The 26 Rarest 90s Toys (And What They’re Worth)

To those who were kids in the 90s, ready to enter nostalgia city?

There have been theories floating around that 90s kids experience high levels of nostalgia because they were born in a time where technology changed very quickly. These are the kids who had VHS tapes and saw them turn into DVD disks. They are the people who went from iPod Shuffles to today’s Smartphones. They went from NES consoles to Xbox Ones and PlayStation 4s. The more you think about it, the more the theory holds up.

It’s because of this nostalgia that certain 90s toys are highly sought after by collectors. Once a toy becomes sought by collectors, the price skyrockets. So if you happen to have some 90s toys in your possession, you could make a decent profit.

From Pokémon Cards to Furbys, this list will discuss 30 profitable 90s toys and how much they can sell from. With these toys, it’s a little easier to see why some 90s kids believe they had the best childhood. After all, besides these toys, there was a Disney renaissance, the sparkly kittens of Lisa Frank, and Nickelodeon was at the top of its cartoon game.

Do not worry though, if you were born after the 90s, we promise you that your nostalgic toy time will come. You just will have to wait a little longer in the circle of collector and nostalgia life.

So let the list begin!

26 Tamagotchi’s ($300 to $500)

These pocket-sized virtual pets were a huge craze when they came out worldwide in 1997. It was nothing like a Nintendog, as it came in a tiny egg and was simplified with only a couple buttons to press.

Originally, these ranged from thirteen to seventeen dollars when they came out.

Today, they can go for hundreds of dollars. The most sought out one is “Devilgotchi” which is selling from three to five hundred dollars. That’s more expensive than a real live animal!

25 Certain Jurassic Park Figures ($18,000)

These are so sought after that we have given Jurassic Park figures their own lists in the past. After all, what can make a kid happier than getting a bunch of toy dinosaurs? If the revival of the franchise recently was not a hint enough, people are selling the figures from the 90s for hundreds to even thousands of dollars.

There is even a seller who has the entire 1992 collection for about eighteen thousand dollars. That is a lot of nostalgic dinosaur toys.

24 Nintendo Game Boy Original ($2,000+)

The price inflation for these old video game blocks is only getting bigger with time. As with any collector’s item, the price is highest if the item is still in the box and unopened.

The Super Mario original Nintendo Game Boy still in its box is selling for about two thousand dollars on eBay right now.

For a lot of 90s kids, a Nintendo Game Boy was their first console ever. They even lived at a time where the screen didn’t glow at night. Imagine that!

23 Certain Barbie Dolls (So. Much.)

If you want a specific list on 90s Barbies that are now worth a fortune, we have that. Such Barbies include the Bob Mackie Neptune Fantasy Barbie, Summer Splendor Barbie, and Holiday Caroler Barbie. The typical prize we are looking at for any of these nowadays is between one hundred to two hundred dollars. This also does not pertain to just the dolls themselves, certain playsets ago go for just as much.

22 Care Bears ($4,000+)

Care Bears actually started in the 80s, but retained their popularity through the early 90s both in toys and movies. Complete sets of these teddy bears can sell for as much as four thousand dollars.

There are now over two hundred Care Bear designs out there.

When there are that many, it is a calling to collectors. Also, they are just colorful and cute. Like the My Little Pony toys, they also have something similar to a “cutie mark” on their stomachs.

21 Certain Lego Sets (A Small Fortune)

We have covered Legos before, particularly ones from the 90s. As time has passed, Lego sets have become much more complex. The 90s sets were smaller and more simple. Ones from the 90s that are particularly expensive now include the Launch and Load Seaport, Royal Knights Castle, and The Control Center. These range from two hundred to four hundred dollars.

Since the popular Lego Movie, a lot more collectors have gotten onboard for rare sets. If you get enough, you can make a whole world.

20 Barbie Motor Homes ($200+)

To some kids, motorhomes were the coolest thing on earth. It’s a house and a car! They did not care about costs or limited space.

So, of course, Mattel noticed and began making motor homes for Barbie.

Today, an unboxed Barbie motor home can cost as much as two hundred dollars. These include Barbie’s Magical Motor Home, Barbie’s Dream Motor Home, and Starlight Motor Home. If you have one that came out before the 90s, that will probably fetch you a hefty profit as well.

