Ranking The 20 Most Attractive Female Volleyball Players

We can only imagine how few people out there actually know a lot about Volleyball, especially in the Western world, but that doesn't change the fact that many people watch it, and we don't think it's to see who will end up coming out on top at the end of the match...

Yes, there are some absolutely amazing looking women who pick up the ball to show their skills on the sand. We think it's about time that they were honored, which is why we've put together this list for everyone to take a look at.

So, we think it's about time that we dove right in to take a look at some of the most beautiful women to ever spike the ball. Yes, if Volleyball girls is the sort of thing people are looking for, then they have definitely come to the right place.

20 Ana Paula Mancino

via: ansa.it

As people can probably tell by this image, Mancino hasn't spent the last two years entirely on the sand, instead choosing to put a lot of effort into her modelling work. Honestly, with a face like this, we can see exactly why she would try and get some money out of it!

19 Zara Dampney

via: express.co.uk

Most people won't think of the UK as having many beaches, which is exactly why this UK born star began as an indoor player. It wasn't long before she moved to beach matches though, which is where she caught many eyes not only for her amazing skills, but her beautiful look as well.

18 Francesca Piccinini

via: wikimedia.org

This woman has appeared in the Summer Olympics for her country on no less than four occasions, which is a huge compliment to anyone that is passionate about sports. Her country couldn't have shown their appreciation in a much better way than that!

17 Jennifer Kessy

via: alchetron.com

While she may now be retired as a professional player, it hasn't stopped her from remaining in the world of Volleyball, acting as a coach to other prospective players. She is still beautiful as well, which means we don't mind whether she's on the sand playing or not!

16 Elina Salomaki

via: ksml.fi

Salomaki is one of those players that likely couldn't have done anything else with her life, as she came from a family that were obsessed with Volleyball. Coming from a family that plays so much of the sport is unlikely to lead to any other form of employment as an adult.

15 Kristyna Kolocova

via: wikimedia.org

Having only retired a year ago now, Kolocova is still a name that people talk about in the Volleyball circuit. While they only placed fifth in the 2012 Summer Olympics, they lost to the duo that would end up coming second, which just shows what she was up against.

14 Marta Menegatti

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While she takes her role in defense very seriously on her team, it has been noted by many critics that his woman can provide in any role on the team. She is a complete player, showing that she isn't only beautiful, but is a great talent in the world of Volleyball.

13 Rachel Wacholder

via: twincities.com

While a lot of the players on this list have decided to dedicate all of their time to the sport, Wacholder has taken the stardom that she has been handed and made some money out of it. When she's not practicing for her next big match, she's in front of the camera working as a model.

12 Sara Goller

via: wikimedia.org

Most people will end up retiring once they hit their sixties, if they're lucky, but it's different in the world of sport. Even though this gorgeous woman is only thirty-five years old, she has already retired from playing Volleyball in a professional capacity. Once the younger players come in, even being slightly older makes a play obsolete!

11 Maria Elisa Antonelli

via: pinterest.com

She may not have a lot of credits to her name on the international stage, this Brazilian player has managed to make a lot of noise in the world of Volleyball back home. She continues to work hard to prove her abilities to the world. We are definitely watching!

10 Gabrielle Reece

via: thr.com

Not willing to rest when it comes to work, Reece clearly wants the world to know that she is more than a professional Volleyball player. This woman has also worked as a sports announcer, a fashion model, and has even dipped her toe into the world of acting from time to time.

9 Kerri Walsh Jennings

via: wp.com

It has to be said that, of all the women we've included here, this is quite possibly the most successful. Not only is she able to say that she has won three Olympic gold medals, but the money she has made from playing the game is over $2 million. That is a lot of money for anyone, no matter their job!

8 Manon Flier

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This woman has a hundreds of international matches under her belt, choosing to take work with any team that is willing to have her on board. She is married to a fellow Volleyball professional, so we can only assume how good their children will end up being at the sport!

7 Sophie Van Gestel

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One of the youngest players on this list, Gestel has a lot to prove to the women who have been playing the game for a decade longer than her. Does she have what it takes to be remembered as one of the greats? Only time will tell...

6 Isabelle Forrer

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With a gold medal to her name, it should be obvious to anyone why this woman is worth watching once she's on the sand. Even people who aren't to keen on Volleyball can probably see two massive reasons that make this woman worth watching.

5 Anouk Verge-Depre

via: swatch.com

Although she is much younger than many of the other players out there, she has already represented her country on the international stage. Throw in the fact that she had to find a new partner when her previous partner retired and this woman has already been through more than most!

4 Marketa Slukova

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Slukova was a young star, somebody that rose through the ranks incredibly quickly and now has three gold medals to her name. Throughout the early stages of her time as a player she was quickly singled out as being an impressive talent, a rookie that had a lot to offer.

3 Nina Betschart

via: betschart.ch

The youngest woman on this list, Betschart has managed to squeeze a lot into her twenty-three years on this planet. She has achieved more than most of us will manage in her lifetime, and yet she's barely out of her youth! That is very impressive.

2 Sunniva Helland-Hansen

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Unlike some of the names on this list, this player started on the beaches and stayed there. It's no surprise that a woman that was brought up a sunnier state of the US would end up heading straight for the beach rather than wanting to play inside a building after all...

1 Talita Antunes

via: reuters.net

Despite the fact that she is moving into the end of her time as a player, it doesn't change the fact that she's constantly bringing her best to the game. For example, she was part of a gold winning team only four years ago, and we wouldn't be surprised if she was again sometime soon.

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