The Pupper West Side: This NYC Website Follows The Lives Of Local Dogs

The West Side Rag runs a page on their website dedicated to following the lives of the dogs of the Upper West Side of New York City, appropriately named “Pupper West Side.” From their secrets to their everyday routines, you can be constantly keep updated with the lives of the puppers of the area—the most important personalities to keep up with.

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The West Side Rag is a news website dedicated to reporting local stories. From art to absurd stories, the publication reports anything Upper West Side NYC-related. As much as national and international news is important, local reporting is just as significant in our lives. Being connected with the community allows not only for more awareness of what’s going on, but also helps us create meaningful relationships with our neighbourhood.

If your favourite things about your area are the dogs that you see while they’re on walks, then the Pupper West Side is the best place to get to know them (other than getting to know the dogs and the owners themselves). Each post features the dog’s basic information, their favourite spots and treats, their daily routine, and their thoughts on some things in the neighbourhood. For example, Marlon is a 16-month old Australian Shepherd who goes on a three-hour long walk, loves tugging on rope toys, and feels strongly that the neighbourhood scaffolding should be removed.

The Pupper West Side is not the only site dedicated to the dogs of New York. An Instagram page is dedicated to following the lives of the dogs who live in the area. A lot of Instagram-famous dogs also come from New York City, so it’s no surprise that there are various accounts dedicated to following the puppers of the city.

With the West Side Rag following the lives of the local dogs, they don’t have to be well-known on Instagram for the community to know about them. A simple profile is enough to inform the people of the puppers who walk around the neighbourhood. They’re also able to give their opinion on pressing neighbourhood matters, so we know what the dogs think solutions to the problems should be!

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