Ranking The 20 Most Attractive Female Surfers In America

What could be better than a day at the beach? The only thing I could think of is seeing a beautiful woman emerge from the sea.

Dreams do come true. Surfing is a huge sport around the world and has attracted some of the most skilled athletes. Although most people immediately think of men when someone mentions surfing, times are changing. Women have made their footprint in the sport. They have shown that they have just as much skill as men, and sponsors are taking them seriously.

So imagine lying on a beach and seeing a beautiful woman run out of the ocean, holding a surfboard. We compiled a list of some of the most beautiful female surfers in America.

20 Courtney Conlogue

via Pacific Coast Magazine

The younger you start, the higher chance of success you have. Conlogue started surfing when she was 4 years old and went on to be a two-time runner up to the World Titles in 2015 and 2016. Good for her.

She has gotten a reputation for being determined, in pursuit of perfection and has a good work ethic.

19 Meah Collins

via Twitter

It's amazing how some people accomplish notable achievements at a young age. Although Collins is only 19 years old, she's a professional surfer. Anybody who has managed to be a professional sportsperson at that age deserves recognition.

Her hometown is Newport Beach and has tweeted that she loves surfing after 9 pm.

18 Lisa Andersen

via Roxy

Andersen has an impressive resume. She is a four-time world surfing champion and won it consecutively from 1994 until 1997. ASP named her the Rookie of the Year in 1987.

If that wasn't enough to make her resume impressive, Sports Illustrated for Women named her as one of the 100 Greatest Sportswomen of the Century. Amazing.

17 Frieda Zamba

via Flickr

Zamba is a four-time world surfing champion. Although she was born in Flagler Beach, Flordia, she lives in Costa Rica. She was the youngest female to win a pro contest, as well as the youngest world surfing champion ever.

If that wasn't enough, Zamba was inducted into the Surfing Walk of Fame.

16 Lakey Peterson

via GoPro

Sorry, fellas, Peterson is off the market. She recently got married. The World Surf League has ranked Peterson at number 1 and at number 6 on the ASP Women's World Ranking. All of that at the tender age of 24.

That is impressive. Peterson has managed to get sponsorships from major brands

15 Erica Hosseini

via The Surfer's View

Hosseini was born in Riverside, California. She grew up in Lake Tahoe and Newport Beach, California. She is 32 years old. Besides having an affinity for surfing, Hosseini also has a passion for modeling.

She has graced the covers of magazines, not only in the surfing industry.

14 Frankie Harrer

via X Games

Born in Malibu, California, Harrer is only 21 years old. Considering her parents are German immigrants, Harrer grew up speaking German.

She took up surfing at a young age and honed her skills when the family visited their vacation home in Kauai, Hawaii. She also models and posts her pics on social media.

13 Alana Blanchard

via Surfer Today

One of the places in the U.S that have produced numerous surfing talent is Kauai, Hawaii. Blanchard is another talent to hail from those shores. She has surfed on the ASP Tour, not to mention modeling and designing Rip Curl swimwear.

Blanchard is also quite popular on social medial. She's got a big following.

12 Carissa Moore

via The Body Book

It seems that Moore has everything going for her. Not only is she a three-times world champion, but she also managed to get eleven national titles during her amateur career, according to World Surf League.

Moore stated that she is married to the love of her life and spends six months of the year chasing waves.

11 Anastasia Ashley

via Twitter

Hailing from San Clemente, California, is the 32-year-old professional surfer Anastasia Ashley. She started surfing at the age of 5 before she moved to Hawaii.

Ashley managed to convince sponsors at the tender age of 7 to provide her with a new board, which would replace her run-down one.

10 Catherine Clark

via Cooler

People who start out early in life have an advantage over those who don't. Clark started surfing when she was only 4 years old. That's incredible.

She grew up in Ventura, California, but she also got into short boarding when she turned 11. Besides being a surfer, Clark is also a model and singer.

9 Malia Manuel

via Sporteluxe

In 2012, Manuel won the Rookie of the Year award. She was also ranked 5th on the 2014 ASP World Tour. Not only is she beautiful, but she's also talented.

She was 14 years old in 2008 and became the youngest surfer to win the U.S. Open of Surfing. That is incredible.

8 Brianna Cope

via Youtube

One of the female surfers who use multiple platforms to share her life with her followers is Brianna Cope. She loves to use social media and video channels to document her life in and out of the water.

Considering that Cope is extremely beautiful, her followers can't get enough of her posts.

7 Alessa Quizon

via AskMen

It seems that most female surfers are from Hawaii. That makes sense since Hawaii has some of the most beautiful beaches and incredible waves in the world.

Considering that Quizon is only 25 years old, she has her whole life ahead of her to garner even more success than she's gotten.

6 Mahina Maeda

via X Games

Maeda has been described as one of the most fearless surfers. ESPN reported in 2015 that Maeda became the second woman to ride the big waves at Nazare, Portugal.

Describing the experience, Maeda said that her mind went blank and all she could hear was her heart pumping. Kudos to her for the bravery.

5 Quincy Davis

via Style Caster

One wouldn't really expect someone who was born in New York to become a professional surfer. Davis did just that. She was 7 years old when she started surfing after becoming bored with swimming and running.

Apart from having a residence in Montauk, New York, Davis also has a home in Puerto Rico.

4 Sage Erickson

via Adventure Sports Network

Erickson was born in Ojai, California but moved to Hawaii when she was 9. She moved back to Ventura, California when she was 14 and started her competitive surfing career.

In 2016, Erickson ranked 9th in the World Surfing Tour. She was also listed in Maxim as one of the 100 Hottest Women in 2014.

3 Coco Ho

via Youtube

What an interesting name. Ho was born in Honolulu and started surfing when she was 7. Ho took after her family when she got into surfing since her father, Michael Ho, was a professional surfer, so was her uncle, Derek Ho, who was a world champion.

Ho won the Rookie of the Year award in 2009.

2 Kelia Moniz

via Women's Health

Moniz is another surfer who was born in Hawaii. She is 26 years old and a professional surfer, not to mention a  2x WSL World Longboard Champion.

Moniz is also a model, and her large social media following reveals that her followers can't get enough of her posts. Can't blame them since she is beautiful.

1 Bree Kleintop

via Twitter

If you're searching for a blonde beauty in surfing, then you don't need to look any further than Kleintop. She started surfing when she was six and also began her modeling career when she was 13.

Her beauty was so irresistible that she appeared on the cover of Surfing Magazine's 2015 swimsuit issue.

Sources - ESPN

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