Only Real Gamers Know These 25 PS4 Tips And Tricks

The PlayStation 4 will be out for six years by the end of this year, and the PlayStation 5 is right around the corner. This means that by now, you should really have gotten to know much about how your console ticks. While a majority of the gamers who own the PS4 are casuals, considering the unit has sold more than 90 million by now, that doesn’t mean you should remain in the dark about how the PS4 can be fully utilized. The die-hard gamers have unlocked the many tips and tricks behind the PS4 for a while now, and we’re here to inform you of what they know and what you should know.

If you haven’t been privy to these things, you shouldn’t feel bad; after all, you have to start somewhere. With this list, you’ll come to know about more than two dozen worth of tinkering you can do with the PlayStation 4. The console will remain the top dog in the market until the end of this generation’s cycle, meaning that getting to know about its anatomy is something you should be informed about seeing that there’s no better console out there, at least for a few good years.

Most of all, there’s a certain pride one gets by calling themselves a “Real Gamer”, and you can’t call yourself this if you don’t know the specifications of the console you’re using. So, if you think you know it all, then, by all means, leaf through and see if you know about these tricks already.

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25 Easy Screenshot

Easy screenshot
via androiddentral.com

Don’t you just hate it when you’re playing your game and an awesome moment pops up but you can’t show it off to your friends? For pretty much every PS4 user, the Screenshot option is useless because it interrupts gameplay; you’ve been missing out.

There’s an Easy Screenshot feature available that allows you to continue your gameplay and also save that awesome capture that you can use to show off to your buddies. In order to do so, go to the Share Button Control Type in the Sharing and Broadcasts menu; there, you’ll find the option to capture images with just a click of the Share button.

24 Zooming Feature In The Dualshock 4

Zoom PS4
via wireduk.com

Ever want to get a clearer look at a vital part of the game but be disappointed because you can’t? Well then, here’s your key to expanding your vision as the zooming feature allows you to get a clear shot of whatever’s not-so-clear.

You’ll find the key to doing this under the Accessibility section where there are many options like being able to have larger text, bolder text, and the difference in colors and contrasts. The zooming option also looms there and you can use it to focus upon the portion of the screen you want to.

23 Changing Assignation For Controls

Controls assignation
via trustedreviews.com

This feature also lies under the Accessibility feature and you’ll spot the Button Assignments section there. With this option, you can assign the controls of the Dualshock 4 to your needs. Some PS2 fans still miss having the triangle button as the Back option, now you can have assigned it the way you want with this feature.

This option can also be to your benefit if you have a certain way of gaming such as those active FIFA gamers who want their controls exactly the way they want them.

22 Setting More Features Under Rest Mode

Rest mode
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The PS4’s biggest deviation from previous PS consoles is the fact that it can still operate when not being used. The Rest Mode feature gives you a lot more options. Some of these include the power saving option, which you can use by going under the Features section and selecting it under Power Saving Settings.

You can also supply power to USB ports and have your Dualshock 4 fully charged right when you’re starting your gaming session. Another option is for you to keep your game on while the console is resting, which can be done by using the Keep Application Suspended option, meaning you don’t have to start the game all over again and avoid loading screens.

21 Restore Licenses Option

Restore licenses
via errorcodespro.com

The fact of the matter is most of us know nothing about the technicality of consoles and only want to play games. This means when a game might become locked and you’re prevented from playing it further, you’ll be confused beyond reason.

Don’t worry, because this only happens when there’s something wrong with the licensing of the game and the easiest way to fix this up is by going to the Restore License option which you can find in Account Management. First, you’ll need to synchronize your PSN, and after completing the aforementioned, you’re good to go.

20 Turning Off Notifications And Selecting Specific Friends

Selecting friends
via goliath.com

Isn’t it annoying when you get notified over something you really couldn’t give two hoots about? Isn’t also irritating to be notified when someone’s online and that person is one you never talk to? Here’s your way of removing these pesky points about your gaming sessions.

Under the Notifications menu, you can choose to be alerted specifically about the things you want, rather than being notified about everything. Also, you can go to the option titled Notifications When Friends Go Online and pick those friends who are close to you and matter.

19 Skipping User Selection Screen And Directly Log-In

Direct log in
via polygon.com

A lot of us users share their consoles with their brother, or at times with multiple siblings, and it’s a chore to go and find your specific user log-in to play your session. In order to make this process easier, you can go to the Login Settings and change the process to automatically log you in when the PS4 starts.

