The 25 Rarest Lego Sets Ever Made (And How Much They're Worth)

Lego sets have completely evolved over the past seventy years they have been around. They came from being simple children's toys, into collectible masterpieces - winning the hearts of not just kids but adults too. Over the years, there have been some magnificent sets released, and it has encouraged many to use their craft and creativity to build something truly great. But not just this, the majority of the sets we have bought are replicas of iconic landmarks from both the real world and the fictional (from some of our favorite TV shows, movies, games, and more)!

We may not realize it, but Lego sets are not just for fun. They have become one of the top investments in the world. High-end collectors are buying and selling rare sets as a way of employment. Back when Lego was only meant for the entertainment of Danish children, we bet the original founders did not expect their mini-figurines to become more popular than most celebrities!

We have gathered the 25 rarest Lego sets ever made, and how much they are worth today (ranked from least to most expensive). We have dug deep and discovered that some of the sets in this list are nowhere to be seen for sale online, making them well and truly the rarest Lego sets ever.

25 Nesquick Rabbit Film Set 4049 (2001) $200

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In 2001, as part of the Lego Studios series, the Nesquick Rabbit Film Set was released. It may not seem like all that much in comparison to some of the masterpieces we'll see, but this set is incredibly rare. The set of mini-figurines comes in a polythene bag and was available in parts of the EU when it was released in 2001. Opening the bag will devalue the set drastically, so those who want to have a peek inside must commit to the product for good, else it will not sell for the average price it is currently going for, which is around $200 (sometimes less, if you're lucky!)

24 The Batmobile 7784: Ultimate Collector's Edition (2006) $800

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The Batman Lego series has to be one of the greatest, so there is no surprise of the excitement that came about when the first ever Batman Ultimate Collector's set was released - and it was none other than the Batmobile!

This is the only Batman set that doesn't include any mini figures! How can there be no Batman in the Batmobile? Regardless, anyone who gets hold of this set is lucky, it is very rare and every Lego Batman fan out there is eager to build it and put it on their shelf.

23 Ferrari F1 Racer 1:8 (2006) $500 To $900

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For those real car lovers, Lego released this Ferrari F1 racer in 2006, and the thing that made it as rare as it is, is the working steering mechanism. When the back wheels are turned, the pistons move up and down like a real-life engine! It may not be an actual Ferrari, but it's good enough.

A section from the top of the back can also be removed and it reveals the inside parts (the engine and gears). The set can be found online for an average of $500, which isn't too much more than its original price of $139.99.

22 The Batcave: The Penguin And Mr. Freeze's Invasion (2006) $900 To $1,200

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As if the Lego Batman series wasn't cool enough! This recreation of the Batcave, which comes with mini figurines of some of our favorite characters (Mr Freeze, Penguin, Robin, Alfred, and of course Batman), is a very accurate as it depicts an original scene where Penguin and Mr Freeze infiltrate the Batcave.

This set has many cool features, including Batman's costume transformation chamber, a two-level control room, and a Bat-Signal launcher! Back in 2006, the Batcave set sold for $79.99, but over the years it has increased to an average of $999!

21 Darth Maul (2001) $1,000 To $1,500

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Launched in 2001, Lego fans were able to construct their very own replica of Darth Maul himself. He contains over 1,800 pieces, which are all incredibly hard to differentiate (black in particular), and his bust overall is 1 ft, 5 inches tall. He is a must-have, menacing model to feature inside a cool, geeky bedroom or on a living room shelf. But unfortunately, it was only on sale for a year (discontinued in 2002) and is currently being sold for around $1,700, varying on the condition of the set and whether it is boxed.

20 Shinkai 6500 Submarine 2100 (2011) $1,500

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Only 10,000 of these submarines were ever made, and they were originally only sold in Japan. The set was the very first to be voted by fans to be made into a retail collectible. During its release in 2011, the set could be bought for only $40, but now, the price has increased by over 1,500% - being sold at a highest of $1,500. If you're lucky, the Shinkai can be found at around $650 (at least!), but the likelihood is, it will be used, and there is no guarantee that a used version is in tip-top condition.

19 “Mr. Gold” Minifigures Series 10 (2013) $1,500

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Mr. Gold is the rarest mini figurine out there, purely because only 5,000 of these were made. He is almost completely colored golden and has a chrome gold finish according to the LEGO Minifigures: Character Encyclopedia. The only parts of him that aren't chrome are his white gloves and the diamond on top of his staff. Mr. Gold has the highest stats ever achieved in mini figures and is in extremely high demand.

