Rats In India Are Being Blamed (Again) For Guzzling Confiscated Alcohol

Seized alcohol in India has gone missing and yet again, rodents are being blamed for its disappearance.

Any of us who have had pets, especially when we were children, have likely blamed them for something that they didn't really do. There's the classic "the dog ate my homework." Perhaps you smashed a vase or some crockery and shifted the blame onto your overzealous cat when your parents came sprinting into the room to see what the commotion was.

As we got older and hit our teenage years, a great many of us likely drank a little alcohol before we were legally allowed to. Some of us may have even stolen a drink from our parents that we found around the house. However, I can't imagine anyone reading this combined the two and attempted to blame animals for the alcohol going missing.


Well, that has happened in India on a much larger scale for the second time in 18 months. More specifically, in the dry state of Bihar where the consumption of alcohol is prohibited. Anyone found to have alcohol in their possession has it confiscated where it is then stored safely until it can be destroyed by government officials. However, some pesky rodents seem to keep beating them to it, as reported by International Business Times.

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When officials arrived at a godown (a warehouse) in Kaimur to destroy a batch of alcohol, they discovered that it had been tampered with. Cartons were in tatters and there was beer all over the floor. The scene naturally led those witnessing it to assume that rats were the culprits, however, upon further investigation officials could find no rats whatsoever in the godown. Curiouser and curiouser.

As mentioned above, this exact scenario has happened before, back in May of 2017. In that instance, thousands of liters of alcohol were unaccounted for and the blame was pinned on rodents. The official word in both instances is that rats were indeed to blame on both occasions. That may very well be true, especially since some of the cartons were left in tatters on the second occasion. However, it could also be some thirsty lawbreakers who did a better job of covering their tracks the second time around. We guess we'll never know.

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