10 Frighteningly Realistic Joker Cosplays Who Will Send You Screaming For Batman

Green hair and a wicked red smile can describe none other than the Joker himself. He came to life in 1940 and ever since then has graced our lives with a mixture of mayhem and chaotic laughter. He is a DC Comic masterpiece, beloved by fans as he goes toe-to-toe with Batman.


The Joker is also a popular cosplay who people love to dress up as, donning a pale face and similar garb to their favorite character. There have been numerous jokers over the years, but we have compiled the ten best Jokers who have wandered the Earth. Their realistic features set us on edge as we glimpse our nightmares come to life, as they scare our children and haunt our dreams. These Jokers will prepare us for the new Joker movie coming out in October, preparing our feeble hearts for certifiable excitement. Keep reading to see the ten best frighteningly realistic Joker Cosplays!

10 It's All About the Toys

The hair, the outfit, the props - WOW. Talk about craftsmanship and attention to minor detail. This Joker nails it with his sideways glance and expertly painted knife, instilling fear into our hearts about what he might do to us with its sharp edge. Will he gut us or make it a slow painful death for him to savor for years to come? His velvet purple jacket speaks to his finer tastes as it accentuates the paleness of his features. Your children won't be able to sleep tonight after glimpsing this horrifying Joker rendition.

9 Nurse Joker Ready to Ruin Your Plans

You might never set foot into a hospital again after seeing this Joker. Everyone is curious about what he has stored in his bag, their legs already running for the exit upon spotting it. He could be armed with guns or explosives or something so vile, our minds too innocent, to wrap our heads around it. His uniform says he is here to help us but his black eyes and runny smile say otherwise. He is every patient's worst nightmare, but that is the beauty of this cosplay.

8 A Joker Straight From The Comics

Comic book lovers will appreciate this cosplay as their favorite drawing is brought to life. His pronounced chin speaks volumes about the amount of work and facial sculpting it took to transform this average man into the Joker. His smile is practiced and his crooked nose sets him apart from lesser cosplays, making you wary of his intentions despite knowing it's all an act. He is comic perfection as he creates chaos and anarchy out of nothing, proving his worth as a true Joker.

7 The Movies Created a Nightmare

This Joker cosplay is so realistic that one look has you scared to be alone at night. You may find yourself watching out the window for the glint of his metal grill or a pale tatted face watching you beneath the street lamp. He might haunt your every thought as you struggle to think about anything else besides his horrifying features.


This Joker was scary in Suicide Squad, but knowing someone was able to recreate that exact look scares you even more than the movie.

6 Heath Ledger, Is That You?

Heath Ledger played an absolutely frightening Joker in The Dark Night as he took on Batman with his messy hair and makeup. This Joker Cosplay was spot on as his features were styled to perfection. He looks so natural on the darkened street as he creepily glances over at a passerby. We half expect him to pull out a pencil and use our faces to make it disappear, followed by his sinister hair-raising laughter. This man nailed his cosplay, leaving us all with a sense of dread in the pits of our stomachs.

5 We Never Asked For the Detective Comics To Come To Life

This cosplay is a copy of the Joker from the Detective Comics, where Batman was in a constant struggle to take him down. Every strand of his perfect green hair is styled just right, the shadows of his face probably not completely faked. His ruby smile makes us cringe, as we dread what he might do in his new playground outside of Gotham. We want to shove him back into the pages where he came from and lock him there with no means to escape, wishing for peace to grace the world once again.

4 We Will Pass on This Game of Cards

It would be hard to believe anyone would agree to a game of cards with this cosplay Joker. His battle armor says enough about his intentions in your neighborhood, and it most likely involves some sort of catastrophic explosion. His twisted smile is disturbing, to say the least, as it continues to portray a smile that doesn't exist.


We might accept to play in his game out of fear for our lives, but we won't enjoy a single second of it or play to win either.

3 Who Has Batman on Speed Dial?

This Joker cosplay will have you ordering or creating your own bat signal to call for help. His joyful smile is anything but sincere as he boldly faces the camera, thriving in the spotlight like the true villain he is. His eyes reek of insanity and it is possible he escaped from a mental hospital to attend this function, busting out of his pillow prison with the crowbar in his hand. We feel our hearts racing as we look upon this perplexing image, wondering how someone could pull off a cosplay so masterfully.

2 This Should Send Chills Down Your Spine

When you glimpse this Joker cosplay it may feel like a bucket of ice water was dumped over your head as goosebumps race over every section of your body. The lines in his face are so defined we know he is the real deal, as we ask why the Batman behind him doesn't have him in handcuffs yet. You might be wondering if Batman is as mesmerized by the accuracy of this Joker, mentally incapable of processing anything else at the moment, as both of your minds are blown by the uncanny resemblance.

1 Harley Quinn's Man

This is the Joker Cosplay we know Harley Quinn would have been all over. His smile can only be described as fiendish, but it also charms us in a wicked sort of way. He looks like he was carved from a slab of marble, putting a spell over every female he comes into contact with. We worry what his mother would say if she saw this image of him, as she would wonder if he had turned rogue and chased his dream of becoming a real life Joker.


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