Keep in mind, though, this option only really works practically if you’re the one using the PS4 mainly and need to remove the hassle of always selecting your log-in.

18 "Talking" To The PS4 And Giving It A Name

Talking to PS4
via kotaku.com

If you’re expecting the PS4 to talk back to you and ask you how your day was, then be ready to get disappointed – this isn’t The Jetsons, after all. What you can do is rename your console under the Check System menu and call it what you want.

By talking to the PS4, we mean the Operate PS4 With Voice option, which can be activated and the system will respond to your commands when you say the word “PlayStation”. This way, you can jump over to whatever you want to do without manually using the controller.

17 “Quick” And “Full” Options To Remove Data From The PS4

Quick and Full options
via polygon.com

Backing up your PS4 is essential as it represents your hours working toward besting all the games you’ve been challenged. Along with that, you need to back up the data should you be upgrading your system.

Once you decide to remove all the data from your PS4, you can do so with two options called Quick and Full. The Quick option is faster option, in which you can still recover lost data should you want it using certain tools. The Full option is slower, but completely eradicates your PS4 from all data; this can be useful if you want a clean slate, but remember to back up our work because the Full option is one-shot.

16 Searching An Un-acquired Trophy Information On The Net

Trophies tend to drive gamers crazy because the rare ones are just so darn difficult to attain. A criticism from gamers has been the lack of information to attain certain trophies, which makes them hard to achieve.

Say no more, because there’s a great option where you can go onto a trophy and click the Options button to find the feature of searching the internet for that trophy’s information. This will bring you results that show how you can attain the trophy for yourself, thereby negating the mystery behind that trophy.

15 Double Taps To Swap Between Apps Instantly

Switching apps
via thevpnguru.com

This is a pretty easy feature to follow through with. All you need to do to switch from one app to another is by double tapping the PS Button. This will switch the apps between the last two applications.

It’s a great way for you to swap between options that can help you out; say you want to go off to the browser for whatever reason while playing a game, you can do so instantly by the double tap option. It certainly beats having to sift through a lot of the menu to reach where you want to go.

14 PS Plus Hub Where Every Feature Is Shown Together

PS Plus Hub
via lifehacker.com

PS Plus is like something you want badly but are never sure if it’s worth the payment. While that’s true for a lot of cases, the PS Plus does have its advantages.

One of these advantages is for you to find everything you want in a single place. The PS Plus Hub, which you can find on the very left side of the PS4 menu screen, is where you can sort through everything on your PS4. This includes your preferences, the games you have in the library, all the subscriptions you’ve opted in for, as well as the benefits.

13 Alternative Ways Of Using Keyboard

PS4 Typing
via thebusinessinsider.com

Typing on the PS4 is one of the most despised features for gamers. It’s never simple or convenient for you to use this feature, but you can have some options with it. One of these is by using the motion sensor capabilities of the Dualshock 4. This is by no means a fun way of typing, but it’s not as frustrating as using the D-Pad.

In order to use the motion sensor, use the touchpad and click on the letters you want to write your message. It’s basically a point and click affair; however, many might just want to use the conventional keyboard to make things faster.

12 Customizing The Quick Menu

PS4 menu
via pocket-lint.com

You’ll no doubt have noticed the Quick menu of the PS4 when pressing the PS button, and this menu is great for easy access. However, you can make it even easier for yourself by customizing the menu to show applications that you want to use.

Go over to the Customize option, and you can sort the slots the way you see best find it for yourself. This way, you’ll have a personalized Quick menu that doesn’t clutter up with slots that you have no use for, making it truly a quick menu for your needs.

11 Use Any Headphones

You know that there are a set of expensive headphones for PS gamers, which cost a fortune. While advertisement and marketing might make you think you need to churn out all the cash you have to buy these headphones and have the option to play the PS4 without the TV speakers, you can actually use any set of headphones you have.

Not only is it possible to do that, you can also use any earphones you might have lying around. This means the mobile earphones that you get by purchasing a phone can also be hooked onto the Dualshock4 and you can go about playing your game with sounds just for your ears.

10 Listening To Music While Playing

PS4 music
via playstation.com

You don’t need to have an external device like an iPod or your phone to listen to music while you play; you can listen to music on the PS4 as you play. The way to do this is by creating a separate folder on an external device such as a USB, which includes your music files. Then, you need to connect it to the PS4, select the Library in the content area and select the USB Music player feature.