19 Radio Controlled Cars ($1,000+)


While the most rare and expensive of these toys are from the 80s, the 90s versions can still get you a couple hundred bucks if they are in good condition. That’s a big deal, seeing as these cars were only about twenty dollars when they hit toy shelves. One from the 80s that was still in its box even sold for one thousand dollars!

Many of these are re-issued, but a collector knows the difference between a re-issue and original.

18 Polly Pockets (Up To $500)

These dollhouses were as small and cute as they could get. Unfortunately, that meant they were also easy to lose. The cases were similar to a vintage blush and pocket mirror. Instead, though, they opened to show an entire house with little dolls to play inside.

The expensive ones today are from the original creators, not Mattel.

The original makers of these toys were known as Bluebird Toys. One is even online trying to sell for one thousand five hundred dollars.

17 Troll Dolls $200

Troll dolls date as far back as the late 1950s, so they definitely were not born in the 90s. It’s kind of sweet, since these dolls were originally created by a humble Danish woodcutter, Thomas Dam.

Despite going way further back than the 90s, sellers still claim a high price for 90s versions. To get a good wad of cash, you need to sell a batch of them and you can get about two hundred dollars. They’ve become even more popular since the Dreamworks movie.

16 Furbys (So Much More Than They Should Be)

These owl-hamster abominations were all the rage when they came out in the 1990s. They were known for being electronic and able to talk. Originally, they sold for about thirty dollars on the store shelves.

Now they can resell for hundreds of dollars.

There are many kinds of them and by just looking at one, an avid collector can tell you different facts about it. Like Barbie, Furby also had limited time releases and special editions, which made them even more sought after.

15 Baby All Gone Doll ($150+)

Baby All Gone dolls were part of a doll collection known as Baby Alive dolls. The gimmicks to these toys were that you could feed them and change their diapers like you would a real baby. Thrilling right? Not really, but to each their own.

There are actually even more expensive versions of these that go into the year 2010, but that’s for another list. The vintage ones from the early 1990s can sell for about one hundred and fifty dollars.

14 Bop-It Extreme 2 ($50+)

“Bop it! Twist it! Pull it!” The more adult you get, the stranger and funny this toy becomes. It’s just a game of an object shouting commands at you.

This audio game came out around 1996, making it a token 90s toy and also a token way to annoy 90s parents.

Do not get too excited though. Compared to others on this list, Bop-It Extreme 2 is one of the less expensive ones. It can sell for about fifty dollars on eBay.

13 Certain Mighty Max Toys (Hundreds)

While it was cut from the same cloth as Polly Pockets, Mighty Max toys targeted young boy audiences instead. To popularize it, it was also a Sci-fi and action TV show that lasted for about two seasons with forty episodes.

The sort of toy sets that can sell for hundreds include Mighty Max Storms Dragon Island, Mighty Max Factory Plaster Molding Set, and the monster heads that are obviously inspired by Polly Pocket dolls. They are less pretty than Polly Pocket, but still sought out and expensive.

12 Easy Bake Ultimate Oven ($300+)

While coming back from the 1960s to inspire cooking in children, Easy Bake Ovens were also associated as a popular toy in the 90s. Kids could just enjoy baking goods without parent supervision, so that was cool.

They could have all the cakes they could ever desire!

Today these can sell for about three hundred dollars. There are obviously a lot of models out there. The older they are and the better condition they are in will rack up the money.

11 Tickle Me Elmo Extreme ($200+)

Tickle Me Elmo was a big deal in the 90s. It was such a big deal, that their price skyrocketed very early on. We never even left the 90s before this thirty dollar toy was costing hundreds of dollars. In 1996 on Black Friday, tons of stores ran out of Tickle Me Elmos.

In short, this toy made consumers temporarily lose their minds.

What was big then is still big today, as mint-condition Tickle Me Elmos from the 1990s now sell for about two hundred dollars on eBay.

10 My Little Pony Dolls ($200+)

For better or worse, My Little Pony is certainly not the same as it was in the 90s. Bronies had yet to exist and the toys looked vastly different. The major shift in style and popularity has made the old 90s generation of pony dolls vintage and sought out by collectors.

