17 Of The Rarest Pics Of The NWO Every WCW Fan Needs To See

The New World Order was arguably the greatest heel turn storyline in modern professional wrestling history. It reinvigorated wrestling around the world and made it exciting again. The stable originated in World Championship Wrestling (WCW), owned by Eric Bischoff at the time, and was one of the most influential forces in the mid-to-late 1990s. It was instrumental in turning mainstream wrestling back into a more mature, adult-aimed product.

For a time, WCW topped WWF in the Monday Night Wars. Eventually, the group dissolved with the dissolution of WCW in 2001, and we haven’t seen anything like the nWo since. But there are talks on the rise of a comeback, and that’s pretty exciting to hear.

Here are 17 rare pics from the nWo days that every WCW fan needs to see.

17 Stacy Keibler Was Part Of The Crew

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Stacy Keibler has had a storied career as a model, dancer, actress, cheerleader, and retired wrestler. She joined WCW in 1999 as part of the Nitro Girls. She moved into a prominent role as the manager Miss Hancock, where her legend grew.

Before all of that though, she was spotted at Starrcade 1998 sporting a nWo shirt, cheering in the audience, a year before joining WCW, showing she was already a fan of the takeover.

16 Taking Over

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The three big heavy hitters of the nWo are shown here: Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall. The black and white tint only makes the picture more menacing.

The takeover that the New World Order sought was something that people had never seen before, and it sparked a renewed interest in wrestling like never before, too.

15 Old Legends

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This picture of Hogan, Nash, Hall, and Sting, shows that even though the troop may be getting older, they still have it in them. The nWo was last seen on WWE TV at WrestleMania 31 in 2015, and later that year Hulk Hogan was released from WWE.

But he’s been reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame, and there’s a good chance we could see these four together again in the near future.

14 Vince McMahon Trying To Be One Of The Boys

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This intimidating circle shows Vince McMahon in the foreground trying to parley with the three head honchos of now. Vince probably isn’t just striking up a conversation with this trio out of the kindness of his heart, even though the original members of the nWo are some of Vince’s favorite employees of all time.

This picture shows that he reconciled with all of them, and was happy to have them back in the stable.

13 Bring It On

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When Hulk Hogan joined the nWo in 1996, one of pro wrestling’s most famous good guys had turned to the dark side. It was arguably the greatest heel turn of all time, and it reinvigorated fans to Hogan, who had become increasingly stale during the ‘90s.

In the main event of WCW’s Bash at the Beach, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were down a man against Lex Luger, Sting, and Randy Savage. Then Hogan showed up and three-counted his old pal Macho Man, and the rest is history.

12 Bret Hart Joins The Fray

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There was a slight problem with the nWo: everyone wanted to be part of it since it was so popular. And with that being the case, there were hardly any worthy foes to fight against the group, especially when Bret Hart momentarily joined.

Having Hart feud with the nWo would have been huge for ratings, but it didn’t happen, and he never reached his potential with WCW.

11 Hulk Having A Great Time

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There is probably no group that has had more of an influence and impact on wrestling than the original lineup of the New World Order. We can see Hulk Hogan having the time of his life here, because he knew that he was back in the spotlight, where he belonged.

The Hulkster might have been a fan-favorite as a good guy, but turning heel made him more popular than ever.

10 Hulk And The Disciple

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The Disciple was Hulk Hogan’s lookalike during the nWo years—an enigma who always accompanied Hogan to the ring… and didn’t do much else. He was often seen holding his master’s championship belt, and though he looked cool, he wasn’t exactly being groomed to take Hulk’s place.

Before becoming The Disciple, he was known as Brutus Beefcake—a popular WWE wrestler. But a life-threatening injury forced him to become a ringside prop to the Hulkster.

9 NWO Invasion

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There was really nothing that the people (and fans) of the nWo wouldn’t do to make themselves known.

Graffiti wasn’t beyond them, as you can see from this picture, where someone has spray-painted an amateur logo of the New World Order over the professional logo of WCW Nitro, where they really began their rise to stardom.

8 The Unstoppable Outsiders

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The tag-team of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, known as The Outsiders, were hugely popular and influential on later tag-teams. They first formed the team in 1995, but they didn’t officially name themselves “The Outsiders” until 1996, when they returned to the WCW after leaving the WWF.

At the time, Hall was known as Razor Ramon, and he led the invasion, and was quickly followed by Nash, better known as Diesel, two weeks later.

7 Eric Bischoff And His NWO Bike

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When Eric Biscoff was still the President of WCW, at the time when the nWo came about, he was on top of the world for a short time. The storyline was initially fueled by the unexpected villainous turn of Hulk Hogan, which would become one of the most successful angles in the history of modern-day professional wrestling.

Here we see Bischoff in all his glory, during a “Road Wild” pay-per-view event, during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

6 Dennis Rodman In The NWO

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The wild man Dennis Rodman wasn’t anything close to being a talented wrestler, but he was the perfect celebrity to join the now.

Also at the height of his fame, thanks to his time with the championship-winning Chicago Bulls, Rodman was like a cartoon character who easily transitioned into the role of a professional wrestler.

5 Rodman And Hogan Helping Off Macho Man

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Here we see Dennis Rodman and Hulk Hogan helping off a limping Randy Savage, who had clearly seen better days.

After first being one of the biggest adversaries to the nWo and Hulk, he eventually had an amazing feud with Diamond Dallas Page and moved to the Wolfpac, where he then feuded with Hogan and other main eventers.

4 Scott Hall And Kevin Nash In The Crowd

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Scott Hall and Kevin Nash knew they had finally struck gold with nWo. Here we see them in the crowd with happy smiles on their faces and tickets in their hands, as if they’re just waiting to start a ruckus at the event they’re attending.

There’s even an old grandma in the background of the picture who looks like she just can’t wait to see what unfolds!

3 Sting Joins The nWo Wolfpac

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Sting was one of the main opponents of the nWo for quite a while, but even he eventually joined the Wolfpac on June 1, 1998. And this wasn’t “fake Sting,” which was a mind-blowing storyline that had everyone thinking he’d betrayed Lex Luger and the WCW.

This was the real guy—and he joined Nash’s Wolfpac to fight alongside other nWo members against Hogan’s faction of the group.

2 Petition To Bring Back The NWO

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A few years ago, there was actually a Change.org petition to bring back to the original nWo with its entire original lineup. It didn’t nearly get enough votes to become a thing, but the idea was planted, and in recent months there have been talks of getting the group back together.

Ever since Hulk Hogan was reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame, it seems he’s been itching to get the gang back together again.

1 Hulk Getting Vince’s Blessing

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The biggest sign that the nWo might be back on the rise comes from a recent interview in 2018, where Hulk Hogan announced the “reunion” tour (called “2 Sweet Tour”) with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.

He told Sports Illustrated, “First off, this whole nWo thing has Vince McMahon’s blessing. I’ve heard people say otherwise, but I have a great rapport with Vince, we talked about this, and we’re acting under his blessing. The response is incredible, much greater than we expected.”

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