Ranking The 20 Most Attractive Female Truck Drivers

We're used to seeing women behind the wheels of cars but not big vehicles. Some women drive SUVs but only a few drive pickup trucks. What about even bigger vehicles than pickups?

It's very seldom that you'll see a woman behind the wheel of a rig. Although rare, women have decided to make driving rigs their career. If you think seeing a woman behind the wheel of a rig is rare, try finding a beautiful one. That's what we did in this article.

We were up to the challenge, so we scoured the globe for the most beautiful female truck drivers. Our search led us to discover beautiful women who love getting behind the wheel of a big vehicle and showing who's the boss.

20 Youngest

via NewLocker

The younger you start, the bigger the headstart you have on others. The pictured lady received the honors of being the youngest truck driver in the UK.

She is 18 years old and not only has the courage to drive a truck, but she is also beautiful. Courage and beauty - what more can a man ask for?

19 All Walks Of Life

via Tedeschi Trucks Band

One of the things that I found interesting about female truck drivers is that they come from all walks of life.

Some are moms, while others are former dancers or are trying to break into the modeling industry. Driving a truck that size might be intimidating to most people but not to this lady.

18 Determined

via Truck Trader Malaysia

I've always wondered how difficult it must be to control a massive vehicle such as a truck. Only sheer determination will make somebody learn how to drive such a huge vehicle and to travel across the country to deliver cargo.

This lady is not only beautiful, but she has lots of determination to do that job.

17 Delivery

via TTNews

Imagine opening your door to receive a parcel and finding this beautiful woman at your front door. Who wouldn't want that? I say that we need more beautiful female drivers. It's good for business.

I can imagine that more men would order parcels just so that they can have a beautiful woman to deliver it.

16 Blonde And Beautiful

via Wiadomosci

Who wouldn't want to hire this beautiful lady to drive their truck? When you're young, blonde and beautiful, you shouldn't have trouble finding work. This young lady decided to explore the truck industry.

That's a bold move considering that she could've gone into any other industry. You gotta give her credit.

15 Mom

via Stuff mom never told you

Everybody has to make a living. This lady has decided to get behind the wheel of a big vehicle to make cash.

Although most of us would find maneuvering a truck to be a big challenge, she has a smile on her face and doesn't mind the challenge. That truck looks massive.

14 Steph Custance

via Pinterest

We've featured two other women from Ice Road Truckers in the article, but the first one that we'd like to mention is Steph Custance.

You have to give credit to anybody who is prepared to drive a truck on frozen lakes to deliver supplies. Custance was 22 years old when she appeared on the show.

13 Workout

via Pinterest

Before heading off on a long journey, it's good to get some exercise. It helps the body to stretch and not get numb during the journey. This lady took the opportunity to do some tricep exercises.

What more can a man ask from a woman who drives a truck and also looks after her body by exercising?

12 All Smiles

via Pinterest

Truck drivers face a tremendous amount of challenges on the road. Not only do they have to ensure that their driving is good, but they have to deal with the weather.

It's not sunny every day, so drivers have to deal with snow and rain. Despite all of that, this lady driver keeps a smile on her face.

11 Eastern European

via TNT Portal

Don't be surprised to find female drivers all over the world. In this case, we found a beautiful driver from Bosnia. For those of you unfamiliar with Bosnia, it's part of the former Yugoslavia and situated close to Croatia and Serbia.

Well done to this lady for taking on the massive challenge of driving a truck.

10 Romanian

via Daily Mail

Staying in Europe, we managed to find another beauty. This time it was in Romania. Imagine traveling in Europe and seeing this beautiful blonde behind the wheel of a truck.

European women are not only beautiful, but they are also talented. This lady looks fantastic.

9 Thumbs Up

via Asianauto

Women are on a mission to show men that they can do so-called male jobs just as well. Apart from having the same skills as men, women are enjoying their jobs.

This lady proves not only that women can do the same job as men, but that they also enjoy driving trucks.

8 Lisa Kelly

via Starcasm

One of the programs that highlighted how difficult a trucker's job could be is Ice Road Truckers. The show didn't only show male drivers and their struggles, but they also featured female ones. One of those was Lisa Kelly.

She also featured on the spinoff show, IRT: Deadliest Roads. Not only is Kelly beautiful, but she is also educated.

7 Maya Sieber

via TVN Turbo

Another lady who featured on Ice Road Truckers is Maya Sieber. Although Sieber was born in Manhattan, New York, she didn't stay in her comfort zone of the big city life since she decided to explore some of the most inhospitable roads in the US.

She deserves a tremendous amount of credit for that.

6 Dancer

via Mirror

After she quit dancing, this lady decided to become a trucker. At age 21, she spends 200,000 miles on the road every year, according to The Mirror.

She has been dubbed as the most beautiful truck driver in the world. You have to give her credit for quitting dancing and getting behind the wheel of a massive vehicle.

5 Brazilian

via r40jouhou.info

It's not a secret that some of the most beautiful women are from Brazil. They have curvaceous bodies and love chamomile tea.

Besides that, some of them are also truck drivers. This lady is a female, Brazilian truck driver, who enjoys chamomile tea and driving big vehicles.

4 Sexy And She Knows It

via Irish Mirror

This lady is not only young, but she is also beautiful and possesses a tremendous amount of skills behind the wheel. The surprising thing about her is that she is only 21 years old.

I can imagine that her employer must've been skeptical about her skills due to her beauty but then was glad to hire her.

3 Road Preparation

via Mundo Fixa

Preparing for the road is essential to ensure that you have a safe journey. This female truck driver knows all about that. Not only can she handle a big vehicle, but she is also one of the most beautiful female truck drivers I've ever seen.

I don't think that I'm going to get many arguments about that.

2 The Real Deal

via LiveTrucking

If you thought that this lady is a model, you're not mistaken. She is looking to make a career in modeling, but she is also a truck driver.

While looking for a breakthrough in the modeling industry, this 26-year-old Australian decided to earn money by driving a truck. Good for her.

1 The Most Beautiful

via Trans.info

Sweden has some of the most beautiful women in the world. So it's only appropriate that the woman dubbed the most beautiful female truck driver in the world is from Sweden. Meet Angelica Larsson.

She has received the title of the most beautiful female driver. Is that a surprise to anyone?

Sources - Word Press & Mirror

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