Morphsuit because why not? It's fun to wear a Morphsuit and it's even more fun to make people very confused by wearing it out in public. There isn't a real practical use for Morphsuits outside of maybe a Halloween costume and some fringe hobbies, but they're one of the things that kids like to own the most.

Normally one wouldn't wear both a Morphsuit and their prom dress together, but since it turns out that these two items are the exact same color of red, this person thought that it would be a great idea to mash the two things into one of the most interesting prom looks I've ever seen. Because the suit and the dress are the same color, it really does look like this was created as one solid outfit. I don't know if they actually went to prom like that, but if they did they would have definitely turned a few heads.

24 A Live Tiger At Prom?

The idea that a high school prom would feature some live animals sounds like a fake story, but this story is very true. An all-boys Miami school had their prom a few weeks ago and the theme was "Welcome to the Jungle." While most schools with this theme would do some kind of lackluster decorations with paper leaves and maybe like, a stuffed animal, this one went all out.

Not only was the banquet hall they were at decorated to really look like a safari with the care that maybe a Disney park would have, but they also brought in a live, caged tiger.

To be honest, there's really no need for any kind of high school dance (or dance in general) to involve wild animals. This majestic cat needs to be roaming out in a wider area. It never belongs to be in a cage. A lot of animal experts responded to the videos on social media noting that the tiger looked to be in a lot of distress, showing it by pacing back and forth. Being caged is bad enough, but being in a cage surrounded by fire-wielding dancers sounds like a bad time for anyone, and especially big cats like this. After all the backlash, the school publicly apologized and hopefully something this crazy doesn't happen at prom again.

23 Gotta Catch 'Em All

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Every year at every school there's always a group of people (or at least a daring couple), who go outside of the norms of what a prom outfit should look like. Prom is a great way to get a little creative and try to craft some formal wear because honestly, this is like the last time that it's going to be acceptable to do that (and this is the last time that anyone has enough time to piece something like this together).

This couple decided to skip the Duct tape and go for something a little more nostalgic and a lot less flexible: Pokémon cards.

I have to say that their craftsmanship is not too bad. The vest I don't think would have been much of a problem to make, but they managed to make a dress that looks shapely and fits well. The only thing I have with this outfit is that I can imagine there's not a lot of movement that can be done in these clothes. Pokémon cards are pretty stiff, and while it's very apparent they don't really care too much about keeping the cards in good quality, I feel like sitting down or just bumping into someone would damage the dress and it could fall apart.

22 The Crocs Won't Stop

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I remember when Crocs first became a thing and I always thought they were ugly, especially for the price. Sure now you're able to get some Croc knockoffs to get the soft shoe quality for half the price, but the Croc brand is still going strong. One of the best (and by that, I mean worst) things about these shoes isn't the fact that they look like pieces of Styrofoam on your feet, but it's that they're customizable with little shoe gems to really make these shoes stick out even more than they did before.

I don't know the history behind these two, but it seems as though Crocs are a very important part of their relationship.

You really have to love something to make your prom proposal basically a sponsored advertisement, and that's what this guy did. If anything, I hope that he gave her the Crocs so that they can both have a pair to wear at the actual dance since high heels are also pretty overrated and much less comfortable. With shoes like that, there's no stopping these two on the dance floor. Crocs may be unsightly and not good formalwear, but they're very good for dancing.

21 My Eyes Are Up Here, Dude!

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Prom season is just another way of saying it's awkward photo season, and man if this picture isn't super awkward. After all of the uncomfortable pictures of unsuspecting victims that have been posted on the Internet, you would think that people would learn to be more vigilant at their prom photoshoot, but this guy had to learn his lesson later. I guess in this day and age, there is really never a safe place to do anything because someone is bound to capture it on camera. There's always something to make a meme out of, especially in the places you least expect them to happen.

Now that this guy has been outed on the Internet, he may have learned to not stare at people's chests when right next to them and when a lot of cameras are present.

Of course this is a teen we're talking about so it might take a few lessons for him to really get the message. Knowing what I do about kids like him is that he's probably seen this picture of himself online and he thinks it's funny more than anything. I wish I had as little shame as a high school boy because that would make life so much easier.

