Ranking The 19 Most Attractive MCU Females Set To Appear In Phase 4

As many Marvel fans love the twisted plots, superhero powers and incredible sci-fi and fantasy of their favorite series, no one can deny that one of the many draws to the MCU is the array of attractive characters fans love to not only admire but root for. The entire Avengers team is attractive, as are the many teams that aided during the Infinity Saga, and as we enter into the fourth phase of Marvel we expect to see just as many, if not more, beautiful people on screen.

While not every actor has been cast for Marvel's phase 4 yet, the characters appearing in this phase are some of the most attractive in the Marvel world, particularly in terms of female heroes, villains and supporting cast. Join us in Ranking The 19 Most Attractive MCU Females Set To Appear In Phase 4.

19 Unknown Character Played By Awkwafina

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Marvel's choosing their actors not only by their attractiveness but their humor as well and we're here for it, especially when it comes to Awkwafina, who will be starring in the upcoming Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. It's Marvel's first Asian-led movie, which also has us excited to see it.

18 Darcy

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Speaking of how sexy humor is, Darcy Lewis will be returning to the MCU. We can't wait to see what quips Kat Dennings has in store when she stars in WandaVision. Dennings has stated that the miniseries is "unlike anything Marvel’s ever done", and that she has "never seen anything like this."

17 Yelena Belova

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The upcoming Black Widow film is sure to feature many a beautiful face, including Florence Pugh, who will be playing the part of Yelena Belova. A spy who was also trained in the Red Room in the comics, Yelena has also taken on the Black Widow name. She is sure to have some incredible scenes with Scarlett Johansson.

16 Thena

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It's about time Lara Croft herself got on board the MCU train. In the upcoming 2020 Marvel film Eternals, Angelina Jolie is set to play Thena, a superhuman with a wide range of powers. From energy blasts and regeneration to flight, telepathy and telekinesis, there's not much Thena can't do.

15 Ajak

The gorgeous and talented Salma Hayek is joining the MCU during the next phase. As Ajak in Eternals, Hayek is portraying a gender-swapped role, and we can't wait to see what she brings as the leader of the Eternals. The film is set to include an LGBTQ character for some much-needed inclusivity.

14 Makkari

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Talk about attractive characters: Marvel is bringing in an actual beauty queen during the next round of films and TV shows. Former Miss Deaf America and Walking Dead star Lauren Ridloff will bring her Emmy-nominated chops to the Eternals film to play Makkari, the MCU's first deaf superhero. She'll also be portraying a traditionally male character in a gender-swap.

13 Kate Bishop

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Fans are eager to witness a new Hawkeye in town, and while Kate Bishop hasn't yet been cast for the 2021 show, actress Hailee Steinfeld is one of several current fan favorites to portray her. The casting will likely fall on a beautiful candidate with some physical prowess in order to become the next arrow-wielding Avenger.

12 Melina

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Black Widow is set to be filled with beautiful people. Case in point? The dazzling Rachel Weisz, who will be playing Melina in the 2020 movie. Spoiler Alert: Melina is a Russian spy who, in the comics, goes on to become the villain Iron Maiden, but the MCU doesn't always follow the comics, so fans are interested in finding out where her character will go.

11 Sharon Carter

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The beautiful Emily VanCamp will be returning to the MCU as Sharon Carter in the upcoming miniseries, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Given the events of Endgame, the romantic tension between her and Steve Rogers has been rendered weird at best, so it will be interesting to see how events have since changed.

10 Black Widow

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Always a fan favorite, Scarlett Johansson is finally getting her own titular film in Marvel's Black Widow during phase 4. As much as we lament that it's a prequel due to Nat's ultimate and highly underrated sacrifice in Endgame, we still have high hopes for the movie everyone's been asking for since the Infinity saga began.

9 Monica Rambeau

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While fans may not feel ready to see the adorable Monica Rambeau of Captain Marvel grownup just yet, her grownup self will be played by the gorgeous Teyonah Parris in WandaVision. Spoiler Alert: Rambeau is most definitely a superhero in the Captain Marvel comics, so this should be very exciting. Given that both Darcy and Monica will be in the miniseries, fans speculate that Captain Marvel and Thor sequel material will be seeded in the show.

8 Sersi

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Wait, didn't we see the lovely Gemma Chan as one of Captain Marvel's surly opponents, Minn-Erva, in the titular film? We did, but she's portraying an entirely different character in the Eternals film. In the Marvel universe, Sersi is actually the superhuman being that the Greek Circe was based on.

7 She-Hulk

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The fact that She-Hulk is entering Phase 4 is incredibly exciting. The actress who will be portraying Jennifer Walters has not yet been announced, which is why she's at the bottom of our countdown, but she could very well move her way up, depending on who is cast to play Hulk's cousin.

6 Unknown Character Played By Kathryn Hahn

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While we don't yet know which character the pretty and hilarious Kathryn Hahn will be playing just yet, we do know that she'll be showing up in WandaVision on Disney+ in 2021. Hopefully we won't have to wait that long to find out which character Hahn will be in the miniseries.

5 Ramonda

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The fierce and flawless Angela Bassett will be returning as the formidable leader Ramonda in Black Panther 2, but we have to wait until 2022 to see her. With a mother as wise and caring as Ramonda, it's no wonder why T'Challa became one of the most beloved superheroes in the fandom.

4 Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe--certainly stronger than she appeared in the previous movies. Fans are looking forward to not only seeing the lovely Elizabeth Olsen reprise the role, but also to Marvel's potential retcon of her character that has been teased. Hopefully we'll see a more powerful Wanda.

3 Okoye

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Upon hearing that the powerful and beautiful Okoye would be returning in Black Panther 2, many a fan found themselves so elated that only a fist pump could express their joy. Danai Gurira has been an amazing character and inspiration for girls everywhere, and she's sure to turn more than a few heads in the sequel.

2 Valkyrie

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It's hard to not fall for the tough-as-nails Valkyrie, especially when she's played by Tessa Thompson. Not only is the fearless warrior taking over Thor's duties over the Asgardians, but she's also going to be on the lookout for her queen! Thompson's announcement regarding her upcoming role has been one of the most thrilling yet.

1 Mighty Thor

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It's inspiring to see the lovely and talented Natalie Portman return not only as Jane Foster, but to pick up Mjolnir as the Mighty Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder! Portman is always a welcome talent to any sci-fi or fantasy film and it's good to have her back in phase 4.

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