In order to play all the music, highlight the folder and select Play after clicking on Options, and you’re good to go. You can even stream using a Spotify account, but that requires you to already have a Spotify account, to begin with.

9 Download PS Messenger App To Message

PS4 messenger app
via cultofmac.com

It feels like punishment for a crime you didn’t commit to messaging friends on the PS4 seeing as it takes five minutes just to write a single sentence. So, for you to keep all your hair – the same hair you pull out in frustration at the PS messaging system – you can download the PS Messenger app for both iOS and Android.

That’s right, you can even message on the go while not playing the PS4. The best part, though, is retaining your sanity as you can easily message using your phone without spending what feels like decades to send a single sentence.

8 Using External Drives Like USBs And Hard Disks

Hard drive PS4
via pocket-lint.com

It’s pretty unfair how you buy a system that’s about 500GB worth of space and just playing around a handful of games will mean all your space has run out. Luckily, there’s a way out of this conundrum and that’s by using an external drive to store your game data.

It might sound like a chore, but it still beats having to erase all your gaming efforts just so you play a new game. So, you might have to purchase new Hard Disks, but you’ll at least get to keep the games you’ve purchased.

7 Parental Controls To Monitor Play-Time

PS4 parental controls
via pinterest.com

Kids are a little dumdums, and all they want is to play their games; they don’t really care about what the game system holds in store. You can use this to your advantage if you’re a parent and use the Parental Controls feature in the PS4 to ensure your kids play within their time limits.

You use the Settings menu to reach the Family Management section, where you can set the timings for the PlayStation to automatically lock up and lockout of accounts once your allotted time is up for the child in question.

6 Cleaning The System

6- What's On TV This Cat

Unless you’re Draco Malfoy and think cleaning is “servant stuff”, you have the option of getting your hands a little dirty to clean your beloved system. The PS4’s top can be pried off (pardon the double-meaning here) for you to reveal the system’s engine.

As seen in the picture above, this can get incredibly dusty, so be prepared with some goggles, a pair of gloves and start the cleaning the heck out of the system. Bear in mind, though, the top doesn’t just pop open and you’ll need special screwdrivers to open it up.

5 Emulating SNES

via youtube.com

Okay, we’re not going to be telling you how to hack into a system, because that doesn’t make us sound so nice; plus it’s kind of breaking the rules, but let it be known that it’s possible for you to play SNES games on the PS4.

In order to do so, you need an emulator that runs on the PS4. Once you get that, you can play Super Mario on the latest generation console. Then again, if you really want to, you can just find it on the internet with your laptop because the PS4 method is a lot of hassle.

4 Remote Play Allows PS4 External Devices

It’s crazy how far technology has developed. We say that because now you can play a home console right on your phone. This feature on the PS4 is called Remote play, which means you can access the PS4 on your devices other than the television.

First of all, however, you need a very good internet connection because this requires some power. When that’s done, you can play your PS4 on devices such as your phone, the PS Vita, your laptop and on similar devices

3 Dimming The Lights To Increase Dualshock 4 Battery Life

Compared to the Dualshock 3’s battery life, the Dualshock 4’s battery is pretty freakin’ terrible. It isn’t long before you get that annoying message on the screen informing you that the controller’s about to give out.

If you despise sitting in close proximity to your system just so the controller charges, you can relieve yourself of some of the arduous hours by dimming the controller’s light bar. Let’s be honest, it’s mainly for show, so you can dim this light, thereby allowing the controller more hours before dying down.

2 Trading Platinum Trophies For Goods

There’s a Sony Rewards program which awards points in the PSN store by trading in the trophies you’ve attained. It’s hardly much, but at least there’s an option if you really don’t care about your trophies.

You can trade in your trophies – 100 points for 100 silver trophies, 25 points for 25 gold trophies, 1000 points for 10 platinum trophies – and reap certain benefits the PSN allows you. The rewards aren’t much, however, seeing that 1000 points only gets you a $10 coupon on PSN. So, it’s best you just pay for these things rather than let go of your hard-earned trophies.

1 Face Recognition Log-In

PS4 facial
via kdxcoolit.com

Pretty self-explanatory stuff here. You have to first get the PlayStation Eye to install this feature, and once it is set up, you can start your PS4 just by showing your face to the camera.

This isn’t that much of a step up from using the controller, but hey, if you have this option then why not use it? The system also advises you where to stand and how it works, so don’t be shy if you have questions. Odds are, you’ll get so used to facial recognition it’ll become your go-to method to starting your PS4.

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