A near mint-condition My Little Pony from 1993 is currently on eBay for almost two hundred dollars. There are some that even cost more that are from the 1980s.

9 Spice Girls Doll Collection ($200+)

Some sources say that these were the most popular celebrity dolls of all time. They came in the late 90s. For those that do not know, this British pop music group is what made the term “Girl Power” a phenomenon. They made the record making the bestselling album by a female group in history.

When you’re that successful, of course, you need your own doll lookalikes.

Today their early 90s collection is for sale on eBay in mint condition for over two hundred dollars.

8 Pokémon Cards (Hundreds Of Thousands)

Pokémon weaves up and down in terms of popularity. It certainly had its ascension not too long ago when Pokémon Go hit the phone app stores. The games are still best-sellers and the show still merrily marches on. Yes, Pokémon was the 90s craze that is still undefeated.

And wow do the cards sell for a lot online. We are not just talking a hundred or even thousands of dollars. There are people online selling mint-condition first-edition card collections for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

7 Hot Wheels ($5,000+)

Hot Wheels was around far before the 1990s and the older they are, the more money you can make. They come from far back in the late 60s.

But to stick with the 90s theme, there are certain Hot Wheel cars from the 90s that can get you a lot of dough.

One is known as the 1995 Collector Number 271 Funny Car which sells for about three hundred to five thousand dollars online depending on its condition (the more expensive one is still unopened).

6 Magic The Gathering Cards (More Than You'd Think!)

Like Pokémon, Magic the Gathering has had a constant popular stride since its release in 1993. Due to being released in the 90s, the 90s cards are widely sought after by Magic the Gathering collectors.

Their rarity will only skyrocket more as time passes.

A binder of 90s cards are on bid and the current bid is about two hundred dollars. Some individual cards can even sell for hundreds. The holy grail of the game is the Black Lotus card, which can sell for thousands.

5 Yu-Gi-Oh Cards ($250+)

Yu-Gi-Oh came out in the 90s as a manga, anime series, and card game. Unlike Pokémon though, the show was all about the card game. Episodes were two characters playing a high stakes magical game of cards. With that in mind, who would not want Yu-Gi-Oh cards if they loved the show and books?

Shadow Realm not included too.

A collection of mint-condition Yu-Gi-Oh cards from the 90s can sell for about two hundred and fifty dollars on eBay.

4 Transformer Figures ($2,000+)

While the franchise began in 1984, a Transformers toy from the 90s today can sell for a lot. After all, the first generation of the toys lasted into 1993. The marketing for these toys was huge and not just from commercials.

These toys were known for their animated shows and movies (which to this day are still being made).

One mega rare and unopened Transformer from the 90s is being sold on eBay for two thousand dollars. Man, collectors got to be rich.

3 Super Soakers ($350+)

In the summertime, you could find 90s kids frolicking and screaming in their yards as they had Super Soaker shoot-outs. They really were, and still are, a staple of kid summer fun. It’s hard to imagine a Super Soaker specific collector, but a general toy collector may find the early generation of these toys to be worth a pretty penny.

Thirteen 90s Super Soakers are for sale on eBay for three hundred and fifty dollars. You could have an intense thirteen person battle.

2 Power Ranger Figures ($450+)

The original Power Rangers happened from 1993 to 1996. So they are an original 90s icon. This franchise has comics, books, cards, TV shows, movies, and of course, toys. Lots of toys.

A big collection of rare 90s figures on eBay is selling for four hundred and fifty dollars right now.

They’ve gone through different owners, so the toys have changed a lot over time. They went from Saban to Disney to Saban Brands to Hasbro in 2018.

1 G.I. Joe Figures ($1,000+)

The G.I. Joe toy line dates back into the 1960s. However, in the 90s, it was a celebrated toy whose age did not weigh it out of the scope of kid’s interest. You could have just the weapons today and sell a bunch of them for one thousand dollars on eBay. That’s right; the weapons without the figures can even sell for a lot. That is a lot of weapons though. How many figures would you need to get use out of every single weapon that seller has?

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