20 Rare Pickup Trucks Nobody’s Ever Driven

A pickup truck is a type of car that serves a very practical and simple purpose: that of helping the driver get things done. Whether it's hauling things, running errands, using it for work on the home, farm, or job, pickup trucks are designed to perform and hold up under these types of conditions. Because of this, they've become wildly popular in America, as well as some other markets around the world.

Most trucks are mass-produced and simple, but sometimes manufacturers like to run special editions, with special features and attractions, and sometimes these models are very, very rare. They can sell for astronomical sums due to their extreme rarity. In some cases they are so rare they're virtually one of a kind. Let's take a look at some rare pickups that nobody's ever driven.

20 1962 GMC Crew Cab

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This truck is truly one of a kind, in fact there is no other truck on the planet exactly like it. The article at hotrod.com explains more: "Oscar’s specialty-order Fenderside crew cab is reported to be one of six of its kind built that year, the only one remaining in the United States, and the only one anywhere optioned like this one."

19 1981 Jeep CJ 10

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This Jeep is really a strange one, most people don't even know AMC made higher than a CJ-8, but here this is. According to autoweek.com, "These odd pickups saw use around the world but weren’t a runaway success. The Jeep CJ-10 even served time as an aircraft tug, in two-wheel-drive form, until total production stopped in 1986."

18 1998 Chevrolet S10 EV

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Wait, Chevrolet made an EV car before the Volt? Yes, they did. In fact, they've been attempting (and failing) at making EVs since the late '80s. This is the very rare and almost entirely unheard of S10 EV, and while it looks normal it's oh, so rare.

17 1970 Chevrolet Blazer Chalet

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The Blazer was one of the most extraordinarily popular models of cars that Chevrolet had ever produced. Everyone and their dog wanted one. Of course, that's very far from rare. But Chevy made some pretty exclusive special editions, and the Blazer Chalet was just one of them. Just look at this thing.

16 1990 Chevrolet 454 SS

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Chevy has had a long history of making really fast pickup trucks, like insanely fast pickups. The 454 SS is just one of those trucks, a super rare model that featured the top of the line 7.4 Liter V8 engine that produced a hefty 230 horsepower. That's a lot for a specialized truck designed for speed.

15 1975 GMC Sierra Classic Gentleman Jim

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The Gentleman Jim was a marketing attempt to bring a high class and luxury pickup truck to the market. It was a very limited run, too, which means that this truck has since become quite a rare commodity, and it's age has only made it even more refined, like a fine wine.

14 1991 Ford SkyRanger

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The '91 Ford SkyRanger is a very interesting and even slightly strange creation from Ford. As most know, the Ranger was one of the most successful lines of trucks ever to hit the market, and with that success Ford wanted to create something unique, and so was born the very powerful and fast SkyRanger.

13 1978 Dodge Midnite Express

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The Midnite Express is a fascinating name for a Dodge pickup truck, but it's just the sort of thing that you would think to be rare and quite collectible. Especially because it's quite a vintage little truck these days. Notable features included the golden decal reading "Midnite Express" and the smokestacks sticking out just behind the cab.

12 1984 Chevrolet K10 Sno Chaser

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As far as anyone knows, this is one of the most rare models of Chevy pickup out there. They released two different kinds, one marketed towards those in snowier climates, and one for those in sunnier areas. The Sno Chaser, as is obvious, was directed at the market in the northern reaches of the states and so on.

11 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi GTX

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The Dodge Ram is one of the most common pickups out there, but this model is considerably rarer, and much more valuable. For those who don't know, it might look like an average truck, but it features a crazy powerful 5.7 Liter Semi V8 engine that really makes it stand out from the pack.

10 1976 Jeep J10 Honcho

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The Jeep J10 Honcho is one of the more rare pickups that AMC Jeep made in the 70's. Very limited run, very rare to come by. Not many are aware that this model is even one, and to have a model in this kind of condition with the original decals in tact is an even more rare sight. It's a really cool restoration, too.

9 1952 Dodge Power Wagon

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Perhaps one of my absolute all-time favorite trucks, this Power Wagon was initially used in the World Wars, but started being sold as a civilian vehicle in the forties. It had a pretty long production period, but these days they can be hard to come by, and even harder for less than 50,000 bucks.

8 2006 Chevrolet Silverado Intimidator Dale Earnhardt

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The late Dale Earnhardt made quite an incredible splash in the entire motoring world over the course of his career. In the name of honoring him, Chevy made this fantastic and rare Silverado model, complete with 345 horsepower and an incredible 380 foot pounds of torque. Magnificent, and rare.

7 1958 Chevrolet Cameo Carrier

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1958 saw the end of the Cameo line, which in it's time was already top of the line, making this model year one of the most rare, according to auto.howstuffworks.com, and it's quite a cool looking vintage truck, one that not many remember or knew existed. Shame, really.

6 2007 Isuzu I-370

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Wait, Isuzu made a truck? That's what a lot of people would think. But they did indeed make a truck, called it the I-370. Mind you, it wasn't the best truck in the world, and it was based off of the Chevy Colorado. It featured an in-line 5 cylinder engine, which is pretty unique. It also wasn't very good selling, so they are rare.

5 1987 Ford F-150 Bigfoot Cruiser

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Right when Monster Trucks were all the rage, sweeping the nation by storm, Ford decided to make something called the Bigfoot Cruiser, based off of the Bigfoot monster truck, naturally. It featured a huge lift kit and massive tires. Due to complaints from other cars on the road being run over in accidents, Ford stopped production, making these guys pretty rare.

4 1978 Dodge Warlock

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The Dodge Warlock sounds like a crazy name for a pickup, but considering it came straight out of the 70's, it all makes sense. Not very many of these were made, and not many have been kept around in good condition, so a truck like the one pictured above is really a rarity.

3 1937 Mack Jr. Pickup

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Most people associate Mack with the massive semi-tractor trailers that run the highways hauling all kinds of freight to and fro, not with pickup trucks. But they had a brief foray into the market, albeit an unsuccessful one. So this Mack Jr is a seriously rare pickup.

2 1947 Supercharged Ford Pickup

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The story of this truck from rodauthority.com is a fascinating and really incredible one. According to the article, a man had restored a supercharged pickup that Ford had made in the 40's. It's really the only one of it's kind, so Ford bought it from him "for the price of $800,000 and a brand-new F-350 dually."

1 1989 Shelby Dakota

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The Dodge Dakota sold a large amount of models, especially in the height of it's success. But there is a certain special model that stands out from the rest, and is all the more rare because of it. The Shelby Dakota was a high performance, finely tuned pickup truck that had some serious speed. They're pretty rare these days.

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