He first came about in 2013 in celebration of the mini figurine tenth anniversary, and those lucky few who found him were given a code which directed them to the Lego website - where they could pin their location on the map as a part of "Find Mr. Gold."

18 1952 Arla Milk Truck (1990) $2,000

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The 1952 Milk Truck was released in 1990 to promote the Danish dairy food company, Arla Foods. It contains just 133 pieces, and they form one of the rarest pieces from any Lego set in the world. This edition is ridiculously hard to find and is of very high demand. Whoever owns one must be keeping it very quiet, but what we do know is that if it becomes available, we're looking at around $150 for a used set and $2,000 for it brand new (but we doubt these even exist)!

17 Rebel Snowspeeder (2004) $2,399

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Released in 2004, the Rebel Snowspeeder set was a part of the Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Series with a massive 1,457 pieces. Despite it not featuring any mini-figurines, it had some extras that really contributed to its worth. Not only does it come with a collector's card and a display stand, but it also has moving controls on the inside! Many of the pieces (particularly the cockpit on the outside of the ship) are extremely detailed. It's so much bigger than any other Lego Snowspeeder, which gives it this hefty price tag of $2,399 (new).

16 Imperial Star Destroyer (2002) $2,500

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Another member of the Ultimate Collector's series sets, meet the Imperial Star Destroyer. At the time of its release in 2002, it was the largest Lego set ever made (until the 10143 Death Star II came out). It was only around for six years, sadly retiring in 2008. During its time on sale, the set was available to buy for $299.99. But now, this has gone way up and will cost between $2,000 and $2,500 new! It may seem like a lot, but the Imperial Star Destroyer has consistently received five-star reviews and is claimed to be one of the best Lego sets of all time from many of its owners.

15 Grand Carousel (2009) $2,500

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The Grand Carousel is one of the rarest, most visually appealing Lego sets ever made. Like the airport shuttle, the carousel was one of the few sets that was made to actually function (which makes this a million times cooler!) The expert creator set has over 3,500 pieces and is a real challenge to build and get working (that's if an original set can actually be found in the first place). Brand new, you're looking at $2,500+, but even these have still been noted to have one or two parts missing, so finding a complete, new original is pretty much impossible.

14 Cafe Corner (2007) $2,500

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With exactly 2,056 pieces, the Cafe Corner Lego set (released in 2007) is now going for around $2,500, which has risen drastically from its original price of $139.99. There are many outstanding reviews written by builders who have all praised that what makes this set so great is its cutting edge design. It is a rare find but nicely completes the modular series if you manage to get hold of it.

13 King’s Castle (1984) $300-$2,500

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The King's Castle was the first set to be released in 1984 and although (for some reason) it doesn't actually feature a King mini figure, it still consists of four archers and knights, two spear-men, and two battle axe fighters, among the 664 pieces it takes to build the castle structure.

This is the first of two Crusader castles and it was also the first Lego set to be released in 1984 which makes rare, and truly vintage. Used versions are available at a low price of $300, but brand new... $2,500!

12 HC Andersen’s Clumsy Hans 4000020 (2015) $2,500 To $3,000

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Here we have another set that, upon its release (2015), was exclusive and only available to LEGOLAND Florida/Inside Tour ambassador pass holders. There is no record of an original sale price because of this, but for those who want to get their hands on one now are looking at paying around $2,600. The lucky pass holders were very happy when they received it, as it depicts the famous fictional character Clumsy Hans (one of the main characters from the children's book series by Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen). Once built, it is truly just a display model, however, it holds the hearts of many of its owners - bringing them back good memories. Therefore, we imagine they aren't going to give it up anytime soon.

11 Taj Mahal (2008) $2,800

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Back in 2008, the Taj Mahal Lego set released at $299.99 and is now up for almost $2,800! The set has over 5,500 pieces, which all inspire their Lego builders into re-creating the incredible architecture of the ivory-white marble mausoleum from the Indian city, Arga.

Tracking down one of the original sets is a real treasure hunt! And it will require a lot of patience, waiting to find a set (especially new) to come up for sale. But it is more than worth the time, as some collectors have even installed LED lights to bring their creation to life - making the set a great addition to their shelves.

10 Yoda (NY I Heart Torso) - New York Toy Fair Exclusive (2013) $3,000

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Since 2002, there have been five different mini figure versions of Yoda, each very popular. But it wasn't until 2013 where a new type of Yoda was brought into the Lego world and is now the most sought after mini figurine to date. This is purely because it was only available exclusively at the New York Toy Fair in 2013, not to mention his adorable T that reads "NY I Heart". The promotional set is extremely hard to find, and it doesn't look as if it is currently on the market. However, previously when it has been, buyers have spent almost $3,000 for one.