20 What A Sad Image

WHO COULD SAY NO?!?! #dragonballz #goku #promfails #dragonball

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A prom proposal isn't worth it unless it's dripping in puns, and I find it kind of unfortunate that whoever this sign was intended for did not appreciate the gesture. This picture says 1,000 words but there's still a lot of the story that is missing here. Maybe this person doesn't like anime and wouldn't know the reference. Sure, if you were alive in the 2000s at all, you would probably know who Goku is, but I don't know their lives. This prom proposal may have also been made by someone who the recipient isn't into and that's totally fine too.

When I was in high school, nobody bothered to ask me to prom but if someone made me this sign, there would be a good chance that I would say yes to them. All I ever got was a sad rose in a plastic water bottle for homecoming, and I was just the second option for a pity date after the guy got massively rejected by someone else. I appreciate pretty much anything with a little bit of thought and creativity put into it, and this person drew a very good Goku and colored it all in with marker which is pretty impressive. They should have at least kept the sign after all that effort was put into it.

19 A Classy Prom Proposal

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Of all the prom proposals out there, I think this is one of the more blunt and straightforward ones.

This guy is really just cutting to the chase and letting her know what's important to him followed by a very casual question, "How 'bout prom?"

There isn't even a pun or anything, he just put in a few emojis to talk about her backside and then made a casual finishing line. I feel like these two have already been in a relationship for a while and that this was more of a joke between them, because if that's not the case then it would be really weird to go in to a prom proposal like this to a regular friend.

Whatever the case, they seem to be pretty excited to go to prom with each other. There are some pictures that are a little difficult to make out but it seems like they've done many photo booth shoots together as well as have gone together to a dance previously. With this information it confirms it for me that they are indeed a couple, and a couple who appreciates each other's butts it seems. The sign make have lacked some charm in my book, but it worked out for them.

18 That's A...Look

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Nothing is quite as bad as a bunch of young men without dates going to a party together, because then things like this happen and it's an offense to my eyes.

They all managed to go out of their way to get some of the worst looking suits in fabrics that are meant to be on fleece blankets and definitely not on formalwear. Every time I take a look at this picture, I can't stop staring because there's so much going on and nothing good happening at the same time — it's a visual fashion disaster.

I'm just at a loss on how this came to be. I can't imagine that these kids have enough money to buy these outfits to keep, but at the same time, I doubt that there's a tux rental place that has outfits like these to rent. Then again, I could be very wrong because in this day and age there is nothing sacred anymore. I guess that it's nice to see some guys branching out in the world of fashion but a suit with money printed on it? Nobody wants that. The least some of these boys could have done is wear some proper dress shoes.

17 The Best Prom Date Out There

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Believe me, I know what it's like to not have a prom date (because I didn't) and like anyone else who doesn't have a date, you need to kind of try and make the best of it. It's easy to pretend like you never wanted a date in the first place, that you and all your lonely lady friends were planning to go as a group all along and tear up the dance floor, but that's pretty much a big lie. Especially when your friends don't dance. To try and not look like a pathetic, lonely girl, you have to make a big deal about the "friend date" or do something funny to hide the pain that nobody at school wanted to ask you to prom.

This girl had the same problem I had back in my day, and she handled it in a way that I wish I could.

There's pretty much nothing that can't be fixed by a Troy Bolton cardboard cutout, especially when it comes to trying to avoid the feeling of total loneliness when it comes to the slow dance part of the night. The real Troy Bolton may not be there taking her to prom, but she has the next best thing.

16 Oops

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One of the most important things about prom is to get a bunch of nice photos of everyone in the group in a nice, scenic location. This little bridge on a creek in some forest seems like the perfect place to get that nice-looking picture, that is until the bridge totally gives out underneath them. It's bad in any circumstance for a bridge to collapse, but I think it's a lot worse when everyone is wearing expensive formalwear.

Nobody wants to spend the rest of the night looking and smelling like a river.

I feel bad for them, but I also can't help but laugh because that's what people do — we laugh at other people's misfortune. I'm very glad that this moment was captured on camera, just before it looks like some more people are going to be hurled into the water. My favorite thing about this whole situation is how the guys seem so uninterested in helping their dates up. These guys are trying to book it to land, just leaving these girls to sink into the water. If the situation wasn't bad enough for these girls, it's even worse finding out that your date wasn't interested in helping you up at all.

15 Tornado Prom

Nobody wants to think about it, but the start of prom season and the start of tornado season in the Midwest are pretty much at the same time of the year, which means that if you live in Tornado Alley, there is a chance that one might come and crash your prom like this one did.

