10 Adorable Photos Of Dogs Who Just Graduated From Obedience School

While dog training classes may look laughably easy to pass in the eyes of a non-pet owner, they often require a ton of homework outside of the hour owners spend listening to their mentor.

Plus, as any dog owner will readily admit, it is not always easy to train a pooch to walk nicely on a leash or to come back to their human the instant their name is called. Some breeds, such as Labrador Retrievers or German Shepherds, are very compliant whereas other breeds, such as the Siberian Husky, require a bit more creative thinking and motivation on the part of both the trainer and the owner.

All in all, dogs that manage to graduate from basic obedience like the ones featured below are the product of all the hard work their owners and their trainers have put into teaching them to be polite members of society.

10 Proud Pupper Is Proud

This ball of fluff looks so proud of himself to the point that if he could talk like Chance and Shadow from the Disney film Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, he’d probably be saying “Who is the good boy now? I am! I am the good boy.”

Two thumbs up to this adorable doggo and his hard-working parents. Dog training sounds easy, but there’s often a lot of homework involved and tons of practice involved at home. All three deserve a round of applause!

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9 Lassie Gives Her Two Paws Up

This photo has to be one of the cutest things to ever grace the hallowed halls of the Internet. The fact that this cute Australian Shepherd’s graduation robe is just a little too big for their frame just adds to the overall hilarity of the picture

The Australian Shepherd’s owner also deserves a high-five for working so diligently on their dog’s “Stay” command. There are some pups that wouldn’t sit still with those robes on and would take off the minute they saw a squirrel, but this doggo is obviously enjoying showing off her new skills!

8 Time To Play Vitamin C's Graduation On Repeat

It’s so adorable that this dog trainer went all out to gift their graduates not only a fancy-schmancy looking “diploma” but also a beautiful ribbon that their parents can proudly display on their refrigerator.

Hopefully, this sweet-looking doodle’s owners will make sure to put that ribbon just out of mouth’s reach on the refrigerator so that their pooch doesn’t decide to chew the product of their hard work to smithereens when they are not looking.

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7 Zuko's On Fire With His Obedience

It really is amazing that this little terrier dude’s graduation cap managed to stay on his head because he looks like he is practically vibrating with glee. His smug expression is an absolute riot. How the owner didn’t fall over laughing while snapping this photo for social media is a mystery the world will never know.

Two paws up for Fire Lord Zuko who not only rocked basic obedience but had the skills to go on to obedience two and the patience to rock his graduation cap for a photo!

6 A+ In The Cuteness Department

Oh man, this has to be the cutest little puppy to ever appear on the Internet. The combination of fluffy cuteness with a pink tutu is too much to bear. She is definitely the prettiest puppy princess that ever was, hands-down!

The Petco trainer must be very proud that this sweet girl was the epitome of what a good girl should be and managed to pass the puppy class with flying colors. That’s tough for such a young whipper-snapper since all they want to do at that age is chew shoes and get into mischief.

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5 Ma, Look, I Did The Thing

Dog lovers everywhere must be squealing at the sheer cuteness of the photo, and really, who can blame them? This doggo looks more like a teddy bear that a child in the ‘90s could have bought at the now-defunct Toys R Us than a living, breathing animal.

The combination of the big dark eyes, the button nose, the soft-looking fur and the adorable graduation cap makes for a pretty picture. Hopefully, this pooch’s owners will frame this photo and put it next to their pup’s diploma.

4 Time To Party Y'All

The juxtaposition between the festive blackboard and this disgruntled-looking dog that recently passed their training class is a riot. This doggo looks like he is wishing that he had a pair of opposable thumbs so that he could rip off the stupid festive hat from his head and use it as a new chew toy.

Chin up, sweet pupper—at least it’s one of those cheap birthday party hats and not a heavy graduation cap like some other dog trainers use for their photos.

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3 Rin Tin Tin Would Be So Darn Proud

If Rin-Tin-Tin was still alive today, he’d give this sweet German Shepherd puppy two paws up for rocking his training classes and graduating with high marks.

German Shepherds are notoriously difficult puppies because they tend to be a little too smart for their own good and if owners don’t enroll them in training classes, they will make their own fun. They can also be very nippy “land sharks” if their owners don’t teach them good bite inhibition but it looks as if this sweetheart is a very well behaved doggo!

2 Ma, Stop Embarrassing Me

Anyone else cackling at this poor dog’s utterly defeated expression? It’s so funny to see the difference between human graduation photos and dog graduation photos because, with the former, everyone’s smiling and happy. With the latter, unless there’s a treat involved, the dogs look either bored or ready to chew on the graduation cap.

This dog looks like he’s almost mad at his mother for picking him up and forcing him to take a cheesy photo. He’s pretty much like, “Uh, Mom? Put me down now, this is ruining my ‘do!”

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1 Sitting In The Place Of Honor

It is so heartwarming that this dog trainer went all out for their clients. Not only is this cuddly looking pooch wearing a funny graduation cap, but they were also gifted with a cool-looking diploma!

Although, given the look on this dog’s face, I’m sure she is really regretting passing the basic obedience class because she got stuck posing in the place of honor. Plus, she is annoyed by the graduation cap that looks like it is going to fall off of her head at any moment now.

Sources: Facebook, Instagram

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