15 Pumpkin Flavored Recipes To Warm Your Soul For Fall

That magical time of year is back, people! Summer is coming to an abrupt end, and the leggings, chunky sweaters, and puffy coats are being taken out of temporary retirement. Fall is back, and that can only mean one thing...pumpkin everything!

We can smell the Starbucks' lattes from here! If pumpkin spiced anything is your jam, then this list is tailor-made for you. Here are fifteen pumpkin flavored recipes that will warm your soul during the autumn months.

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15 Pumpin Spiced Blondies With Cheesecake Swirl

Shhh. You had us at cheesecake. This easy to make recipe is sweet, it's pumpkiny, and it is essentially a cheesecake. It's not exactly a low-fat recipe, but hey, it's sweater season anyways. So go on with your bad self and have two! Heck, pair it with a pumpkin spice latte and really live your life people.

14 Pumpkin Spiced Pretzel Bites

These are so great because they can be made with a couple of trusty ingredients that are typically found hanging out in most of our pantries. All you need to whip up a batch of these gems is one can of refrigerated biscuit dough, two tablespoons of baking soda, one and a half cups of warm water, half a cup of melted butter, one cup of granulated sugar, and two teaspoons of pumpkin spice. Bake these delightful balls at four hundred degrees for about ten minutes. Then you'll have a drool-inducing, pumpkin spiced snack at your fingertips.

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13 Pumpkin Fudge

Oh, heavens do we love us some fudge. Pumpin fudge puts a fall spin on a classic treat. It looks intense to make, but it's surprisingly easy to perfect this recipe. Serve these up at your next fall harvest fest, and your guests will think you are the next coming of Martha Stewart. Get the recipe in full here.

12 Pumpkin Spice Pull-Apart Bread

This pumpkin pull apart bread will make anybody's damp and chilly October Sunday morning a winner! Bake it up and serve it with a hot cup of spiced tea of your favorite flavor of java– which we are guessing is pumpkin spice. You won't want to change out of your pajamas for the rest of the day. Curl up with a good book and a blanket and just finish the whole loaf.

11 Pumpkin Spice Poke Cake

 Take a gander at this plate of gooey, pumpkin greatness. This dish combines two of fall's most fabulous flavors –pumpkin and caramel– that is bursting out of every single bite you take. There is literally nothing not to love about this dish. If you aren't even a little bit hungry looking at this, then something is seriously wrong with you. Snag the recipe here.

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10 Pumpkin Spiced Pancakes

Start your morning off right with these pumpkin spiced pancakes. The toppings of walnuts and syrup give it that extra decadent flair that makes this a half breakfast and half dessert. Throw some whipped cream and a dusting of pumpkin spice on top of this, and there is a chance that you will never eat anything else for your morning meal. Get the full recipe here.

9 Pumpkin Spiced Overnight Oats

 Just in case pancakes aren't your thing. Or you simply are not a morning person and are forever running short on time in the a.m., you can whip up this overnight oat recipe! Overnight oats are a healthy breakfast that takes no time at all and is super yummy. Get yourself some oats, milk, greek yogurt, maple sugar, and pumpkin spice.

8 Pumpkin Alfredo

Whoa. What do we have here? Pasta and pumpkin all with a cheesy, saucy layer of heck yeah! Pumpkin Alfredo might not initially make sense in your brain, but trust us here. You need this meal in your life. The bonus to this pretty, pumpkin dinner is that it takes a whopping 20 minutes to prepare. Winner, winner pumpkin dinner!

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7 Pumpkin Soup

 Nothing warms the belly like a homemade bowl of pumpkin soup. Give us our sweatpants, Netflix, and a couple of bowls of this, and we will be all set. Go ahead and throw in a handful of goat cheese or some fresh herbs on top and consider trying out for one of those best-of-cooking shows. This recipe will make you feel like the King of the Kitchen.

6 Cheesy Pumpkin Lasagna

We're not sure if we can live without eating this first. We absolutely love lasagna, and we love pumpkin, so this pretty much looks like heaven on a plate. Just eat the whole darn pan and call into work tomorrow. You deserve this and here is the recipe. You're welcome.

5 Pumpkin Jello Shots

Fall kicks off the barrage of holiday parties. There is Halloween, countless tailgates, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. These parties in a glass are festive, fun and most importantly full of our beloved pumpkin spice. Steal the recipe here and go to your next get together as the Champion of Festivities with this treat.

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4 Pumpkin Pizza

We would never think to make a pumpkin pizza, but now we think that this pie is necessary. Next time you are jonesing for a slice of pizza, consider making a few of these to satisfy your pizza and pumpkin cravings. Get the recipe here and never eat regular tomato sauce pizza again.

3 Pumpkin Pie Dip

This is the easiest dip you will ever make. We will be the first to tell you, it is nearly impossible to stop eating this stuff. We make it every year for Halloween parties. Whether you're making it for guest or just for a night in, they'll definitely worth making. You can get the delicious recipe here.

2 Cazuela De Vaca

If there ever were a hearty, comfort meal meant for the Autumn months, it would be this right here. This is a South American dish, and it really does blends those sweet and savory elements together in a way that makes you want to eat it until you explode. The first day the temps fall below 65, We're definitely going to make this.

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1 Spicy Pumpkin Chili

This spicy, pumpkin chili is an absolute winner. Chili, in general, can get a little bit boring, so jazz it up with this winning recipe. We bet you anything this dish tastes even better on the second day. If a few Jalapeno cornbread muffins would make this meal magical. Yum!

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