To someone who isn't familiar with tornadoes, they might be very alarmed that people would be outside taking selfies when such a giant funnel was clear in the sky, but this wasn't this girl's first tornado, so she knew it was far enough away that it wasn't going to end up being a threat in any way.

Luckily for everyone in town, the tornado was not enough to completely cancel the dance, though it was delayed for about 45 minutes.

Anyone who isn't from the Midwest probably thinks these people are crazy, but they know what's up.

Tornadoes in the summer months are fairly common and only once in a blue moon do they really inflict damage, at least that's what I know from my own experience. At least this happened before the prom started so nobody had to crouch down in a crowded hallway for an hour halfway through the dance, which would really suck.

14 He Knows The Way To Her Heart

Personally I don't really get the Taco Bell prom proposal-thing because the only thing I ever associate with Taco Bell is regret, and I wouldn't want to feel the same way about going to prom. Sure, some people legitimately like Taco Bell and they consume it when they're mentally fine and not feeling like they've lost control over their life, but I've never met a person like that, so I think it's fake. I guess though when you're in high school you can only really afford food from Taco Bell since it's not even really food. But I mean, whatever makes you happy, right?

Nevertheless, this girl looks to absolutely love this prom proposal. I wonder what this guy had to say to convince the Taco Bell employee to give him all of those hot sauce packets. Considering that most of their employees are fellow teens, they probably didn't care how many packets he took. Now this couple can enjoy a box of 12 tacos with each other, and then start panicking to try and fit into their formal clothes. Maybe if the dance works out well enough, they'll get married in that Taco Bell in Vegas — that would really be a match made in heaven.

13 Some Unusual Guests

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Everywhere you go, there's going to be that one couple (or that one person) who thinks it's necessary to wear a horse/unicorn mask to the prom. That was probably the highlight of comedy like, 10 years ago but even now the kids are doing it. It's like someone started it way back when and now there's someone every year who feels compelled to keep the tradition going even though they really didn't need to do that.

I have to admit, it is still pretty funny because a horse mask on a human body is always going to be entertaining, but it is also pretty overdone.

Then again, it really is true love to find someone at school who is as down as you are to put on some weird latex animal masks along with formal attire to hang out with everyone else at school. I kind of hope that they wore these masks on the dance floor, but part of me thinks that the chaperones would make them take the masks off because adults are no fun and are just trying to ruin a good time. At least it makes for an interesting picture which will confuse their future college roommates in a few months.

12 The Purr-fect Date

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Not having a human date to prom doesn't always have to be the worst outcome, especially when you have a beautiful cat to take with you instead. There's no bond quite like the one between people and their pets, and prom can be a great time to celebrate that relationship.

It's always fun to snuggle with your cat, so why not put it in a dress and bring it with you to your prom? I feel like having a cat with you will fix the problem of not having anyone human to dance with at prom because everyone loves cats and this would be a great conversation starter.

Let's also just note how cool this cat is. I mean, this cat allowed its owner to put a dress on it, and I'm pretty sure cats would rather die than be forced to wear human clothes. It's also looking up at this guy in that kind of adoring way that people freak out about when they see it in movies, like this cat really loves its owner. Most cats have a hard time letting their humans know that they love and care about them, but this cat seems a lot more in touch with its emotions.

11 It's What Really Matters

Via: Imgur

While the other guy had a feline friend to take along with him, this guy doesn't seem to have any living companions to take with him as a date so he got the next best thing: his copy of Super Smash Bros for the GameCube.

Nobody should have to go to prom completely alone, and sometimes all you need is an inanimate object to replace what would normally be some human companionship.

I doubt that bringing the game will be of much use at the dance itself, since they normally don't have video game consoles lying around at school dances, but we don't really know, do we? If anything, this "date" of his will be a good conversation starter because everyone is going to be confused as to why a kid is slow dancing with a copy of an old video game.

Sometimes you just have to let the world know what you're passionate about, and sometimes that thing is video games and it's more important than having a real date to prom and that's okay. It's a bit of a sad situation but he seems to be making the best of it — at least he'll get some credit on the internet and that's really the most important thing.

10 Stealth Level: Hip Flask

Via: Pinterest

At any good high school party, there's going to be a lot of kids trying to sneak in booze and as we can all see here, sometimes the best way to sneak alcohol into a venue is to hide it in plain sight. This hip flask is gigantic and very conspicuous, but this girl realized that it also has a very similar size and shape as a clutch bag.

