20 Rare Pics Of WWE Stars Backstage...Uncovered

Following the Montreal Screwjob, fans wanted to know exactly what was taking place backstage. Then, our only form of gossip came through expensive hotlines along with magazines. Times have definitely changed, today gossip is only a click away while WWE themselves post rare backstage photos on the regular.

In this article, we take a different road featuring rare pictures we thought we’d never see from the backstage area. The article features duos we never thought we’d see together along with rare pictures of the boss himself, Vince McMahon and his employees. We also delve into a slew of recent photos from the backstage area, some taken just days ago.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, let get started! Ring the bell!

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20 Behind The Scenes In Saudi Arabia

via Twitter

Unlike arena shows in the US and Canada, WWE stars are practically wearing nothing prior to the recent Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia. The heat was sizzling on the day of the PPV, so much so that the conditions were said to be unbearable with all the lights and electronics ringside as well.

We see some rare encounters in the pic above including a handshake between Rusev and Goldberg.

19 Cena Returns Off-Screen

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It was pretty odd to see photos of John Cena leak out backstage, however, the WWE star was not featured on the actual episode of RAW. He was considered a guest for the evening.

Given these photos circulating, Cena addressed the matter claiming that he is grateful for still being such an integral part of the WWE family.

18 Bryan Breaks

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We’ve seen so many twists and turns for Daniel Bryan – that’s especially true when we assess some of his rare backstage pictures. Daniel was forced to call it a career just a couple of years ago - following his promo he dropped to the floor in tears.

This picture shows Daniel with the good kind of tears, the tears of joy. Bryan looks very emotional alongside Brie following his return WrestleMania match.

17 Throwback With Alexa & Sasha

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Talk about rare, this is a picture we might never see again with rivals Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks during their earlier days. It is clear by now, the two don’t have the best relationships with verbal jabs exchanged both ways in the past.

It wasn’t always like that as this rare backstage photo shows, they were on decent terms during the earliest stages.

16 John With The nWo Colors

via Twitter

This is a backstage picture that had the IWC buzzing. Fans fantasize about a drastic John Cena heel turn, one that would be comparable to Hulk Hogan joining the nWo.

John gave us a little snippet of what it would be like to see him dawning the black and white colors. We had to settle for a rare backstage picture, however.

15 Women’s Evolution Meeting

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Arguably the best PPV of 2018 from start to finish, it is clear that the women’s Evolution PPV delivered. In the photo above, we get a sneaky picture of the women behind the scenes in a meeting prior to the show.

What makes the photo so special is that fact that we get a bit of everything from the future with Bianca Belair, to the past with Eve Torres to the now with Alexa Bliss.

14 PG Undertaker

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When WWE puts on a show in Saudi Arabia, the country officials want the best of the best. In fact, Jericho would admit on his podcast that they would even go as far as to request wrestlers that had passed away...

Undertaker is a must for these shows and he has always shown up in one of the marquee matches. Not only that but he never turns down a picture even in the backstage area prior to a match.

13 Emotional Hug At Gorilla

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We’re starting to see this trend more and more, WWE stars hitting the prime of their careers with NXT only to fall down during their run on the main roster.

For Sasha and Bayley, this moment was their absolute best following a classic encounter at NXT; TakeOver. The talent crowded the two at the Gorilla Position following the match – it was one of the best moments in the female division and NXT, arguably ever.

12 Post WM-33

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Surely, we all thought it was Undertaker’s last ride at WrestleMania 33. At least it appeared that way. Taker lost in the main event to WWE’s top star Roman Reigns. He would proceed to leave his ring gear inside the squared circle.

Emotions continued to run high following the defeat as Triple H shared a warm embrace with the Deadman.

11 Owens In Trouble

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It isn’t only happy and emotional moments that take place backstage – especially nowadays there is a lot of tension with WWE stars and the boss, Vince McMahon.

We get a rare glimpse of tension with this photo. McMahon was none too pleased with KO and Jericho’s WrestleMania performance and he let Owens know about it. This definitely made for an awkward backstage moment.

10 Vince Getting Emotional

via Pinterest

We don’t see Vince showing emotions too often and if we do, it is with a rare backstage photo like the one above.

McMahon had nothing but joy in his heart following the emotional John Cena proposal to Nikki Bella. Everyone felt great about it including the boss. Though as we know, things wouldn’t work as planned for the former couple.

9 Stone Cold & Sasha Banks

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Here’s another picture we never thought we’d see featuring a star from then alongside a star from now. Stone Cold embraced Sasha Banks backstage following her 'Mania match. It is a side of Stone Cold we’re really not used to seeing.

Believe it or not, Austin actually has a close relationship with The Boss behind the curtain.

8 Emotional Brock At Gorilla

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Not only was it emotional for the fans to see Undertaker’s streak come to an end but the same held true for Brock Lesnar. In fact, rumors suggest that Brock initially turned down becoming the one to break the streak.

Ultimately, the plan went through and it would lead to emotions running high from everyone at the backstage area.

7 Kliq Reunion

via Pinterest

One of the major highlights for RAW 25 was the reunion of Degeneration-X. Fans love that nostalgia feeling on RAW every now and then, the men definitely delivered on this one.

Prior to making their way to the ring in the Manhattan Center, they shared a warm embrace backstage, one WWE Network cameras caught.

6 Vince & His Son Getting Emotional

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Vince needed to fill a stadium of over 100,000 fans for WrestleMania 32. The biggest problem on the year was the injuries stacking up, including John Cena’s untimely hiatus.

The company needed something big and that turned out to be the return of Shane McMahon. His match against The Undertaker turned out to be the best of the night. Shane stated it was the proudest his dad ever was.

5 A Rare Backstage Encounter

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Here’s a rare picture we never thought we’d see. For years, Sting avoided WWE and he kept his loyalties outside of the company.

Finally, he would make his PPV debut at WrestleMania 31. McMahon wished him the best of luck at the Gorilla Position prior to the match against Triple H.

4 Rivals Joking Around

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Speaking of rare backstage pics we never thought we’d see, here’s a photo of Stone Cold and Stephanie McMahon, big-time rivals from the Attitude Era.

They share a laugh prior to RAW 25 with Vince looming in the background. The show kicked off with the McMahons and Austin – the only way such a show could have started!

3 Taker Embraced By His Family

via Pinterest

This is one of those warm backstage pictures we weren’t supposed to see. At WrestleMania 31, Undertaker went back in the win column defeating Bray Wyatt.

Post-match, he shared a moment alongside his wife Michelle and daughter. Bray, Stephanie, and Triple H were also present for the photo.

2 The Final Hug

via Pinterest

One of the most emotional backstage picture we’ll ever see, this rare shot captures McMahon and The Undertaker prior to the streak coming to an end. One can only imagine how emotional this moment was given their long history together.

The match would end on a sour note as McMahon left WrestleMania with Undertaker being rushed to the hospital after collapsing backstage.

1 Finally Squashing The Beef

via Pinterest

Warrior finally returned to WWE in time for WrestleMania XXX. Things were on rocky terms with Hulk Hogan for years and years. They would finally meet backstage and exchange an emotional handshake.

Sadly, Warrior would pass away only days later making that moment even more memorable. RIP Warrior, thank you.

Sources – Twitter, YouTube & WWE

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