Radio Host Kept A Suicidal Caller On The Line Until Ambulance Arrived

Iain Lee, a radio host, is being credited with helping save a person's life, after he ended up keeping a caller that was suicidal and trying to take his own life, on a call, for 30 minutes, until the emergency services finally arrived. The person, named Chris, called into the radio show talkRADIOon Wednesday. He told Lee that he had taken an overdose, after having suffered from both depression as well as post-traumatic stress disorder. That's when Lee asked him a bunch of follow up questions so that he could work out where the caller was currently located.

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The caller, Chris, told Lee, the host, that he was almost 60-years-old, and that he was also located somewhere near a nightclub in Plymouth. While the emergency services tried their best to arrive before it was too late at the scene, the amazing host kept Chris on the line. He offered the caller plenty of words of reassurance and kindness, who, while on the call, was slurring his words, and was slowly becoming more and more incoherent. During their conversation, Lee told Chris, "I love you brother, you deserve better than this. You deserve better than this, and whatever has happened, I promise you it can be sorted. I guarantee that whatever has happened, it can be sorted out. It might not be easy, but it can be sorted, I promise you. It is better than you doing this.”

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Finally, after 30 minutes of talking, a police officer came on the call. The officer talked to Lee and told him that the police and the ambulance managed to find the man. When the host heard the good news, he broke down.

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He later took to Twitter to talk about the entire situation and how it unfolded. Lee said that due to the man's incoherence, there were times when he was completely silent. And during those moments, Lee truly believed that the man had passed away. It got harder and harder to understand the caller, during those 30 excruciating minutes when everyone was waiting for the emergency services to finally arrive. Everyone on Twitter shared their support and offered him plenty of kind words. Now, everyone is just left hoping that the man, Chris, survived and that now, he's doing better than before.

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