4 Reality TV Hosts Who Are Jerks (16 That Are Sweethearts)

Reality television has grown increasingly popular over the last decade. We have watched families grow up, seen nobodies win huge amounts of money and witnessed some of the most ridiculous forms of entertainment in existence.

Many of these reality shows need a host to keep things moving along smoothly and all the entertainment coming. Reality TV hosts deal with all sorts of different people on their shows. How they treat the contestants or stars of the show often reflects on how viewers feel about them as a person, whether they’re talented or not.

Depending on the specific show, the amount of airtime a host receives varies, but either way, it’s pretty easy to determine if the host is an unpleasant jerk or a loveable sweetheart. Let’s see how these popular reality TV hosts fall on the scale.

20 Gordon Ramsay Is Paid To Be Cruel


Gordon Ramsay is the host of several different food-based competition shows. Since the start of his reality television days, in the early 2000s, Gordon Ramsay has become notorious for his bad attitude and cruel humor.

In real life, though, Gordon isn’t the jerk he plays on television. He knows his over-the-top character is super popular, so he does what he has to do on camera.

19 Cat Deely Makes Genuine Connections


Cat Deely has been the lovable, quirky host from So You Think You Can Dance since 2005. She has often been called the best reality TV host and that’s not by any mistake.

She makes such beautiful and comforting connections with the contestants; there is no doubt about it that they are totally genuine, too.

18 Tom Bergeron Is Snarky But Sweet


If there’s one thing we can say about Dancing with the Stars’ host, Tom Bergeron is that he is one of the wittiest and warm reality TV hosts. He doesn’t care if you’re a contestant or a judge, he’s going to ruffle feathers if he sees fit.

But it’s never out of hate when Tom Bergeron picks on you, it’s all in good fun.

17 Phil Keoghan Is Always Engaging And Fair


Traveling around dozens of countries can’t be easy for anyone, but Phil Keoghan, from The Amazing Race, makes it look like cake. He is without a doubt our favorite energized reality TV host.

He is always fair and engaging with the show’s racers, even the most annoying teams get his focus at the finish line.

16 Jerk - Tyra Banks Uses America’s Next Top Model To Promote Herself


Over the years, Tyra Banks and America’s Next Top Model have been plagued with controversy. Tyra Banks has been accused of making the show all about her and less about the competition.

Her remarks to certain contestants about life-style choices and appearances have been frowned upon and received major backlash.

15 Chris Harrison Is Super Charming


Chris Harrison is the daddy figure of the Bachelor series of reality shows. He has consistently shown up each year for over a decade. He’s always charming, no matter what kind of wild antics take place on the show.

He is a total sweetheart, though, because he’s there for the star of the show during the emotional and heart-wrenching moments.

14 RuPaul Is One Of The Most Fabulous Hosts


RuPaul continues growing in popularity in the reality television universe. His show, RuPaul’s Drag Race is one of the most fabulous competition shows out there right now.

RuPaul knows how to work it and keep things easy going while giving out “fierce” critiques. Plus, how can anyone who says, “Sashay away,” being anything but a sweetheart.

13 Mike Rowe Showed The Dirty Side Of Reality


Mike Rowe is most known for his hosting on Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Job” series. He is the man who wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty showing the reality of a hard day of work.

He knew how to keep things lighthearted and fun when things got messy.

12 Jerk - Ryan Seacrest Forgets He Isn’t The Star Of The Series


Ryan Seacrest rose to fame from his gig on American Idol. He’s a huge name in the hosting business now, and he knows it.

On American Idol though, he is the man who knows how to really drag out time and push contestants to breaking points when they’re already stressed out.

11 Matt Iseman Is A Physician Turned Host


This picture of Matt Iseman says it all. He’s the big tough man who hosts American Ninja Warrior, but he’s a total softy.

Matt is super supportive of the contestants on the show, because he knows what they’re going through. He might not have done some ninja moves, but he has beaten cancer and continues to show he’s a tough guy.

10 Jeff Probst Supports Contestants During Turmoil


Jeff Probst is the long-time host of Survivor, and we hope he never goes anywhere. He always shows an amazing amount of energy that is so pure and contagious.

He asks all the right questions and connects with contestants, even when things get awkward and questionable. Jeff has shown he’s supportive during medical and emotional turmoil.

9 Nick Cannon Was An America’s Got Talent Favorite


When Nick Cannon hosted America’s Got Talent it was everything. It was a sad moment when he left the show. He was engaging with all the contestants, no matter how strange they were.

Nick Cannon never passed judgment on the performing acts and he was always on his A-game. He was really good at making people feel comfortable when their nerves got out of hand.

8 Jerk - Julie Chen Isn’t Called ‘Chenbot’ For Nothing


Julie Chen has been the host of CBS’ “Big Brother” for several years. She has basically become the face of the show, people instantly recognize her. But this isn’t always a good thing.

Julie has been given the nickname “Chenbot,” because of how unpleasant and robotic she is. Julie has no problem calling out contestants for their misbehavior.

7 Joanna Gaines Is America’s Sweetheart


Joanna Gaines is the brains behind the muscle in her popular home-renovating shows with her husband, Chip Gaines. She is the mother of five beautiful children, and her motherly side is always present.

Joanna always takes her clients’ thoughts and desires into consideration and is great at easing any discomfort they may have.

6 Terry Crews Is A Totally Wholesome Guy


Terry Crews is the newest host for America’s Got Talent, and let’s just say we love him in this hosting gig. He’s is a complete teddy bear for contestants.

He’s fun and accepting and never shows any sign of being uncomfortable in the awkward positions he’s often put into. We hope he sticks around for a while on the show.

5 TJ Lavin Knows How To Give Tough Love


MTV’s “The Challenge” would be a complete mess without its host, TJ Lavin. Before hosting the popular competition-based reality show, TJ was a professional BMX rider.

As a host, TJ has to deal with some of the wackiest groups of people in some of the craziest situations possible. But he keeps it together and encourages them when things get really difficult.

4 Jerk - Carson Daly Has Too Many Bad Jokes


Carson Daly was a popular face on MTV during the height of TRL’s popularity. Now, he hosts The Voice on NBC. He has a tough job of keeping the judges from succumbing to their constant bickering, but he does alright at it.

Carson has earned himself a bad reputation after making some insensitive jokes a few years back though, according to People.

3 Nev Schulman Takes Down Catfishers


If anyone knows how to deal with people who catfish, it’s the show’s host Nev Schulman. Nev first entered our lives as someone who got catfished. He actually made that a popular term used commonly.

Nev helps people determine if the person they are talking to on the internet is really who they say they are. When things get complicated, Nev is always there to lend a shoulder to cry on.

2 Ted Allen Is The Warmth Needed In Tough Competition


Chopped is a fast-paced, down to the nitty-gritty, reality competition show. There isn’t really much room for a host on the cooking show, but Ted Allen has made a name for himself there.

He doesn’t discriminate or judge the contestants harshly and is always a fun-spirited presence on Food Network.

1 Padma Lakshmi Is Full Of Light-Hearted Humor


Padma Lakshmi is the host of the cooking competition show, Top Chef. She has been the host for 14 consecutive seasons, so she must be doing something right.

Padma is obviously a foodie and shows real enjoyment with her hosting job. She effortlessly mixes light-hearted humor with real food critiques and isn’t afraid to laugh at her own awkward situations.

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