9 Eiffel Tower (2007) $3,000+

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The Eiffel Tower is an iconic landmark in Paris, and this set is nearly just as iconic as the real structure. Anyone who can get hold of this rare find will be able to use it as an ornament. It's that awesome. That said, this set is in a completely different league and is much more challenging than the rest. It is constructed on several base plates and reaches 42 inches high. Originally, buyers would be able to bag this for $199.99, but today, we're looking at, at least $3,000!

8 Death Star II (2005) $3,300

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The Death Star II discontinued some time ago, so the set is difficult to find. It is an incredibly detailed and faithful replica from Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, and completes the collection of the Star Wars series'. Now, it is over five times the price!

Initially in 2005, when the set was released, the Death Star II was sold at $299.99. Now, it's $3,300 brand new! Many collectors have argued they have found cheaper versions but were then disappointed to discover a piece or two was missing. It may seem like that isn't really an issue, but when you've spent hours building something incomplete we can imagine it is pretty irritating!

7 Hogwarts Castle - 3rd Edition (2007) $950 To $3,500

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Everyone loves Harry Potter, and there is nothing more exciting than being able to build your own version of Hogwarts Castle - with Lego! This set, which depicts the castle from the fifth Harry Potter movie, The Order of the Phoenix, is going for around $950 (varying on the condition of the set). However, we have found some sites selling it new for a staggering $3,500! Despite this, whoever gets their hands on one (and has the money too) is very lucky, as the set features nine mini-figures, including Dolores Umbridge, and portrays key scenes from the movie itself!

6 Airport Shuttle (1990) Up To $4,000

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The Airport Shuttle Lego set was released in 1990 and is one of the rarest sets out there. The detail and rare pieces within this set are what make it so special, and it looks and acts like a real airport shuttle. In fact, this set is fully functioning!

That's right, the airport shuttle actually works! And with 767 pieces altogether, it will be sure to keep you busy for endless hours.

5 Antonio's Pizza-Rama - New York Comic-Con Exclusive (2012) $4000

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This set is cleverly designed to appear as a real pizza box and was a promotion for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at New York Comic-Con in 2012. Who doesn't love pizza?

Not only is this set an actual slice of pizza, but it's also Lego - it can't get any better than that! Many collectors have claimed they have been searching for the exclusive for many years. The last time it popped up on eBay, it was just shy of $4,000 but there has been no sight of the set ever since...

4 Piper Airplane - Inside Tour Exclusive Edition (2012) $4,500

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We're sorry to say that only 53 copies of this set were made, and they were only available to Inside Tour 2012 attendees! There are currently absolutely zero stores selling this set and the last online place that did put it up for $4,500. What makes it so rare?

According to the back of the box, in 1962, the Lego group bought its first aeroplane - a Piper Atzec OY-FAV. One of the original pilots of this aircraft helped design the miscellaneous model to help make it as accurate as possible. There is a lot of history and meaning behind this Lego set, which definitely explains its worth.

3 Statue Of Liberty (2000) $5,000

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The Statue of Liberty really is a beast of a set. The national monument sits on the NYC harbor, and it is astonishing to see that the colossal, neoclassical statue can be recreated in Lego form! The set is a lot bigger than expected, but nowhere near the 93-metre high iconic landmark. Once built, (if you can tell the difference between the 2,800 identical green pieces), the Lego statue rises to three-feet tall!

2 Han Solo On His Tauntaun LLCA53-1 (2011) Up To $7,000

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This set of the legendary Han Solo riding a Tauntaun is super rare and comes at a very high price. Most online stores are only selling pre-owned sets, which is a lot cheaper than the new ones (which have been previously sold for almost $7,000!) The set was designed exclusively for Ambassador Pass holders at Legoland, CA in 2011. So for anyone who manages to get hold of one, there is no doubt it will have come from one of these lucky pass holders. Keep your eye out!

1 The Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon (2007) Up To $10,000

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Last, but definitely not least, the Ultimate Collector's Edition of Star Wars' Millenium Falcon 10179 sits at a price of a whopping $10,000. This is the highest price the set is sold for, so we can't rule out that with a bit of hunting it can be found for lower. However, if a collector wishes to find this brand new and unused, they can't expect to pay anything less than $6,000. When the set was first released in 2007, it was the most expensive Lego set ever made, so we can imagine why it is now going for so much. The set consists of 2,000 pieces, so building this would take some time (but it would be totally worth it!)

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