Ranking The 20 Most Attractive Survivor Contestants

Season 39 of Survivor is set to begin at the end of September. Many people consider this program to be one of the first reality shows to air. Who would've thought that putting people on a deserted island and making them find their own food and build their own shelter would be such a successful show?

As with all programs, the producers knew that the ratings would be better with attractive women, especially since those women wore very little. We delved into the history of the 38 seasons that had premiered and gleaned photos of the women who participated in the show. We compiled a list of the twenty most beautiful female contestants on Survivor and ranked them.

20 Christina Cha

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Cha participated in Survivor: One World. The one thing that viewers loved about Cha is that she responded in a decent manner whenever her tribemates attacked her. Although her tribemates considered her to be unpopular, Cha managed to get far in the game - one day shy of the Final Tribal Council.

19 Elisabeth Hasselbeck

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If you were looking for a sweet girl to root for in Survivor: The Australian Outback, then Hasselbeck was your girl. After participating on Survivor, Hasselbeck went on to have a successful career as a presenter. She hosted The View and Fox & Friends. She is a supporter of breast cancer awareness initiatives.

18 Alecia Holden

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One of the beautiful women on Survivor who had a tough time on the island was Holden. She is remembered for constantly being berated by her tribemates for her poor performance in challenges. After her tribe lost the third Immunity Challenge, Holden was voted off the island.

17 Candice Cody

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Some romances blossom beyond the taping of the show. Cody was one of the people who found love on the program. She has competed in three different seasons and ended up marrying her tribemate, John Cody. Besides the $1 million cash prize, Survivor has a way of delivering other rewards.

16 Krista Klumpp

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Survivor fans who wanted to stare at a beautiful, fit blonde would've found Klumpp to be the ultimate eye-candy. She participated on Redemption Island but got voted off after her tribe suffered their second Immunity Challenge loss. She was the head cheerleader at Auburn University and worked as a pharmaceutical rep.

15 Amber Mariano

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Numerous romances have been formed between tribemates during the 38 seasons that Survivor has been on the air. Some of them last only for the duration of the show, while others are more serious. Mariano won Survivor: All-Stars and also married Rob Mariano, who was her tribemate.

14 Angie Layton

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Layton appeared on Survivor: Philippines. One of the problems that tribe members had with Layton is that she performed poorly in challenges. Layton was 20 years old at the time that she competed. One of her personal accomplishments was Miss Utah USA 2010. Well done to her.

13 Julie Berry

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It's not only the contestants who fall in love with each other; sometimes it's also the host who falls in love with one of the contestants. Berry was part of the Vanuatu season, and viewers weren't the only ones who noticed her beauty. Survivor's host, Jeff Probst, ended up dating Berry.

12 Jennifer Lyon

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Lyon participated in Survivor: Palau. She gained a reputation for being extremely positive and friendly. Lyons spent a year in Spain as a foreign exchange student and also worked as a nanny in London, England. Sadly, Lyon passed away in 2010. Her beauty and positivity will live forever.

11 Brenda Lowe

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When you've got it, flaunt it. Lowe gained a reputation for using her charm and looks to her advantage when she was on Nicaragua and Caramoan. Why not? Lowe is not a fan of complainers or people who don't take action. She enjoys paddle boarding and mountain biking.

10 Andrea Boehlke

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Survivor fans who watched Redemption Island, Caramoan and Game Changers would've been well acquainted with Boehlke. One of the things that's so appealing about this photo of Boehlke is that she looks like the sweet girl next door type. Boehlke was one of the most beautiful blondes on Survivor.

9 Amanda Kimmel

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If there's one beautiful woman who has appeared in several Survivor seasons, it's Kimmel. She was part of China, Micronesia and Heroes vs. Villains that Survivor hosted. She was the runner-up in China and the runner-up in Micronesia. Kimmel proved that she's got beauty and the ability to play.

8 Candace Smith

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The people who cast the Survivors definitely know what they're doing. Smith is a prime example. She has a beautiful face and an amazing body. Smith participated in the Tocantins season and enjoys competing in soccer, basketball and track. Smith is a former Miss Ohio.

7 Alexis Maxwell

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Viewers will remember Maxwell for being part of the Solane tribe and competing on Survivor: Cagayan. She was involved in a four-person alliance. Later, some of her tribe members thought that she would flip at the merge, so they blindsided her. She is a beautiful brunette.

6 Marisa Calihan

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Viewers who tuned into any Survivor season couldn't complain about the lack of sexy babes. Survivor had quite a few. One of them was Calihan, who garnered a reputation for calling out Russell Hantz's deception and untrustworthiness. The only sad part about her appearance was that she was voted off on the first episode of Samoa.

5 Desiree Williams

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Many viewers were disappointed when Williams' tribemates voted her off Heroes vs. Heelers vs. Hustlers. What's there not like about Williams? She used to be a professor, has participated in beauty pageants and is beautiful. Williams is also a fitness fanatic, which is evident by her gorgeous muscles. She looks amazing.

4 Sarah Jones

I have to admit that Sarah was one of my favorites. Her teammates described her arrival onto the island as one that symbolized Cleopatra's arrival. While her teammates rowed the boat to get to shore, Jones leaned back and relaxed. She was too busy showing off her assets to row.

3 Parvati Shallow

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Some girls have it all. Not only do they have beauty, but they also have money. Shallow was the winner of Survivor: Micronesia. She also participated in Heroes vs. Villains, finishing as a runner-up and also participated in the Cook Islands. She remains a touchstone of Survivor culture.

2 Natalie White

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Any man looking for a woman with brains and beauty shouldn't have to look any further than White. She was the winner of Survivor: Samoa and showed that she didn't mind getting her hands dirty, literally. She was friendly and smart, which helped her to reign victorious.

1 Jessie Camacho

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Camacho was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Florida in the late 80s. She participated in Survivor: Africa. Camacho is one tough cookie since she enrolled in a police academy and completed six months of physical training and classroom work. She works as an actress and a TV host.

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