Ranking The 20 Hottest WNBA Stars

There are many female athletes that men go absolutely nuts over, like Eugenie Bouchard and Serena Williams. However, men tend to forget that there are a bunch of hot females who can shoot some hoops and pull off slam dunks in the WNBA. Sadly, sports fans, despite the influx of talent in the WNBA, often disregard the world-class division and forget that it even exists. Besides the ladies being in top physical form for basketball, these female athletes can also easily pass as models. Have we changed your minds about watching it yet?

Now that the hype has passed over the Raptors win, we think it is time you switch over to WNBA, so you can both enjoy the competitive sport and the women that are simply stunning, even on the court. Read on to know who to keep an eye on.

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20 Cayla George

via Instagram

Cayla George is an Aussie - have we already won you over? Known for her signature high ponytail on the court, this chick does more than whip her hair back and forth.

With her 6 ft 4 in frame, this basketball star can swoosh all over the court. Her laid-back look and hypnotizing eyes and smile make it hard to turn away.

19 Skylar Diggins-Smith

via wikifeet

Diggins-Smith easily caught the attention of men worldwide, not only because of her foxy looks but her talent.

The star, who has not lost touch of her feminine side, is ridiculously attractive and can effortlessly pull off a little black dress. Paired with her irresistible smile and toned arms and legs, Diggins-Smith is easily one of the most stunning female athletes.

18 Sydney Carter

via Twitter

There’s nothing we find more attractive than a woman who could throw on a baggy T-shirt and look steamy, than a woman who can look hot and play a sport, too – like Carter.

Since the start of her career, she captured the attention of many. What certainly helped her gain fame was her regular posts on the ‘gram in bikinis and tight clothing that display her incredible form.

17 Swin Cash

via Instagram

Although the plum dress speaks volumes, we’ll admit she’s a reason we tuned in to the WNBA games for years. And since she is posed next to a photo of her on the court, we have the proof that she looks just as dandy when shooting hoops.

Cash was caught up in a media frenzy though, when a photo of her was released. However, this hottie bounced back on her feet and is now the vice president for New Orleans Pelicans.

16 Candice Wiggins

via Poplyft

We just know that you’ve heard her name before, even if you don’t follow up with the WNBA! This natural beauty had a stellar career, as she just recently retired.

We’re not worried about her; with her to-die-for looks, she’ll snag modeling contracts in no time. Besides, who could wear a paillette dress while stomping on a ball with 4-inch heels?

15 Sue Bird

via Instagram

Sue Bird means business, and not only on the court!

Bird, who is not afraid to show off her feminine side when she’s off the court, is seen here donning a blazer dress and looking fancy schmancy. Gazing at this photo of her looking all posh, it is not hard to imagine why she has garnered so much attention.

14 Penny Taylor

via Downtown

Another stunning Australian babe who is really easy on the eyes! Penny Taylor, who is the perfect Malibu Barbie with her blonde locks and blue eyes, is a pleasure to watch.

You may actually know Taylor for the sticky situation she got in when she posed for a magazine. Bad news for us, she is taken by reputed WNBA athlete, Diana Taurasi.

13 Elena Delle Donne

via Instagram

Elena Delle Donne must have gotten mixed up along the way; we’re sure she was supposed to be a runway model.

We know that if you took a glimpse of this photo, without being aware of who she is, you’d think she struts her stuff on the runway for designers. We’re not surprised that when off the court, she does photoshoots – she’s a heartbreaker!

12 Jennifer Lacy

via Instagram

This photo is self-explanatory, isn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to see those toned legs on the court? Lacy, who has spiked up our interest in the WNBA, from the moment we saw her, always looks dashing.

All her hard work on the court has certainly paid off, as her form is in tip-top shape. With an envious body, she knew she had to come back to show it off while playing ball.

11 Brittany Jackson

via Instagram

Just the sound of her name is appealing, right? Brittany Jackson may be a mama and blonde, but do not let her angelic looks fool you.

This stunning mother has mind-blowing skills on the court, but she also has a thing for working the camera. With her rocking bikini bod, and flawless face, modeling is something she does effortlessly, too. Work it, mama!

10 Renee Montgomery

via Instagram

Renee Montgomery is the epitome of a real woman; she is classy, sassy and fierce. Oh, we forgot to mention how confident the star is on and off the court. With her natural beauty and talent, we don’t blame her for rocking the world with an attitude.

Beware when she shows off her pearly whites – we warned you.

9 Candace Parker

via Instagram

An athlete that is not afraid to show off her swag? Leave it to WNBA star, Candace Parker to do so. Parker, who is a true warrior, with the body of a goddess, is not afraid to amp up her style to display her greatest assets.

We’d like to say that she’s the GOAT of the WNBA. And with her irresistible looks, she’s killing the game.

8 Kayla McBride

via Instagram

This sporty spice will blow your mind away on the court, and even when she plays dress up! Intact with her feminine side, McBride is blessed with natural beauty and shows it to the world.

When she smiles on the court, you may just want to look away, because it’s mesmerizing. Yes, do not let her alluring looks distract you – she’s a major boss.

7 Tayler Hill

via Instagram

This WNBA star will not make you feel guilty for being glued to the screen when she’s shooting hoops!

Kicking butt with the Dallas Wings, in real life, Tayler Hill is a pure temptation. Yes, if you go check out her ‘gram account, you’re going to need some Gatorade to rejuvenate and get those minerals back. Might we add, this curvy lady is also a mommy!

6 Lauren Jackson

via ABC

How are we supposed to pay attention to the game when a gorgeous blonde with legs for days is running on the court?

Lauren Jackson, who is one of the world’s greatest players, has the looks that kill. She moves quite quickly on the court though, so try and catch this stunning beauty if you can!

5 Liz Cambage

via Instagram

Not many do the ball game the way Cambage does! Yes, the fans go gaga for her - so much so, that they call her Queen Cambage! She is the true definition of bad - Cambage has it all.

They can’t stop her on the court, and not when she hits publicized events, either. Cambage, with a curvy body, luscious locks, and a perfect pout, knows how to work all her angles on the camera.

4 Nneka Ogwumike

via Zimbio

Nneka is a real game changer!

She is a real fireball on the court, but when she whips off the uniform, she is a firecracker. We’d like to say that she is the cutest WNBA player because she always sports a smile so effortlessly, the way she sports her uniform. Whenever she’s a single lady, we’d suggest you scoop her up.

3 Lisa Leslie

via Into The Gloss

Lisa Leslie has a hectic schedule and a lot on her plate; she’s a wife, a mom, a WNBA champ and a co-host!

Despite being a busy bee, Leslie always manages to make time to look her best. She’s a trendsetter and knows exactly what to throw on to show off her incredible athletic form.

2 Chiney Ogwumike

via Instagram

We’d like to see her run on the court with a jean skirt and heels on because we have the utmost confidence that she can!

Her sister, Nneka, who we mentioned above, is her real ride or die, but Chiney is the one out of the two to throw on posh and alluring outfits. Why? Because she wants to show what her mama gave her.

1 Abby Bishop

via Instagram

We know you’d want this professional basketball player to be your wifey! One look at her ‘gram account, and you’ll fall head over heels in love with the court boss who has an immeasurable zest for life.

If ever we ran into this leggy fashionista, we’d never think she uses her perfectly manicured nails to toss the ball around. And she looks this steamy even while raising a family!

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