Ranking The 20 Sexiest Women Living In The United States

Let’s hear it for the good old USA! Thanks to these 20 lovely ladies, America has never been more beautiful. Even folks from other countries would agree that these stunning sweethearts are what makes America so amazing. Of course, the country has its other fine qualities, but let’s not get too serious here. Some superficial fun never hurt anyone.

Check out these 20 glamorous gals who have lots of talent and the good looks to match. Some sing, others act, a few model, and some are famous just because. No matter their profession or place in life, they all have one thing in common…they’re hot! Sizzling, in fact.

Everyone has their own idea of what makes a woman beautiful, but it is easy to see why these 20 gorgeous gals made the cut. Enjoy the pics and pick your fave…if that’s even possible since they are all so special in their own unique way.

20 Emily Ratajkowski

Via: Twitter.com

Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski is at her peak. She’s living it up and looking amazing as she does so. Fans are wild about the brunette babe, and she’s taking it all in as she rises in the business.

This gal is a married lady, but that doesn’t mean the men can’t dream.

19 Chrissy Teigen

Via: eonline.com

Chrissy Teigen started in the biz as a model, but now she’s a TV personality and so much more. She’s married to a Legend…John Legend and she has two adorable children who are obviously inheriting some amazing genes.

This gal is as laid-back as she is beautiful, a combo that fans have come to love.

18 Bella Hadid

Bella followed in her sister Gigi’s footsteps and is making her way in the modeling world. Her brunette hair is beautiful and her body is model material.

Since everyone in her family is so attractive, it could be hard to stand out, but Bella knows how to get that boost.

17 Kim Kardashian West

Via: cnbc.com

Kim is one of the most famous people in the world, and her luxe look lights up any room. She is super-rich and dabbling in just about everything, including being a mother of four.

Nothing is stopping this California girl from having it all, and with Kanye by her side, the limits are endless.

16 Jen Selter

Via: NYpost.com

Jen Selter became famous thanks to social media. Her entertaining and informative posts about fitness have gone viral, due mostly to her shapely body. Her figure is fantastic, and her energy is contagious.

It takes a lot of work to be in such great shape, but this gal is going for it.

15 Audreyana Michelle

Via: poshet.net

Audreyana Michelle may not be known by everyone, but her social media followers are fanatics. She’s super pretty, so her posts are eye-catching and alluring. From her beautiful eyes to her amazing attributes, this woman is a wonder.

She may not be as well-known as some of the others on the list, but her looks are just as lovely.

14 Rihanna

Via: Hawtcelebs.com

Singer Rihanna is super successful, her songs are catchy, and her looks are to die for. Her unique sound is captivating, and her beauty is something to behold.

While fans love Rihanna for her performances and appearance, she’s also super cool and seemingly down-to-earth. This gal isn’t going anywhere, so expect to hear her music for years to come.

13 Jennifer Lopez

Via: pinterest.com

Jennifer Lopez may have started from humble beginnings, but her fame has catapulted her into the stratosphere. She’s one of the most famous women around, her “it factor” is phenomenal, and her fans go nuts at the thought of her.

This woman defies age, as she gets more beautiful every minute. She seems to have found the fountain of youth, so hopefully, she’ll share her secrets with the rest of us.

12 Demi Lovato

Via: elle.com

Demi Lovato is a superstar singer. Her vocal chops are out of this world, and her fans are super supportive of everything she does. Her looks are just as appealing as her talent, making Demi as nice to see as she is to listen to.

With a voice like hers, Demi is sure to stay on the scene for decades down the road.

11 Hailey Baldwin

Via: accessonline.com

Now that this beauty is taken - she’s married to Justin Bieber - guys across the globe are as jealous as ever.

But at least they can still sneak peeks of the pretty lady on the web. She’s one tall drink of water, but Bieber has no problem looking up to his wife.

10 Kylie Jenner


Kylie may be the “baby” of the family, but now she’s a mom herself. This young woman is rich and makes more money with every breath. Aside from her fortune, Kylie is one hot momma, giving off an air of confidence with every curve.

She loves to take risks with her style, and it seems like she can do no wrong.

9 Gigi Hadid

Via: harpersbazaararabia.com

This blonde beauty is one of today’s most sought-after supermodels. Her famous family is always in the spotlight, and her sister Bella (also on the list) is as glam as she is. Good genes run in this fabulous family, and Gigi got a whole bunch at birth.

Prepare to see more of this model in the years to come.

8 Ariana Grande

Via: hypebeast.com

Ariana Grande may be petite, but her vocals are as grand as she is gorgeous. She is a fan favorite, thanks to her popular pop tunes and pretty face. This gal is still quite young, so there’s no chance she will fade from the spotlight any time soon.

No matter if she’s on stage or just walking the streets, this stunner is sublime.

7 Taylor Swift

Via: theimproper.com

Pop singer Taylor Swift is not only multi-talented, but she’s stunning. She is tall, slender, and has the face of a supermodel. Fans from far and wide are in love with everything about this gal, and she gets better with every passing day.

She started in show biz as a teen, but now in her 20s, she’s maturing marvelously.

6 Beyoncé

Via: popsugar.com

Beyoncé is the queen of her universe. Fans flock to her concerts and download her music like it’s going out of style…which it’s clearly not. Not only is this gal gorgeous, but she’s so talented that it’s almost unfair.

There’s nothing stopping this diva from doing it all, and she does it all effortlessly.

5 Chanel Iman

Via: ksubi.com

Chanel Iman is a model who is rocking her fame like nobody’s business. She’s uniquely gorgeous, with a body that turns heads and a style that she stuns in.

There’s no doubt that this babe will be beautiful forever, so her modeling career can continue for as long as she wants to strut on the catwalk.

4 Jasmine Tookes

Jasmine is a gem. Just look at her rocking this lingerie like nobody’s business. Most women would give anything to be so glam, but this woman is the lucky lady who seems to have been blessed with natural beauty.

Fans of hers are always in awe of her elegance, and she rocks the runway ridiculously well.

3 Zoe Kravitz

Via: lovelywallpaperz.blogspot.com

Zoe comes from a famous family, so she’s used to the spotlight. It’s lucky for her that she turned out as attractive as her parents, and now fans are freaking out over how hot she has become.

This babe is multi-talented and cool, giving her fans something to look forward to whenever she’s out and about. See her on TV or in the magazines and realize why she’s such a star.

2 Selena Gomez

Via: pinterest.com

Selena Gomez has been in the public eye for some time, but nowadays her beauty is at a high point. She was quiet for a while, but the babe is back in full force. Her singing is impressive and her acting abilities are just as good.

When it comes to good looks, this gal hits it out of the park.

1 Kendall Jenner

Via: pagesix.com

Kendall is part of the Kar-Jen clan, but unlike her curvy sisters, this babe is built long and lean.

Her looks are classic and her figure is fantastic. As she walks the runways and poses for pics, it’s obvious that Kendall will remain in the business for as long as she wants to.

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