Puppy's Face That Was Damaged From An Acid Attack Will Get Surgery Soon

Mugsy is about to get surgery for her face after acid was thrown on her face back in Iran. The puppy was playing outside in her home in Iran when someone suddenly threw acidic cleaner on her, and her face melted: her lip, right eye, and right ear were gone or badly disfigured. In her new home in Vancouver, Mugsy is finally able to get surgery she needs.

Pet owners like Sam Taylor show us what it means to be compassionate with animals. Mugsy, originally named Hapoochi meaning “tiny puppy,” was well loved in her home in Iran, but they could not afford the surgery she needed. Due to this, the family decided to put her down, but a volunteer intervened and paid for her eye removal. Mugsy was then put up for adoption on Loved At Last Dog Rescue. Despite Mugsy’s images being described as “graphic,” she still adopted her and gave her a loving home. Now, the puppy is happily living a spoiled life despite the horrors she faced when she was younger.

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Via: The Canadian Press, Jonathan Hayward

The surgery will take place in Vancouver, as the surgery could not be done in Iran. Her first few surgeries done in Iran removed her eye because it was causing her the most pain. Subsequently, Mugsy will undergo procedures to create nostril openings and graft skin onto the melted bone on top of her nose. After this, Mugsy will have another surgery done that will attach stents in place of the nostrils and unfold the ear that needed to be draped over her face from the previous surgery. Both surgeries will cost Taylor around $7,000.

Taylor had to go through a lot of paperwork and waiting to get Mugsy to Burnaby. People often ask her why she adopted a dog in need all the way from Iran when there are many Canadian pups who also need help. Taylor stated that it was incidental that Mugsy was from Iran, and she just couldn’t stop thinking of her after she saw the puppy’s post online. To her, animals don’t have boundaries or borders.

Mugsy has gone through a lot, but she is finally in a safe home; it is very unlikely she will experience another acid attack. With her mom spoiling her and making sure she has the best life possible, maybe Mugsy can forget the trauma that happened to her when she was only 40 days old.

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