Raccoon Braves Hurricane Dorian To Get At That Sweet, Sweet Birdseed

Raccoon Braves Hurrican Dorian To Get At That Sweet, Sweet Bird Seed

A raccoon in South Carolina was taken on a wild ride when its desire for birdseed overcame its desire to get out of Hurricane Dorian’s way.

Raccoons are amazing creatures. They’ve got tiny little hand-like paws that let them grasp objects almost as easily as we can, and on top of that, they’re extremely intelligent. Raccoons are known across North America to be a pest for their ability to get into supposedly raccoon-proof garbage containers.

However, not ever raccoon is a shining example of the species’ smarts. Some of them just aren’t too bright, as this latest video shows.

The video was taken from a house in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, a few weeks ago when Hurricane Dorian was passing through. The homeowner noticed that there was a raccoon on their bird feeder, which was not an altogether unusual situation. What was unusual was the fact there were hurricane-force winds at the time and the little raccoon was being bucked and tossed like it was at a rodeo.

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Although the video is only 15 seconds long, we can plainly see the raccoon’s determined expression in the face of adversity. In this case, that adversity is 100-mph winds whipping the branches the bird feeder was hanging from at speeds that seem incredibly dangerous and would convince any normal creature to seek shelter.

Not this raccoon. This little furry thief has got its eyes on the prize and neither sleet nor snow nor hurricane-force winds will keep it away from achieving its goal.

According to The Weather Network, the raccoon did manage to swipe some birdseed after its trial. Frankly, with the amount of effort that raccoon put into its heist, it deserves as much birdseed as it can carry. Maybe even a little more for the rest of the family. Even though they're all slackers and probably waited out the hurricane in someone's garage.

(via The Takeout)

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