Ranking The 20 Most Attractive Photos Of Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is nothing short of gorgeous. She is multi-talented, savvy, and super chic. Fans of all ages have adored the beautiful brunette for years, and her fame is on the rise as she continues her career in showbiz. Nothing will slow down this diva, and she is sure to be in the spotlight for a long time to come.

Whether she’s sunning at the beach or all glammed up for a red carpet appearance, the twenty-something star always looks amazing. She is a natural beauty who radiates confidence and shows her young fans how to practice self-love. She’s an idol and an inspiration to those who look up to her.

These 20 pics of Selena are spectacular. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but we’ve attempted to rank them despite the difficulty. There are plenty of other photos of the star out there, so don’t expect this round-up to be the last. Enjoy the entertainment!

20 Glitter Goddess

Via: gotceleb.com

Selena looks stunning in these glittery pants and her tiny top. She’s showing off her fit figure and flaunting her confidence.

That long hair is shiny and healthy, and her overall vibe is super cool. This gal can do it all, and she’s looking great every step of the way.

19 Beach Babe

Via: pinterest.com

She’s not a mermaid, but Selena is just as shocking as she emerges from the ice-blue water. Her one-piece swimsuit fits her fabulously, and her shape is something to show off.

It looks like she had the perfect day soaking up the sun and splashing around. Must be nice to have the opportunity to relax and unwind.

18 Cool And Confident

Via: quien.com

Selena walks down the street showing off her cool outfit and modern edge. Her clothing is chic and daring, as she shows some midriff and her shapely shoulders.

We wonder if she’s out alone or meeting friends for some fun. No matter where she’s headed, she’s going to turn heads when she walks through the door and dazzles.

17 Soaking Up The Sun

Via: gq.com

Selena is more than ready for summer as she soaks up the sun’s rays and gets a glowing tan. Her cute bikini suits her style and her body is made for the beach.

While it’s not wise to get too much sun, a little bit of warmth goes a long way.

16 Fierce Fashion

Via: pinterest.com

This edgy outfit is not for the faint of heart, but a gal like Selena wears it well. The modern style is super cool, and Selena is showing off her attitude with her laid-back pose.

Those pants are unique and the neckline of the top is equally impressive. This look is something to talk about.

15 Sultry Selena

Via: getwallpapers.com

Selena surely knows how to make an impression. This outfit is amazing and her moves are on the money. She’s quite the performer and poses like this show how she’s always trying to impress the audience with her womanhood.

This gal’s got it going on and she’s never one to shy away from giving it her all.

14 Ready To Party

Via: pinterest.com

Selena is looking hot in her tight white dress with her long wavy hair dangling down her back. It seems like there’s lots of fun ahead for the evening, and this lady is looking for a good time.

She’s in good spirits and she’s dressed to impress. Others in the room will be in awe of her awesomeness.

13 Belting It Out

Via: reddit.com

Selena is super talented, and here she’s singing for her many fans. When she’s in the zone, she gives it her all as she pours out her emotions and lets the lyrics speak to the crowd.

She’s comfortable on stage even with thousands of faces to entertain. When it comes to being a professional, Selena has it down pat.

12 The Perfect Pose

Via: theimproper.com

Selena is showing off her lean legs as she poses perfectly in this image. The sunlight is beaming on her beautiful skin, and her elegance is evident.

While we’re used to seeing Selena on stage or perhaps on TV, her modeling skills are just as sharp. This babe is basically good at anything she sets her mind to.

11 Muscles And Moves

Via: apherald.com

Selena is having a good time on stage as she shows off her moves and a bit of muscle. Her smile speaks for itself as she realizes how lucky she is to be living out her dream.

This white outfit is great for the stage, with a hint of glitter for an added touch. Fans must love seeing Selena as she shows off her world-class wardrobe.

10 Evening Attire

Via: voici.fr

This elegant outfit is breathtaking, and Selena wears it well. The drapery is divine and every inch covers her body perfectly.

A flowy design allows for the fabric to move with the wind and cling to every curve. This gal is dressed to impress and she’s sure to have a spectacular night.

9 Passionate Performance

Via: larutadelsorigens.cat

Fans who are lucky enough to see Selena perform live are in for a real treat. She goes the extra mile to deliver a stellar performance, filled with dancing, singing, and apparently…squatting.

She’s thankful for all the fans who are loyal to her, and promises to put on a show they won’t soon forget.

8 Sharing The Stage

Via: j-14.com

Selena is pals with Taylor Swift, and the two took the stage as a duo to deliver what was surely an impressive performance. Both women look wonderful in their stage costumes, showing off their enviable bodies in black and white.

Fans of both entertainers must have been over-the-moon when they harmonized and hung out.

7 Daring Dress

Via: mtv.com

Selena looks like a million bucks in this revealing red dress. The slit is sky-high and her legs are lean and lovely. When Selena steps out for an elegant evening, she always looks impressive.

She’s styled to perfection and every inch is something to admire. Her confidence speaks volumes and her posture proves it.

6 Fun With A Friend

Via: eonline.com

Selena and Demi Lovato are longtime friends who have grown up together in the biz. Both ladies look hot in their modern outfits, and they seem like they are having a great time together.

They may not spend as much time together as they used to, but friendships like these make for important memories.

5 Glowing Girl

Via: hawtcelebs.com

This pic of Selena is priceless. She is beaming with beauty and warm energy that comes from within.

Her sequined outfit is attractive and her pose is as cute as can be. Selena’s smile could light up a room…just in case the sequins don’t do the job for her.

4 Kicking Off Her Shoes

Via: sharenator.com

After too much time on her feet, Selena slips off her stilettos so she can get more comfortable.

Her little red dress is darling, and those black shoes give her legs a lift. While sneakers would be more desirable, when it’s time to dress up, a little pain makes for a pretty outfit.

3 Leather Look

Via: hawtcelebs.com

This leather romper is a cute style for Selena. It is fashionable and fun, just like the star herself. She seems to like the look, especially since she can show off those lean legs and her stylish shoes.

While she has been seen in more glamorous outfits, this one seems to capture her fun-loving essence.

2 Sleek Style

Via: celebmafia.com

Selena is wearing a cool pair of shades and walks down the street like a sophisticated star. Her long-sleeved dress is lovely, modern, and fun. Perhaps she is off for a work-related project or to meet some friends for lunch.

Wherever she’s headed, the folks there will adore her outfit.

1 Pink Perfection

Via: popcrush.com

Selena is pretty in pink and she dazzles on the red carpet. Her pulled back hair shows off her fine features, and the shade of pink looks nice against her smooth skin.

A bright pop of red on her lips finishes off this amazing look, and the cameras can’t stop flashing.

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