15 PS5 Fan Versions That Could Actually Be Real (And 10 That Are Too Crazy)

I’m going to be honest with you. Unless I see it from the horse’s mouth, I’m rarely going to believe in rumors. That said, do I report on them? Of course I do, because I’m in that section of the press. At the end of the day, true, or not, I love speculating on what could be even if I don’t one hundred percent believe. That’s why I genuinely enjoy writing about cut content in games, or even better, canceled games. That part of this industry’s history fascinated me. Anyway, my point with that lead in is that when I saw the headline from Wired about the PS5 I was skeptical. Okay, so this is just going to be another report from the old rumor mill? I ignored it at first, but then the buzz online was getting huge.

Looking into it I found out that a representative from Sony sat down to legitimately discuss the next PlayStation. They didn’t call it a PS5, but whatever. For the purposes of this article, I’m going to call it a PS5, because of course, that’s going to be the title. In case you missed it, or shamefully ignored it like I did at first, you can read all about the details from Wired here. The biggest surprise to me was the inclusion of the SSHD, or solid-state hard drive, which will hopefully improve load times. If I can have anything next generation it would be that. Anyway going along with that theme I dug out twenty-five fan designs for the PS5. Let’s think about what could be together!

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25 Maybe: PlayStation World

4K Filme

When consoles launch they rarely come in multiple colors, or like in this case, a mix of colors. I like the idea of the PS5 melding black and white together. It could be like a statement on the PlayStation’s history. Not only does this console play new games, but you can play your entire back catalog as well. As of right now it has been confirmed, in some capacity, that PS4 games will work on the PS5. I hope it is indeed everything though.

24 Maybe: PlayStation Remix


This looks like a record player, right? Based on this design one could think two things. First, this system could play vinyl. This would be the ultimate hipster console! You can play records while you play games and the sound could actually interplay into the games. In that Wired interview with the PS5’s architect, Mark Cerny, he said he wanted sound to be upgraded in this generation. What better way to do that than with vinyl? The other thing this could mean is that PS5 discs will be laser disc sized aka huge.

23 Crazy: PlayStation Switch


Prior to that Wired article, there were rumors flying around in regard to a new portable PlayStation console. Some of the things I read were about a PS4 offshoot that was digital only and that it were portable. A few others have come out to say that the PS5 will be portable. Would Sony blatantly rip off Nintendo again as they did with the PlayStation Move controllers? You bet they would and I don’t care. This prototype looks amazing!

22 Maybe: PS4.3

Gaming INTEL

In all honesty this is probably what the PS5 is going to look like. The System, headset, and controller will all be marginally improved. The PS4 was such a success so why mess with it? That’s the philosophy I can see within Sony. That’s why I called this one the PS4.3, as in it is the third iteration on that system. It’s more of a joke than an actual legit name. If that were the real name I wouldn’t bat an eye though.

21 Maybe: PlayStation Generation


I like this design. Yes, it’s simple while also having an odd shape to it, but I genuinely think it looks great. There is something just so nostalgic about a rounded console with the PlayStation logo on it. Maybe the artist has envisioned that middle part opening up. Why did we ever get rid of that feature post PS2 anyway? It’s probably cheaper to remove those hinges, but the point is I’ll add this into the pile of wishes for the final design.

20 Crazy: PlayStation Orb

Chaos YouTube

Remember the PS2 commercials where they advertised the PS9? While cool at the time I often chuckle at the thought of them. Why would the marketing strategy focus on a console seven generations from the PS2 instead of the actual PS2? Well, whatever the case it worked and gave this artist the inspiration for this floating orb. First of all, no the PS5 is not going to hover although that would be incredible. Secondly, it’s not going to be a ball. That would be crazy.

19 Maybe: Xbox Station


What else can I really call this other than the Xbox Station? It really does look like what if Sony copied the design of the Xbox 360, but tweaked it a little bit to make it less obvious. Would this final design make me mad? No, of course not. What the console looks like on the outside does not matter to me. It could look like a melted candy bar for all I care. The thing that is most important is what is on the inside, just like life.

18 Maybe: Leaked Developer Kit


This is the only one on here that is apparently a “leaked” PS5 development unit. These consoles rarely look like the final product, but here is where I get really skeptical. It is too small. The PS5 is supposed to have a Solid State HD and there is no way that small unit contains one. I also don’t think Sony would want to square up the controller. It looks like a Batarang for crying out loud. I’m calling a fake on this one.

17 Crazy: PlayStation V


Now this, this is my jam. Think about how brilliant this would be. Okay, so the portable unit could be like a Vita hence the PSV on the system. The Roman numeral for five is V, which also lends itself to this thing’s design. The one problem I have with this logic is that the portable unit and system look pretty small i.e. is there enough room for the power Sony is promising? I think not, but all in all, I love this idea.

16 Maybe: PlayStation Holodeck


Why did I call this thing the PlayStation Holodeck? First of all the Holodeck is from Star Trek and like the name suggests it uses holograms. The thing you’re not seeing in this picture is that that round orb on the controller has been fantasized to project holograms. It was in an accompanying set of other pictures. The artist never did show off what this would mean for the console though. Would you even need a TV? This seems like some more PS9 stuff to me.

15 Maybe: PlayStation Amiibo


At first glance this may look like just an updated form of the PS4, right? Well, if you look on the console you can see a blue square box on the front. Could this be a hint that it will feature support from toys akin to Amiibo? I don’t know if that is what the artist was going for, but for the purposes of this article that’s the story I’m going to stick to. Bring on the PlayStation Amiibo rip-offs!

