Rare (And Incredibly Photogenic) White Reindeer Calf Found In Norway

Rare (And Incredibly Photogenic) White Reindeer Calf Found In Norway

An incredibly rare and photogenic white reindeer calf has been spotted in the wild north of Norway.

Among the Sami people of Northern Europe, there is a legend. A legend of a white reindeer that brings happiness to those who see it. Of course, there’s also a legend where somebody sacrifices the white reindeer to pagan gods to find a wife, but we’ll skip that one and just go with the good luck story.

The important thing to remember here is that white reindeer are incredibly rare: roughly 1 in every 50 born will turn out to be white. And this one, in particular, was so white that it did an “extremely good” job of blending in with the snow.

Spotted in northern Norway, our photograph is Mads Nordsveen, a 24-year-old Oslo native and phenomenally talented photographer. He was taking a trip far into the frozen north to get some outstanding nature shots when he managed to spot this adorable white reindeer against an equally white backdrop.

"It was a very special moment, felt so magical,” Nordsveen told Insider. “We looked straight into each other's eyes. I was actually so stunned that it took some seconds before I got reminded by my photographer instinct to grab the camera and save the moment forever!"

At first, the reindeer, being a reindeer and thus a prey animal, seemed quite timid and about to run off. Nordsveen dropped down very low and stayed very still. Eventually the reindeer didn’t consider Nordsveen a threat and trotted up to him.


And it almost seemed like he started posing.

He wasn’t, of course--reindeer have eyes on either side of their head so they can spot predators, so getting a good look at someone usually involves turning their heads to either side to stare with one big eyeball. But even still, these shots are completely magical.

You can see the little guy’s mother in the background of the fourth shot looking over but not too concerned about her adventurous son. He had to trot out quite a distance to get so close to Nordsveen, who was utterly blown away by the experience.

And if you like these shots, you should check out Nordsveen’s other Instagram: Discoverer. There are some incredibly beautiful travel photos to be seen there.


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