Ranking The 20 Most Attractive Weather Girls On TV

A beautiful woman can change a rather mundane weather prediction into a fascinating topic. Even when the forecast is for rain or depressing conditions, an attractive meteorologist can make the prediction look like a sunny day.

Scientists are now equipped with sophisticated measuring devices and instruments that feed data into a supercomputer for analysis. A computer model is created using current atmospheric conditions and physics equations that predict how the weather changes over time. Short-term forecasting depends on precipitation, temperature, clouds, wind, and pressure. Long-term climate prediction also depends upon ocean currents, sea ice, ground and sea temperatures, and atmospheric pollution.

However, even with these technologically advanced methods, weather forecasting is still an inexact science. So, if the weather prediction is occasionally wrong (frequently in some areas), who cares when a gorgeous woman delivers it with a radiant smile?

Here are the twenty of the most attractive weather girls on TV. These meteorologists make the interminable wait through all the political and social news until the weather forecast segment (almost always aired at the end of the program), worthwhile for viewers!

20 Yanet Garcia, Televisa Monterrey News

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If the number of Instagram followers is any indication, Yanet Garcia’s over 7 million followers make her the most recognizable name and face on our list of attractive weather girls. The Mexican meteorologist and model frequently posts pictures of herself in the gym, working out with her hardcore exercise routine.

Admired for her nearly perfect figure, Garcia has been labeled "the world's sexiest weather girl." She attributes her beautiful form to years of hard work. She currently works on Televisa Monterrey News.

19 Ximena Cordoba, Colombia

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Colombian model, T.V presenter, and actress Ximena Cordoba started her career on the reality show Protagonistas de Novela and has acted on numerous telenovelas. She is an online viral sensation, with her somewhat revealing outfits and coquettish presenting style. Ximena’s fans include more than 790K followers on Instagram.

She’s worked on Fox Sports, Fox Deportes, and TNT. Rain or Shine, this stunning beauty delivers the weather with her signature smile.

18 Bri Winkler, Eyewitness News

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Intelligence and beauty are a rare combination, and Bri Winkler has both. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine and Atmospheric Science from the University of Miami, she began her broadcasting career on the NBC affiliate KAMR-TV in Amarillo, Texas. Not only did she serve as the morning meteorologist, but she also co-hosted for Today in Amarillo.

Although she experienced a stroke at the age of twenty-four, she recovered, worked for Eyewitness News, and in 2017 began studying for her master’s degree in environmental science.

17 Jackie Guerrido, Miami

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Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Jackie Guerrido experienced a problematic childhood watching her mother being mistreated by her father. She and her mother escaped, and Jackie eventually moved to Miami, where she was offered a job at WRMA. While working as a traffic reporter for WSCV, she hosted a music show on radio station WRTO.

She now serves as a co-anchor of Univision program Primer Impacto.

16 Maria Quiban, KTTV Los Angeles

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Maria Quiban’s good looks earned her appearances as a reporter in several television shows and films including Ryan's Mystery Playdate, Everybody Hates Chris, Criminal Minds, Bruce Almighty, and Cold Case. But it was her intelligence that gained her a position at the NBC affiliate KHNL in Honolulu after studying journalism at the University of Hawaii.

Maria moved to Los Angeles and is currently the weather anchor on KTTV in Los Angeles.

15 Indra Petersons, CNN

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To hold the attention of viewers, a TV meteorologist must be both smart and articulate. Indra Petersons possesses both characteristics, and she is one of the most attractive weather forecasters on air. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she attended the University of Arizona and graduated with a degree in Atmospheric Physics, minoring in math, business, and physics.

Formerly the weather anchor for CNN's early morning program "New Day," she is currently a meteorologist at NBC News.

14 Sheena Parveen, NBC 4

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Born in India, Sheena Parveen came to the U.S. to study meteorology at Florida State University. Not just a pretty face, the weather reporter has covered everything from blizzards to hurricanes and tornadoes. Sheena reported the events when Hurricane Sandy made landfall at the Jersey Shore, and she covered the blizzard of 2016 that demanded round the clock coverage for several days.

13 Chita Craft, KHOU 11 News This Morning in Houston

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Chita (short for Conchita) Craft lights up the screen as a meteorologist on KHOU 11 News This Morning in Houston, but sports might be her passion. She has played tennis all her life and is a certified scuba diver. Chita loves skiing and snowboarding and plays golf but says, “…[I] have taken so many lessons. Yet, I am still terrible.”

12 Sabrina Fein, San Diego

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Southern California is a region overflowing with beautiful women, and Sabina Fein is one of them. Born and raised in San Diego, she went out of state for college. Inspired by the coverage she watched of Hurricane Andrew in 1992, Sabrina chose to study Meteorology and Climatology at the University of Miami.

