The Poignant Reason Why Dairy Milk Bars Are About To Lose Their Words

Cadbury is removing the words from its Dairy Milk bars, and there is a touching and worthy reason for the change.

As advances in medicine continue, the average life expectancy of many countries continues to increase. There's actually a belief among some scientists and doctors that the first person who'll live to 150 is alive right now. It could be you! However, an increased life expectancy means an aging population in many parts of the world.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be if you consider that many of our older citizens are ignored, neglected, and forgotten about. According to homecare.co.uk, around 225,000 pensioners can go up to a week without speaking to a single person in the UK. We often go crazy and feel pretty down after one day, so just imagine how it must feel to go an entire week without any human interaction whatsoever.

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That's why Cadbury has teamed up with charity Age UK in an attempt to raise awareness about the loneliness of the elderly. It is doing so in a rather unique way. By donating the words from what is undoubtedly its most iconic packaging. The Dairy Milk bar. The wrapper will no longer say Dairy Milk, and will instead just feature the glass and a half of milk which represents how much goes into every bar.

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On top of that, 30p ($0.37) from every bar sold will be donated to Age UK. Aside from the money being raised, the hope of Cadbury and Age UK is that the campaign will urge and remind people to reach out to older generations. Whether they be relatives they don't speak to as often as they could, or strangers at the supermarket. The awareness being spread could make a real change to the lives of those who go days without speaking to anyone.

Chances are you may have already seen one of these wrappers in your local store as they started being rolled out last week. Now you know the meaning behind the wrapper, we'd hope you'll be more inclined to buy one. We'll certainly be doing so. Any excuse to eat more chocolate, especially since it is for a very good cause.

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