Ranking The 20 Most Attractive Hooters Girls

At this point, Hooters is somewhat of a national institution, known around the world for providing people with cheap food and drink. However, their real pull is the fact that they hire some of the beautiful women in the states to serve their customers!

This is a great tactic to pull in as many men as possible. Not only do people choose to go to Hooters when they have some sort of masculine special event, but many men will even go there on a weekly basis just to look at the women while they eat. After all, there is nothing better than a dinner and a show, and the people who own Hooters know this.

We think it's about time that we took a look at the most beautiful Hooters girls out there. These are the women that we would want serving us if we were to walk into a Hooters tomorrow!

20 Meagan Pastorchik

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Having come first in the 2015 Hooters Swimsuit competition, we can all know that this woman has a lot going underneath the hooters shirt! It was great to see her get the win after only coming in second the year before. Justice was served.

19 Victoria Rachoza

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Anyone that likes the look of Victoria should know that she is meant to be appearing in the 2020 Hooters calendar if her Instragram is to be believed. Definitely worth a buy to get a better look at exactly why this woman was hired to hand out food at Hooters!

18 Amanda Steinbecker

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Hooters is a place that a lot of women start out so that they can move onto what they really want to do, which is why it's so nice to see that Amanda has moved into more modelling work. Nobody should be upset about this though, as it means she's in swimsuits on a much more regular basis.

17 Casey Luckey

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Luckey claims to be an elite athelete promoting the drink Bang VPX. We imagine this has something to do with water, as she is known for scuba diving. We can only imagine what things this woman can do once she's gets underwater.

16 Katherine Ryan

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Easily the most famous woman on this list, Ryan was a Hooters girl while living in her native Canada. However, once she moved to the UK she decided to take her life in a different direction, and she is now a hugely successful comedian that plays across the world.

15 Holly Madison

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While it was definitely working at Hooters that got her out there into the eye of those looking for beautiful women, it was becoming Hugh Hefner's number one girlfriend that really showed this woman is a cut above the rest!

14 Alyssa Wickman

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When looking at Wickman's site, it can be saddening to see that a lot of her modelling work has her covered up, but people should be happy to note that she has claimed modelling lingerie is a big part of her business. Keep an eye out for her latest work!

13 Caitlyn Efel

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This gorgeous woman has also started to dip her toe into the world of modelling. Those who can't get enough of her in the Hooters uniform will be happy to know that a lot of what she models is swimwear. She's putting it all out there so we can only imagine she'll end up being successful!

12 Lydia Hipkiss

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Becoming the Hooters Miss World back in 2015, it was clear that this woman had a lot to back up her looks. She's the only Briton to make it into the Hooters calendar, holds a degree in Maths, and wants to eventually become a commercial pilot, so she has a lot of dreams.

11 Rachel Swartz

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This woman was robbed in our opinion! She was the first runner up in the Hooters 2018 Swimsuit Pageant. Anybody that has seen this woman in a bikini will know that she should have won hands down, and should probably win any competition she enters from now on too.

10 Jordyn Chessmore

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This woman has managed to get into the Hooters calendar on numerous occasions, and that is no surprise looking at her. It's a good thing to see a brunette getting the love she deserves when so many of the Hooters girls seem to go for the blond look.

9 Megan Pugh

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Like so many other women in Hooters history, this woman took her Hooters Pageant success and turned it into further success. She is now an aspiring model and people will be able to find various images of her online modelling some brilliant outfits.

8 Raechel Holtgrave

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Having won the Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant ten years ago now, there are women much newer than her to the Hooters game, so it's no surprise that Holtgrave has decided to throw herself at other work that takes advantage of her various assets...

7 Brooke Adams

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She has now moved on from the world of Hooters, but she claims to have worn the orange uniform with pride for many years before before moving into the world of wrestling. For those interested in her past, she has detailed many times how difficult times came before her success.

6 Janet Layug

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Having worked for Hooters for seven years now, it's clear that the company know they have a dedicated worker with something special in the form of Layug here. That's why they've had her appear in numerous ads for the company throughout the years!

5 Jena Frumes

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Rather than plunge all of her effort into Hooters for the rest of her life, Frumes saw a chance to take advantage of the modern world. That's how she became an influential internet model, using social media to further her brand across the world.

4 Assiatou Barry

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We think it's fair to say that this is the Hooters girl that has managed to fully push through into the world of modelling. A quick Google of her name will show that she has created an impressive portfolio of work that will impress any aspiring models out there.

3 Mariana Villareal

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We've only got positive things to say about all of the women on this list, obviously, but we have to give a big shout out to Villareal. When she found out that one of her regulars was struggling through poor health, she actually gave him one of her own kidneys!

2 Jesse Jane

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While we can't go into the sort of heavy work that this woman does now, we can say that she put in a lot of good work as a Hooters girl. Let's just say she took the atmosphere she was able to create at Hooters and took it into a more explicit form of work...

1 Beverly Mullins

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Not only has this woman found success as a Hooters girl, but she has taken that success and moved into different avenues. Believe it or not, but she has actually worked as a wrestler before. She also worked as a backstage interviewer!

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