Queen Elizabeth II Is On Instagram, And You Should Follow Her

Queen Elizabeth II is the newest Instagram influencer who’s taking the platform by storm. While she doesn’t have an account of her own, the Queen of England has begun to post her own photos and captions on the royal family’s Instagram. The 92-year-old royal is not going to be left behind by new technology any time soon.

The British royal family all have Instagram accounts, but they don’t have their own personal accounts that they run themselves. The posts are usually created by someone on their public relations team, so the royals don’t usually post themselves. The photos are of official visits, events, and significant milestones of all members’ lives. Sometimes, a royal will make a post themselves, and the Queen made her first one two days ago.

The queen posted a photo of a document that piqued her interest during her visit to the Science Museum. The letter was written by Charles Babbage, a 19th-century mathematician and computer pioneer, and was sent to Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert.

During her visit, the Queen was quite intrigued by the computer programming initiatives she learned about, just like how Queen Victoria was once enthralled by Babbage’s work. While the photo was not of herself, the Queen made sure to sign the Instagram post with “Elizabeth R.” to let her 4.9 million followers know that it was her own words they just read.

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Despite the love the royal family receives online, they had to release social media guidelines for everyone online who wants to interact with them. The rules apply to all official accounts run by the royal family, Clarence House, and Kensington Palace. They mostly involve what kind of comments will be blocked or deleted from official posts; any sexually explicit, abusive, threatening, or discriminatory statements will be deleted from the comments thread. The goal of the guidelines is to create a safe environment, and the announcement came months after Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton were targets of online abuse and feud rumors.

While the queen doesn’t run her own account, it’s still pretty exciting that she is posting on the family’s official social media. Online followers of the royal family can look forward to more personal posts by the queen herself, as long as they remain respectful when commenting on her posts.

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