13 PS4 Titles Coming In 2019 (And 10 Fans Predict for 2020)

No matter how far we go in the world of video games, it seems that every single year brings new competition, a new chance for companies to try and get people interested in their console by letting us know exactly which games will be coming and when. We have to say that it does manage to get us excited when we look at the long list of games that are coming our way over the next couple of years, which is exactly why we decided that we would bring that excitement to the people that like to look at our website

Yes, what we're going to do is go through fifteen of the games that will be coming to the PS4 over the next year, the games that have got us very excited to pick up a PS4 controller to get playing them! Not only that, but we'll then be taking a look at the games that are more than likely going to come out next year as well, the ones that have been pushed back or the ones that haven't had a proper release date put out yet, but we know they must be coming fairly soon!

If everyone is ready to get excited for what is yet to come on the PS4, what we have to look forward to over 2019 and 2020, then we think it's about time that we dove in and took a look at what Sony has got coming to us!

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23 Wolfenstein: Youngblood (2019)

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A lot of people are getting sick of the way that the video game industry seems to think that it can just remake and reboot whatever it wants and none of us will be bothered by that, but even we have to admit that the Wolfenstein reboot has been a massive success. The next game in the modern series will follow the twin daughters of the main character B.J. Blazkowicz as they attempt to find their father who has recently gone missing while out on a special mission. We know that we can't wait for some more fast paced action!

22 System Shock Remastered (2020)

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It's a sad reality of life that some video games are never going to get the recognition they deserve, which is why it can sometimes be a good thing when people go back to play games that have actually shaped the video game industry as we know it now. One of those games is System Shock, with that and System Shock 2 ushering in a new era of First Person Shooters that were based more on narrative and world building. Many people are interested to see whether this remaster will be able to bring the brilliance of the old game to a new audience.

21 Team Sonic Racing (2019)

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It's well known that Mario has beaten Sonic at every turn in the past— that he has managed to win every battle— so it seems ridiculous that the people in charge of the blue hedgehog would try and take on Mario Kart as well! However, the last Sonic racing game blew everyone away with how surprisingly good it was, which means there are a lot of eyes on the next installment. Many people out there are interested to see if the next game can live up to what was promised by the last one, or whether Mario Kart will continue to reign supreme.

20 The Elder Scrolls VI (2020)

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While it's true that we know very little about this one and that its announcement was a very recent thing, we can only imagine that the developers would let us know that this was coming out if it was close to being ready, just not less than a year close. Honestly, we can't wait to jump back into The Elder Scrolls Universe, especially after the developers have been trying to push Skyrim for what feels like decades at this point. Give us somewhere new to run about and take people out with sword and magic guys!

19 Spelunky 2 (2019)

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While we must admit that we're less than impressed with the fact that this just looks like Spelunky, if somebody had told us that they would give us more Spelunky back in the day, we would've been happy! We can only hope that this game will end up living to expectations that were laid down by the original. If it does, we know that there are a lot of people out there that will be very happy with what they've been handed. Hopefully there will be something interesting that we couldn't have possibly seen coming involved as well!

18 Rage 2 (2019)

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When Rage first came out, it was before the new DOOM and Wolfenstein games proved that FPS games could be fun again, and we were a little annoyed by how much boring stuff there was in the game. There was a lot of fun shooting stuck in there somewhere, it just took a while to get to it. Here's hoping that the team has taken a look at the brilliant work people have been doing in the world of FPS games over the past few years and will be able to make something that is much better than what they gave us with the first one!

17 Haven (2020)

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After Furi burst onto the scene with very little fanfare a few years ago, we were taken aback by how brilliant a game it was, highlighting how much can be done with a small amount of tight mechanics. Not only was it brilliantly challenging and fun, but it even gave us an interesting little narrative that was told through very few words. When we found out that the developers would be making a new game we got incredibly excited, especially when it was then announced that people could play it cooperatively if they choose to!

16 Concrete Genie (2019)

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We have become worried a couple of times when this game has been shown off that they may be going for gorgeous visuals over substance, but after we've been shown a handful of gameplay, we think we might have been wrong... It's always great to see games like this come out and really succeed, so we're hoping that even though it hasn't had the same sort of advertising that other games have had that people still go out and buy it. Obviously, for people to do that it's going to have some entertaining gameplay as well!

15 Shenmue III (2019)

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There will be a lot of people out there that refuse to believe this one is even going to come out until they manage to get their hands on it, as it has been promised for a very long time, and it seems insane that we're even getting an end to the trilogy so many years later! We're not sure that it will ever be able to live up to the level of hype that has been built up over the years, or if it'll still feel as fresh as the first two did back in the day, but we know for a fact that we'll be fascinated by whatever it is that they've managed to come up with.

14 The King Of Fighters XV (2020)

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Fighting games have always been quite a niche thing, offering up a very specific sort of gameplay that rewards players that are able to keep an eye on their opponent incredibly closely, managing to predict what their enemy will be doing next! Not only that, but players are then expected to remember a huge number of combos to get the jump on their opponent. The King Of Fighters series is one of the most famous fighting game franchises there is, so it's no surprise that so many people are excited to seeing the next one come out in 2020!

