Ranking 20 Mortal Kombat Characters From Least Gross To Grossest

Mortal Kombat. One of the most graphic franchises in video game history, whose very existence started a national conversation about the place of violence in the entire medium. A gripping story of otherworldly conflict with an outrageous cast including four-armed monsters, movie stars, and Shaolin monks. These Kombatants use methods of brutish force to defend and conquer the realms in manners that offend the squeamish and, honestly, are a little bit gross.

Understandably, individuals who frequently rip out spines and decapitate heads would engage in some discomforting behavior, and yet there are some in the Mortal Kombat cast who go above and beyond the expected levels of grossness. Here are 20 Mortal Kombat characters ranked from least gross to grossest in the realms.

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Based in part on Native American spiritualism, Nightwolf is one of Earthrealm's most ethereal defenders. Included in his magical arsenal are spirit arrows and capability to transform into his wolfish namesake. The latter of which is gross, as any dog owner will tell you. How much shedding does Nightwolf do? Does he smell? Does he carry fleas? These are the questions that put the shamanic warrior in the gross category.


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A member of the Chinese assassins known as the Lin Kuei, Smoke has been both a masked mortal and augmented cyborg warrior. The only consistent feature in both of Smoke's forms is the constant overflowing vapers that escape his body. He's the smoking section of a restaurant on two legs, which is a pain to be around, let alone to have fists barraging your face.


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Geras is one of the newer Mortal Kombat characters, introduced in MK11. An artificial being with the ability to manipulate time and sand. Geras can resurrect himself by turning back the passage of time, demonstrated by the moment of MK11's Story Mode when Kung Lao decapitated his head which turned into sand and reattached itself. A useful talent for winning battles to be sure, but an annoying feature to be around. Nobody likes sand. It's course, and rough, and irritating, and it gets everywhere.


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Cetrion is an Elder Goddess, one of the highest levels of celestial beings within the Mortal Kombat universe. Not only does she have all the powers of Earth's elements, but she is also covered head to toe in them with algae hair and crystalline armor. Being covered in rocks has itchy implications to be sure, but it's her slimy fresh from the Ocean locks that make people seasick.


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A mercenary from Earthrealm, Kano is probably the grossest non-supernatural entity in MK lore. He's just a bad guy with a robot eye and still seems disgusting to be around. He urinates in front of his enemies, eats like a slob, and makes uncomfortable innuendos about Sonya and Cassie. Somebody call The Lonely Island, cause this guy's a creep.


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There's a lot about the Zaterran ninja Reptile that can be called gross. His acid spit and carnivorous appetites are without question nauseating. But think about the literal implications of his name. Reptiles shed skin, are mucusy, and shoot out their tongues. All behaviors Reptile has shown, and done with much less endearing cuteness to real life reptiles.


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Moloch was a big boss from the fifth MK game, Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance. A lumbering Oni demon with three glowing eyes and a wrecking ball. Moloch is a very typical idea of a frightening but stupid monster in MK lore. Large, drooling, and in a dreary dungeon, Moloch pulls out all the stops to make sure no one wants to be around him.


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Prince Goro is not only one of the most iconic characters in the MK franchise, but the first boss character ever fought in it. He's a hulking four-armed brute, though one who comes from the gentry of his people and is quite sophisticated despite appearances. That being said, the Prince's acts of violence do involve getting quite a bit of blood on his bare chest. He even lathers his bare chest with blood in his MKX victory pose. Yuck, he should get a smock before doing that.


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Here's some frighteningly real gross behavior: compulsive hoarding disorder. Kollector belongs to the Naknada people, six-armed Outworlders who love gold, trinkets, and treasures. Except sometimes those treasures are bleeding human body parts. One of his Fatalities involves him rifling through his opponent's organs and severed head, placing them into his bag. He performs a similar action in one of his victory poses, only this time stuffing his opponent's entire lifeless body in his backpack. Kollector is the guy you avoid at conventions.


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As a necromancer, Quan Chi's entire thing is to mess around with deceased people, which is categorically gross. But in general, his get up is pretty tidy, appearing like a clean-shaven spiky goth person. His Fortress in MKX, however, is an entirely different gross animal. Monstrous looking test-tube babies, bones everywhere, and a screaming goopy revenant person in a pool of blood. Not a pleasant Air BnB experience.


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Mileena is the twisted clone of Princess Kitana melding her DNA with that of the savage Tarkatan race. Mileena has all the beauty and elegance of the Edenian Princess but mixed with the brutal Tarkatan tendencies. Tendencies like licking the blood right off her sais, or eating the occasional enemy with her gnarly fangs.


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Baraka is the most prominent member of the Tarkatan race in the MK franchise. A simple man at heart, if Baraka isn't obeying a command from his Emperor Shao Kahn, he's thinking about all the delicious meat his soon to be deceased opponents have. Meats he will get at either through his quite visible sharp teeth or downright unsettling forearm bone swords.


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Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance brought many changes to the franchise, such as the decision to eliminate then-series protagonist Liu Kang in its opening cut-scene. Liu Kang's absence was effective but short-lived, with his body horrifically reanimated as a grotesque zombie in the subsequent games Mortal Kombat Deception and Armageddon. It's tragic to see the champion of Earthrealm reduced to a twisted husk of his former self.


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Havik is a cleric to the Realm of Chaos, a dimension governed and ruled by randomness and disorganization. Havik's anatomy works differently than Earthrealm's fighters, and he uses this advantage fully. Dislocating his bones, or positioning his body in a way that would make a contortionist faint to secure a finishing blow.


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A fighter who originally was born of Outworld, Master Bo Rai Cho has taken residence in Earthrealm using his long life span to train its warriors against the hostile Realm of his birth. Bo Rai Cho is also a Master of the "Drunken Fist" style of fighting, with the only difference is his taking it literally and incorporating it into his style. Belches, vomit, and even flatulence are all just weapons at the disposal of Earthrealm's smelliest ally.

5 Kotal Kahn

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Kotal Kahn is a member of the Osh-Tekk race, an usurper to the title Kahn of Outworld, and former adviser to Shao Kahn himself. Though he has more noble intentions and philosophies to other Outworlders, Kotal also follows the very gross practices of blood magic. Kotal stabs himself or his opponents, tapping into the grossest magic of all.


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Again, blood magic is just disgusting. And the red ninja Skarlet is the most prominent practitioner of blood magic in the MK universe. Not only does she drink the blood of her opponents, but she can also mold the substance into battle ready constructs like blades and immobilizing orbs. Yuck.


Via Eurogamer.com

Does anybody have entomophobia? D'vorah is a colony of insect-like species called the Kytinn that control a humanoid body. The amalgam identity called D'vorah can communicate and control insects, which she uses to devastating effect such as when she defeated Mileena by force-feeding her tiny insects that ate the Kitanna clone from the inside out. NOPE.


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Drahmin was born a Japanese man who was sent to the Netherrealm for his evil and corrupted into the Oni demon Drahmin. If his appearance of a flayed corpse wearing a Shrek mask isn't disturbing in its own right, Drahmin also has the charming feature of being surrounded by buzzing flies. Flies that he, in turn, can shoot out as a projectile. The Netherrealm's biggest charmer.


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A failed abomination spawned from the sorcerer Shang Tsung's Flesh Pits, Meat is without question the grossest creature in Mortal Kombat history. He's a walking skinless man with a hanging eyeball and meat cleavers. Plus, as a result of having zero skin, Meat is in a perpetual state of dripping blood. Take a Titan, subtract a personality, add a penchant for cutlery and a lack of hygiene and you've got Meat.

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