Just looking at the photo, I didn't even notice that it wasn't an actual purse until she said that it was a flask and that she was drinking out of it.

This girl is pretty much a genius and I applaud her for her resourcefulness. I myself would have never tried this in high school mostly because I barely knew what alcohol was and I also always followed the rules and never did a bad thing in my life. You could say that I was very fun at parties back in the day, except you'd be wrong because I was never invited to parties at all. I graduated number one in my class, but I don't think I could call myself the smartest high schooler out there because this girl exists and she's on a whole different level.

9 Just A Small Tumble

Watching these two go down the stairs, it looks like they might be falling in love — or at least just falling. I would personally be a little mortified if I was walking down the stairs with my date only to slip and do a pretty gnarly fall, and to have all of that video recorded. I personally would try and forget it ever happened, but they instead posted it to social media for everyone to enjoy. There's nothing more fun than watching people fall over and over again, after all.

Even though everyone is all dressed up and fancy looking, I feel like formal events are where some of the best falls happen. There's something about seeing someone look really nice only to have them trip and eat dirt that really brings them back to reality.

Especially for people who choose to wear heels, wearing a pair of those kinds of shoes is just asking for a disaster to happen. Anyone who walks in heels in the mud and comes out the same are very skilled and I can't relate to them. The more expensive the outfit I'm wearing, the more likely something bad is going to happen to it. I'm surprised I didn't ruin my prom dress since it's white and I'm a mess.

8 You Are The Best Option

Via: Imgur

In a world full of fake people, there's only one person you can really trust, and that's yourself.

This guy feels that way very strongly and went out of his way to set up a prom proposal for himself. He even got a life-sized cardboard cutout of himself to pose with for the photographic proof of his prom proposal. I love everything about this, especially with how much effort he put in to something that seems very low-effort. The best part is that the cardboard cutout of himself is of him in the exact same outfit which means that he either planned this outfit way in advance or he just made the cardboard cutout right before doing the photoshoot.

I feel like with this attitude of going stag, this guy is going to have a pretty good time because he's technically taken for the dance — even though his date is himself. At least when you're going to a dance with yourself, you know exactly what you want to do and you don't have to cater to anyone else. There's no trying to coordinate outfits or any of that nonsense because you're just dressing yourself. I hope that he takes the cardboard version of him with to the dance, but maybe in a nicer outfit.

7 Out Of This World

Via: Imgur

I have to admit, if someone rolled up as the actual alien from Alien in a prom dress I would be a little bit shocked but also extremely impressed. I feel like most cosplay for prom is a little lame, but this is a cosplay that I enjoy very much, especially considering the circumstances. This isn't some half-baked Disney couple's costume or some sort of Harry Potter reference. No, this is the actual alien from Alien in a very nice looking prom dress. I don't know how else to describe it except for that it is truly a work of art.

Whoever decided to do this is very brave and also extremely talented. That alien mask is super accurate, well-crafted, and the dress matches the mask perfectly.

If there was ever a prom movie with the cast of Alien, this is what the alien would look like.

Even if I had the ability to make a costume like this, I don't think I would have the guts to wear that in front of my entire school, but the fact that this person did that makes this whole ensemble even more amazing. I hope people weren't too scared to talk to them, though.

6 You Better Watch Out

Via: Imgur

Going on a date can sometimes be scary business — you never really know who somebody is until very late in the game, and sometimes it can be too late. Like sometimes, you take someone to your prom and they're posing behind you with an axe. Sure, it's a posed picture made for the laughs, but are you sure about that? It's like if the movie Prom Night actually came to life. I'm just kidding, really, that girl shouldn't have much to worry about since her date is kind of bad at keeping a straight face. I know he's trying to look tough and scary but I can see a little smile trying to come out.

Why they had this idea to do this during their prom photoshoot is a little beyond me, but teens can be weird and have strange and morbid senses of humor. I just hope that they took a few normal pictures because things might get a little awkward to show their old prom photos to someone if all they have to show is this one of someone getting stalked with an axe behind them. I do have to say that her dress looks really nice, so at least there's that.