13 Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 (2020)

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This is a very recent announcement in video game terms so we can only hope that it comes out next year! We cannot tell people how excited we were when it was announced that Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines was finally getting a sequel. Just like the first two Fallout games, the first game in this franchise offered up some gameplay that couldn't be found anywhere else, and we're hoping that the developers are able to still deliver even though it has been years since the last game hit the shelves!

12 Code Vein (2019)

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Ever since Dark Souls came out, people have been trying to take that formula and make their own game, but so far From Software have been the only people that have managed to pull it off, being the original creators themselves! We're not against games like Code Vein in principle, but we're certainly not going to get excited about a game that will more than likely fail to scratch the itch that the Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro are able to. Plus, we've never really been a big fan of a JRPG either if we're honest...

11 Carrion (2020)

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Very few people have heard of this one and we want to change that, as it promises some brilliant visuals and an interesting twist on what we're used to playing. This is a horror game unlike any other, as the player is actually tasked with taking on the bad guy, rather than playing as the good guy! We can't speak for everyone else, but a video game where play as an unknowable evil terrorizing normal human beings is definitely something we could enjoy. We've yet to see much about the game, but we can't wait for its final release!

10 MediEvil (2019)

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While we do have a problem with the endless remakes and reboots that the video game industry seems constantly occupied with, even we have to admit that it's nice when they manage to bring an oddball back from the grave, which is very fitting when it comes to the case for MediEvil. Playing as a reanimated skeleton in this game on the original PlayStation was a lot of fun and we were sad to grow up and learn that a lot of people never got to play it, so hopefully the remaster will offer them a proper chance to do just that.

9 Ghost Of Tsushima (2020)

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Sucker Punch Studios have a special place in our hearts as the developers of games like Sly Cooper and inFamous, so we're really hoping that this game ends up being brilliant. They are up against games like Sekiro, but then as long as they offer up an experience unlike Sekiro that happens to be within the same setting, then they've got a chance of going down in history for dodging a really big bullet there. We will be disappointed if this one ends up being bad, as they've built up our hopes in a big way with the small amount we've seen so far.

8 Dreams (2019)

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From the developers of games like Little Big Planet and Tearaway, this is a sandbox game that promises to be unlike many of the other sandboxes that we've played throughout the years. Just like their other games, Dreams allows players to create and share their own content, rather than just relying on the levels that are put in place by the developers, which means that there will be a lot of rubbish but also quite a lot of good stuff. If we have to sift through the badly made content to get to the stuff that might give us hours of fun, so be it.

7 Control (2019)

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While Alan Wake wasn't one of the best games ever, the Max Payne series has a very special place in our hearts, which is why we're more than excited that the developer behind both of these games is now working on something new. There has been very little said about this game so far, which can be a bad sign sometimes, but we're hoping that Remedy have just decided that they would rather everything was secret for when the game finally comes out and blows everyone away. Seriously, people better get ready for this one.

6 Final Fantasy VII Remake (2020)

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Being one of the most iconic installments from one of the most iconic franchises of all time has not been easy for Final Fantasy VII. As time has passed, fans have slowly had to admit that it hasn't aged well and that to truly enjoy it people have to put on some massive nostalgia goggles. This is why so many people are happy to hear that they're making a full remake of the game, with modern visuals and completely different gameplay. This is a chance for a modern audience to take in a narrative that has been enjoyed by so many people in the past.

5 DOOM Eternal (2019)

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Just like Wolfenstein, it's amazing to think that DOOM has managed to make a comeback in an industry that had long forgotten it. This is the sequel to the first reboot that came out and blew everyone away, so here's hoping that the developers are able to keep the same sort of momentum that they found in the first while adding on loads of new gameplay mechanics as well. Of all the games on this list, we have to say that getting to play this one is what is getting us the most excited if we're honest!

4 Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night (2019)

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The internet has made it pretty much impossible for any series to end, as people will always find places to go on and on about a game that they once loved. In fact, many people have ended up going back to create a project due to things like Kickstarter. Yes, this is the project being put together by the original developer of Symphony Of The Night, one of the most iconic Castlevania games of all time, and there are a lot of people interested in seeing what a modern version of that game will look and play like!

3 Beyond Good And Evil 2 (2020)

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Ending something on a cliffhanger is a dangerous business if the writers don't know that they've been given a sequel, as it can leave an audience wanting more for years and years. This is exactly what happened with the first Beyond Good & Evil, and while it would seem that the second won't be answering any of the questions that were left hanging in the first game, it does look like it will be a fascinating look into what can be achieved when developers choose to push the supposed boundaries of what can be achieved within a video game!

2 Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (2019)

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As we've already mentioned, Mario definitely rules the root when it comes to kart based racing games, but that doesn't change the fact that Crash Team Racing was a brilliant little title, and after the success of the trilogy remake, it only makes sense that the developers would start working on this little beauty! We are more excited than we can put into words to dive right back into CTR. We know for a fact that as soon as we sit down with the controller in our hands, we'll get such a flood of nostalgia as we rev our engines as the orange mascot.

1 Death Stranding (2020)

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Nobody is denying that the most recent Metal Gear Solid game was rushed and that Kojima clearly hadn't been wanting to make Metal Gear Solid games for a long time, so we're looking forward to see what he can come up with when he's given full control over a completely new story and set of characters. In fact, when we found out that Silent Hills was cancelled, we didn't think that there was any way Kojima would be able to pull us back in. Little did we know that he was planning Death Stranding in the background all along!

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