14 Crazy: PlayStation Switchblade


This has to be the most whacked out system in this article. I mean look at this thing! First of all, I don’t like the idea of having a disc spin around in the open air like that. It couldn’t be good for protecting the disc’s value. On the other hand, I do like the concept of whipping out this console from your pocket and flicking it around like a switchblade. It sounds fun, but incredibly impractical when it comes to actually playing it.

13 Maybe: PS5

push Square

I also like the idea of this being the rightful heir to the PS4. It’s another big, black box, which is boring but whatever. As long as it runs my games well, especially in regard to load times like Cerny promised, I’d be good. I also like the slight redesign on the controller with the big black “map” button being shrunken down. I know it was designed to be a touchpad, but let’s face it. That thing became the map button pretty fast on the PS4.

12 Maybe: PlayStation Hub


Well, well, well. What do we have here? This is the next PlayStation? It is unique I’ll give it that. The weirdest thing about this zigzagging design is not the shape. Just look how many USB ports it has! There are five. I’m all in favor for multiple ports, but that number seems too extreme. I wouldn’t be against it, but of all the new futuristic things this artist could have done to create their vision of the PS5, they made it a USB hub. Huh?

11 Crazy: PlayDualStation


I’m not exactly sure what the artist’s intention with this is. Does this version of the PS5 come with two PS Vita looking consoles, or is one the console and the other the TV? Why would Sony want to ship players a TV knowing full well most people already have one? This is interesting, to say the least, but again I am a little loss for words. If this was true, there is no way it would be less than a grand.

10 Maybe: PlayStation VCR


No, that is not a typo. This is not the PlayStation VR console, which is something you would think it would be titled. This is the PlayStation VCR as in that outdated technology your parents used to put cassette tapes into before DVRs were a thing. Okay so that’s a joke obviously, but something about the wide, fat design, and the tiny legs makes me think of VCRs. Oh yeah and that controller looks like a Batarang. What’s with all of the boomerang controllers?

9 Crazy: PlayStation Curve

Amino Apps

What if the PS5 was not a Switch copycat, but still contained a screen? That feels like what this creator was going for. The surface of the PlayStation has a screen, but no buttons. You need a controller to play it thus it would not lend itself properly for portability. However, the screen may not work for games. That is to say what if the screen was for menus only? Sometimes I feel like turning my PS4 on just to check something like on the store. This would be a neat functionality option, but that’s all it would be.

8 Maybe: PlayStation Ultra Slim


There is no way the next PlayStation console is going to be this thin. The only way that makes sense is if it is digital only, or at least the bulk of your games will be accessed digitally. We already know it takes discs based on that interview and this kit does indeed still have a port. I don’t know how it could run anything though. It looks more like a Blu-ray player than a gaming console, which isn’t bad. It’s just impractical.

7 Crazy: PlayStation MoveTop


What if Sony copies Nintendo in a crazier way than just the new hotness? That is to say what if they copied the DS’ design instead of the obvious one aka the Switch? This thing looks like a laptop, obviously. The artist does not show it here, but I would like to imagine it coming with a cable to hook into the TV as well, which is Switch adjacent I guess. I'm not so sure about those two mini controllers though. They look awful.

6 Maybe: PlayStation Blade


Have you ever read any those stories involving people beating up others with their consoles? That is a pretty extreme reaction and I feel this design was influenced by those stories. Why? Just look how sharp those edges look. I can see the infomercial now. Tired of maiming your friends with blunt, ugly consoles? Now you can cut them down with style. Introducing the PlayStation Blade! Oh yeah and it can play games too, but look at how it chops through these watermelons. Wow!

5 Crazy: PlayStation Go 2


Is this really a fan rendition of a PS5? It looks more like an upgraded version of the PSP Go to me. Oh, wait, what’s that? You don’t remember that system? It lasted only like a year in terms of retail availability. It was a digital-only PSP, which was a cool idea, but it was way too expensive for that being the case. Removing the option of a disc, or UMD in this case, should have made it cheaper. I’m baffled Xbox didn’t get this memo with their new Xbox One S disc-less version.

4 Maybe: PlayStation Panel

TechnoLogi-PL DeviantArt

All right call me crazy, but this just looks like an Xbox One with an extra black panel screwed into it. What is that thing for? Balance? Why have it standing up then? Sony can learn a lot from Xbox over their few generations, but I don’t think they are going to steal their controller or box designs. If they did well then go ahead and buy me a hat because I’ll eat it. I really hope I don’t regret that challenge later.

3 Crazy: DualShock Move

Captain Hishiro YouTube

I know I should be focusing solely on actual PS5 designs, but I just had to throw this one in here. The PlayStation Move controllers are in dire need of a redesign. It’s bad enough that they were oddly forced into the PS4 infrastructure post PS3, but they can’t be reused on the PS5. They just can’t! That’s why I love this simple breakout controller that can be assembled and dissembled easily for when you need two controllers. Hopefully those balls can come on and off too.

2 Maybe: HexaStation


Is there anything else I could have called this besides the HexaStation? Okay, you got me. I did come up with a couple others including the PlayStation Hive and the PlayStation Comb. It produces honey! Wouldn’t that be a wave of the future? My console runs on clean energy aka bees. Beware of bears though. They’ll get ya! Joking aside I feel this design is a bit too over the top. There is no need for those hexagons other than to light up and look cool.

1 Crazy: ZipStation

geek3dfr DeviantArt

As I’ve said for so many others on here, there is no way this tiny thing could be the PS5. However, it could be an add-on accessory. What if this was used to stream any games running on your PS5 to another TV, or even a computer in the house? What if it could stretch beyond that and you could bring it to your friend’s house to play? It’s definitely not as cool as the Switch having the built-in screen, but it is technically portable.

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