5 Doesn't Look Like The Best Idea

Via: Imgur

Of course there are a lot of things that someone can do, but it's a whole different thing if they should do that thing. This girl thought it would be fun to stand on a horse while wearing her prom dress, but I have a feeling that it might not have been the smartest idea out there. Okay, so I don't know that much about horses but I feel like they don't really stay still for too long, and unless you've got magical levitating powers or something, I feel like a horse is kind of hard to balance on.

Just one little wrong move and that dress won't be worn to prom anymore because it's going to be too much in the mud.

Since this girl posted this picture of herself, I can assume that she didn't fall and ruin her dress or hurt herself, but it still looks like a pretty bad idea in the first place. Getting ready for prom is stressful enough and it would really suck if prom were to not happen because of some accident. Then again, nothing happened so this horse girl is just left with a pretty cool picture of herself without any consequences.

4 What A Good Boy

Via: Imgur

Here's someone else making the best out of a bad situation, having her dog dress up and be her date for her. Honestly, she probably did herself a favor by taking her dog instead, because there's no boy that's better than a dog, especially the high school ones.

Dogs don't nag, they don't speak our language at all. They don't stand you up or start arguments with you. They like to play games and snuggle, and all they really want to do is give you unconditional love and support, things that most high schoolers don't understand yet.

I do feel a little bad for the dog, though. It does not look like it enjoys wearing a tuxedo jacket and probably wants to shimmy out of that dog formalwear instantly. Tuxedo jackets for real people can probably get hot and itchy, so for a dog I can only assume that it is even less pleasant. Even so, that dog looks super fly and about ready to win the title of prom king. There's no way that anyone can beat a dog at prom because dogs are way better than people. If it wasn't for the fact that she didn't have a date, then this girl wouldn't have taken her dog, which is a way better scenario in the end.

3 Ummm...Why?

Via: Pinterest

Out of all the prom proposals I've seen, this one is definitely the most alarming and most concerning. They do say that the way to a girl's heart is through chicken nuggets but I feel like this person totally missed the mark and turned something that everyone loves into something that is only found in nightmares.

Who thinks that covering themselves up in brown paper, saran wrap, chicken nuggets, and hiding in a bathtub would be a good idea when trying to ask a girl on a date?

I guess it all depends on the context of the relationship between these two, but I feel like if even my closest friends did this to me, I would still be very disturbed. It's so scary looking and the more I look at this picture the more uneasy I feel. This doesn't seem like it is real, yet it is. This is something that someone actually did. I really want to know what the outcome of this whole thing was and I wonder if they actually ate all of those nuggets. It would be quite a waste if they didn't, but if I walked into a bathroom to see this I don't think I could ever eat a chicken nugget again.

2 Making The Best Of It

Sometimes it hurts when a girl won't go to prom with you, but sometimes that doesn't matter because in your mind 2D girls are way better than 3D girls. At least, that's what I'm guessing this kid was saying because that's the kind of thing that kids who go to prom with anime waifu pillows say. I guess taking a pillow with you is a good alternative if you couldn't snag a date—even as a joke—but I still have some questions about this kid. Like, these pillows are pretty expensive, so either this is an elaborate joke or he already had this "partner" pillow for a while.

It seems like most of the people in his friend group are into the joke, or at least ignoring it, but there's the one kid in the beige jacket who is really not having it. In both pictures he's looking at the pillow kid with a perplexed look that definitely looks disapproving of bringing a waifu pillow into the prom photoshoot. He is definitely regretting being friends with this kid, if they were ever friends to begin with. The one redheaded girl behind him, though, looks pretty into it, or at least very amused by the whole thing.

1 What A Duct Tape Outfit

Via: Pinterest

Making prom attire out of Duct tape has been a trend for quite a while now and while it still keeps happening, I wish it didn't. I guess there are some Duct tape outfits that look kind of cool with the different patterns and colors, but most of them just look like tubes of Duct tape more than actual pieces of clothing.

For me it looks like it could be a fun project, but I wouldn't actually want to wear something like that to prom because it just looks like a sweaty disaster.

This couple's outfit has a lot more going on than most other Duct tape outfits, and it looks a lot worse. The theme that they've got going on is very interesting to say the least. He's a thunderstorm and she's a rainbow with a pot of gold. I don't know what made them think that this was a good theme for their prom outfit, but they chose it and then had to wear it.

There's just so much going on I don't really know what part of the outfit I should look at. More than anything, the shoes are the best (or worst) part of the whole ensemble. Those flowers sticking up out of the shoes are really something else.

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