The 10 Rarest Dog Breeds In The World

With dogs being man's best friend, it's no surprise that there are a lot of different breeds out there that many different people choose to bring into their lives. We wanted to take a look at some of the rarest breeds, the sort of dogs that people only decide to bring into their lives if they're looking for a real status symbol or only want the best of the best. No matter what the reason somebody wants to have one of these dog breeds brought into their home, there is no denying that each and every one of them is beautiful!

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10 Tibetan Mastiff

We've always been a fan of a large dog, but even we have to admit that this guy might be taking it a little too far! It is still used in Tibet as a way of protecting livestock like sheep from attack by larger predators, which makes it even more surprising that people are willing to allow this beast into their homes.

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Yes, this is one of the rarest breeds when it comes to domesticated dogs, and while we're not implying that every single Tibetan Mastiff is inherently violent, most people wouldn't trust having something this big in our living room!

9 Swedish Vallhund

Believe it or not, this rare breed nearly went extinct during the 1940s, but people got together and decided to stop that from happening. Through careful breeding and publicity put out there by selected Swedish people, we've finally brought these breeds back into the mainstream. Some believe that this particular breed of dog was actually used a thousand years ago to herd cattle, so anybody that wants one in their home should be aware that their small stature does not highlight how much exercise they'll really need on a daily basis.

8 Finnish Spitz

Rather than being used for protection or herding, this breed actually started out as a way of hunting down various rodents, with some even using them to track down game as big as bears. Despite this, they get along with human beings brilliantly and have been known to look after children as well, so people shouldn't be worried about bringing them into their homes. Throw in the fact that a well-trained form of this breed will be able to ensure that house stays rodent free and there is a lot to like about this guy!

7 Chinook

This dog has been bred to pull sleds for a long time now, so if people want a dog that will be dragging them out of the house then they should definitely get their hands on this rare breed. However, one thing that owners should keep in mind is that despite their almost constant energy, they are known for being hugely protective of children, so there's no chance that they'll be a worry around the young ones. They can be reserved around human beings that they don't know, though.

6 Thai Ridgeback

While they need to be taken out on a regular basis, they're known for spending a lot of their time lounging around the house before their energy coming out in sporadic bursts.

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This makes sense as they were once used as a land race dog, meaning that they would have to call on energy reserves at the drop of a hat to win a race. Anyone looking for an interesting looking dog can rely on the Thai Ridgeback as well, as they get their name from a long tuft of hair that runs counter to the rest of their coat across their spine.

5 Lagotto Romagnolo

While these dogs don't look anything like other hunting dogs, these wonderfully playful dogs have been used in the past to try and find water, with some owners even training them to find truffles. As people can likely see from the coat, this is not a breed that any owner should get their hands on unless they are willing to look after a dog that can be very difficult to groom. With it being such a rare breed, even professional groomers are unlikely to know exactly how to look after this coat.

4 Mudi

Anybody thinking about a dog with a lovely fluffy coat might be looking at this rare breed and wondering if they have found the one, but they need to be ready to take on a pet that needs almost constant attention. This is not the sort of animal that can be left at home alone! Their energy comes from the fact that they were regularly bred to herd cattle, and are now used for their agility in dog shows. Their obedience is what draws many people to them as they will always listen to an owner once they've been trained.

3 New Guinea Singing Dog

A lot of people like to get a pet because it gives them a chance to fall in love with a quiet partner, somebody that will loyally sit beside them and relax into being a pet. If this is what people want, they should definitely move away from this rare breed. If the name didn't make it obvious, this dog is known for having a rather odd vocalization, leading to some rather weird noises that can be very difficult to get used to. However, for people that are looking for a different pet, an oddball, they should look no further than this breed.

2 Catalburun

People should be able to see straight away why some often consider this dog to be such an interesting breed, and that's the way its head and snout are an irregular shape when compared to most other dogs.

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It's this snout that has led to them being gun dogs for years at this point, as some believe that the cleft gives them an ability above other dogs to sniff out what needs to be sniffed out. That being said, this isn't agreed upon by everyone, so if somebody wants to take their time to look after this sort of dog, maybe they should give them a chance!

1 Fila Brasileiro

Anyone that is looking for a rare dog to have in their domestic environment shouldn't probably go for this one. Even though they've been owned by a lot of people for herding cattle and guarding various patches of land, the reasons that they make good dogs for this service mean that they can be a struggle to own as a regular pet. They like to go for runs a lot, and they are great guard dogs as they have a huge amount of aggression that can come out in unpredictable ways, so as a pet they may not be the best choice.

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