After working for television stations in Springfield, Missouri, and Lubbock, Texas, she returned to roots and now reports the weather at San Diego 6 News.

11 Gabriella Grechi, Italy

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Gabriela Grechi is a popular TV personality in her native Italy, where she has appeared in chat shows, sports programs, and commercials. She's renowned as one of Italy’s sexiest TV weather girls. Favored by millions of male viewers who habitually tune in to watch her evening forecasts, she is famous for wearing skimpy outfits.

Millions more now watch her in action on YouTube clips, making her an international celebrity.

10 Cristina Blackwell, Univision Network

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Born in Texas to a Mexican mother and a father from Alabama, blonde beauty Cristina Blackwell’s fluency in both English and Spanish has opened doors for her.

She is a professionally trained chef, having spent a year and a half in Paris attending culinary institute, le Condon Blue. When her cooking career didn’t pan out (no pun intended), she pursued broadcasting. Cristina has worked for the Univision Network and Kens-TV 5 Eyewitness News delivering weather forecasts in both languages.

9 Evelyn Taft, KCAL Los Angeles

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Evelyn Taft learned Russian from her Moscow-born parents, but she also speaks French, Hebrew, and of course, English. Her interested in international culture and travel prompted her to work for the San Francisco Bay Area’s Mid-Peninsula Community Media Center, where she hosted various shows on entertainment and travel.

Evelyn has lived in both France and London, spent a significant amount of time in Israel, and traveled throughout Central and South America, Asia, and Europe. She currently works for KCAL as a director, journalist, news anchor, and editor.

8 Naile Lopez, Monterrey, Mexico

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While many of the attractive weather girls on our list could easily pursue a career as models, Naile Lopez actually did, right after graduating from high school. However, the model from Mexico made a career change in 2012, becoming a weather anchor for Las Noticias Televisa Monterrey. She still works there, while trying her hand at acting with Televisa San Angel studio in Mexico City.

7 Sonya Hill, Corpus Christi, Texas

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Before pursuing her career as a weather forecaster, Sonya Hill was a beauty contestant. She entered the Swimsuit USA International competition competing against 70 other girls from all over the world and finished in the top ten.

The bilingual weather anchor from Texas is currently employed by KZTV Action 10 News in Corpus Christi.

6 Elita Loresca, Fresno

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Filipino-American newscaster, Elita Loresca, began her broadcasting career as a news associate for KCBS in Los Angeles. She has worked for KGET-TV, the NBC affiliate in Bakersfield, California, and has broadcast for WSVN 7 in Miami, Florida.

While working at WSVN, Elita was featured in the October 2006 issue of FHM magazine when she won the title "America's Sexiest Newscaster" in an online reader’s vote.

5 Susana Almeida, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

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Mexico is famous for tequila and other products such as manufactured goods, electronics, vehicles and auto parts, but it also produces beautiful women (actress Salma Hayek, for example).

Another is lovely Susana Almeida, a presenter for a television news program in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Although she became internationally famous with a viral video of her wardrobe malfunction during a live on-air broadcast, she should be recognized more for her beauty and her presenting skills.

4 Maria Timmer (Molina), Ph.D. Student

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Maria Timmer is hardly your average weather girl who offers only glamorous looks when she delivers the weather forecast. Serving for six years as an on-air weather forecaster for Fox News, she is now a Ph.D. student at Central Michigan University.

Born in Nicaragua and growing up in South Florida, her experiences living in an area that faces hurricanes regularly inspired her to pursue a career as a meteorologist.

3 Lluvia Carrillo, Televisa Monterrey

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Another attractive weather reporter and journalist from Mexico, Lluvia Carrillo, got her professional start as a host for the Spanish sports program, Televisa Deportes.

An accomplished model, in 2014 she took second place in Nuestra Belleza Nuevo Leon and was featured in TVyNovelas magazine. When Lluvia moved to Televisa Monterrey, she replaced another beautiful meteorologist, Yanet Garcia, on Monterrey al Dia.

2 Jennifer Delgado, The Weather Channel

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One of the most knowledgeable and attractive meteorologists in the U.S., Jennifer Delgado, has had a successful career and is best known for her work with The Weather Channel. However, it hasn’t always been easy. Jennifer struggled for a long time with brain cancer, but fortunately, she overcame the challenge and returned to the industry.

1 Shay Ryan, Tampa and St. Petersburg

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Meteorologist Shay Ryan grew up in the Fort Lauderdale area, studied Telecommunications at the University of Florida, and pursued a master’s degree in Geoscience at Mississippi State University. A self-proclaimed "weather geek," she is not only smart, but she is also one of the most attractive weather forecasters on air. Currently working at WFTS-TV for the Tampa and St. Petersburg areas, Shay has covered hurricanes, severe storms, heat waves, and floods, during her illustrious career.

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