Dunderheads, Props From 'The Office' Are Now Being Sold At Auction

Beloved sitcom The Office created many laughs, memorable characters, and hours upon hours of quality entertainment (thanks Netflix!). You can now own a small piece of Dunder Mifflin glory when props from the show will be sold at auction through the beginning of October.

More than 500 props will be for sale on auction site Screenbid from now until October 5th. Most available items up for auction were found on the desks of the co-workers. Things like mousepads, lamps, staplers, calculators, and picture frames from multiple characters' desks are all available. Larger items include actual desks themselves (Phylis' and Creed's are available!) There are also some really fun props ready to be taken home too. Become the proud owner of Dwight's photo of teenage Dwight, Toby's Madeline doll, or Meredith's free drink tokens. Some scripts are also up for sale too.

Items are surprisingly affordable and going for only $120 on the low end...and over $1,000 for the real prize items. But it may be totally worth it depending on much you love the show.



News of The Office auction created a frenzy online. Multiple sites reported on the news letting Dunderheads know it was their time. With all of the items for auction, and some fairly affordable, you can have your own bonafide Dunder Mifflin office at home. Or at your real office depending on how cool  (or Michael-like) your boss is.

The NBC workplace comedy gave us the cringe-worthy, naive boss with a big heart Michael Scott, extremely odd and serious Dwight, uptight and stuffy Angela and one of the greatest TV love stories of all-time between jokester Jim and secretary turned saleswoman, Pam. Plus the other assortment of odd characters and the situations they found them in...it just worked.

The show is much loved and came together so well due to its great writing and cast chemistry. It's still extremely watchable and a fun way to pass some time or great to put on when you need a good laugh. No matter how many times you've seen an episode, you can still watch it over and over.

The show even survived when lead Steve Carrell left and it teetered on for two more seasons with some of the show's best moments. This auction is great for super fans and fun to look at for everyone. Be sure to at least check it out. You may see something you like.

Will you be buying some Office gear? Let us know in the comments!


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