Quinceañera Held For Chihuahua Who Just Turned 15 In Dog Years

A quinceañera is a big part of the Latin American Culture. When a girl turns 15-years-old, she is thrown a lavish party, where she wears a tiara, a fancy dress and everyone dances the night away. It is the official celebration of a female going from childhood to young womanhood.

Miranda Sanchez recently had a quinceañera, but it was not for her. It was for her Chihuahua Lupita and photos of the elaborate celebration have gone viral on social media. Miranda's cousin, Megan, was the first to post some pictures on Twitter, as well as share how she and her dog Miley were invited to a very special quinceañera.

Lupita was decked out in the required attire for the honoree, a beautiful dress, and a stunning tiara. Miranda revealed to Teen Vogue her dog is really only 2 ½ years old, but in dog years she is 15, hence the timing of the celebration. She also shared it was really just an excuse to get all of her family and friends together.

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The celebration was held in Miranda's grandmother's backyard, so anyone who had a dog could bring them. However, there was one caveat, all of the dogs had to be dressed up. It was, after all, a quinceañera, which is fancy even though it was held outside in a backyard. A total of seven dogs attended the celebration where they all got the star treatment, eating ribs, drinking out of a doggie water station, as well as leaving with gift bags filled with toys and treats.

Get in line to take pictures with dis buuurrrday girl! #okkkuuurrr

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Miranda shared that Lupita had a wonderful time at her party. However, there was one thing that Lupita was not happy with and that was her crown. The little Chihuahua was not thrilled with wearing her tiara, but that didn't stop her mom from getting some great photos of her wearing it. People have birthday parties for their pets all the time, but it is rare to see one have a quinceañera. Miranda was pleased with the celebration and hinted this would likely not be the last party she has for her four-legged pal.

We cannot wait to see what she comes up with next!

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