10 Signs You’re The Carrie Bradshaw Of Your Friend Group

Carrie Bradshaw is one of the most memorable television characters of all time. On Sex & the City, she lived a dream life in New York, with a huge apartment, a closet we would all kill for, and the best of friends.

You may not write for Vogue or own such a lavish home, but you may still be the Carrie of your friend group. Are you obsessed with fashion? Are you constantly finding yourself having to choose between two loves in your life? Do you live for evening drinks and weekend brunches?

If you answered yes and if the following statements sound like you... you’re such a Carrie.

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10 You’re Obsessed With Shopping

Mandatory Credit: Photo By ERIK C PENDZICH / Rex Features / courtesy Everett Collection

Carrie could shop until she dropped. It was kind of her thing. Whether she was happy and celebrating something or upset and needing retail therapy, she could often be found turning to Fifth Avenue. Does that sound familiar? Do you also thrive on buying chic new products and trying out the latest styles? If so, we totally understand. Shopping is a great way to relax and a great way to try out new trends!

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9 You Enjoy Working Through Your Problems

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Since Carrie was a writer, she could use her popular column as a way to work through personal problems. Fans got to hear her voice on the show, as she talked about her issues and thought about who she was and what to do. Whether you journal it out, see a therapist, vent on social media, or do yoga to wash away stress, you probably enjoy working through your problems! We encourage you to keep being like Carrie here, as you deal with stress in a positive way.

8 You’re Always In A Love Triangle... Or Square…

Via: Cosmopolitan

One of the biggest aspects of Sex & the City was relationships – specifically Carrie’s with Aidan and Carrie’s with Mr. Big. We could argue all day about with whom she should have ended up. The point is, however, that if you are anything like Carrie, you always find yourself having to choose between relationships, stuck in weird love triangles, or worse. But, as we know from this television show, relationship woes can lead to lots and lots of good, too!

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7 You Go After Your Dreams

Via: Haute People

There is more to Carrie Bradshaw than shoes, men, and drinks; she was a super inspiring character! She moved to New York to chase after her dream. She ended up turning her passion into a career. She was truly happy with her life. We definitely hope you have the drive, success, and determination that this lady had - even if you don't have a closet like hers (yet)!

6 And You Keep Your Money Right Where You Can See It

Via: Fashion Magazine

Speaking of which, if you do chase your dreams and hustle like Carrie and if you are a true fashionista like her, then you probably also follow one of her biggest rules: Keep your money right where you can see it. Carrie’s closet was amazing, to say the least, and you probably spend your hard-earned cash on luxurious items, too. If you don't tend to purchase new shoes and handbags like her, you might be more interested in first-edition books, collectible figurines, designer furniture items. We appreciate that you spoil yourself – you deserve it now and then!

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5 You’re A Style Icon

Via: Bustle

As mentioned, fashion was a big deal to Carrie, and she definitely knew what she was doing. To this day, she ends up on lists of the most fashionable characters out there. She was not afraid to take risks, and it paid off. You probably also always look super stylish and totally trendy, and we love that.

4 You May Use Your Kitchen As An Extra Closet

Via: Refinery29

We all have flaws, and Carrie was not a pro in the kitchen. You may not be either, but that is okay! She ate out, you probably eat out, she used her oven as storage, and you may get creative when it comes to all of this, too. Can you imagine how many pairs of shoes she had? She needed the storage! If that sounds familiar, you're probably a Carrie.

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3 You Love A Good Cosmopolitan

Via: youtube.com

Most of us enjoy unwinding with a drink now and then, but for Carrie and her pals, enjoying a cosmopolitan was a ritual. Do you celebrate with a drink of choice? Do you also turn to that alcoholic beverage when you’re upset? Are you obsessed with cosmos? Then, once again, you may be a Carrie!

2 You May Not Have It All Together

Via: Sankles

Let us remember, as well, that Carrie was just another human. She made mistakes and got stressed out. You may not have it all together, but you just keep trying, keep moving and keep on working to be the best version of you, which is really all you can do!

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1 But Your Friends Get You Through Everything

Via: Pinterest

When you do have those hiccups, bumps in the road, and upsetting times, you probably have a group of friends to which you can turn. A group of various personalities like a flirt, a tough girl and someone sensitive that is there for you no matter what, just like Carrie’s friends were. Our friend groups may not have quite as much drama as these ladies had –hopefully,– and we may not all get invited to parties at which celebs end up, but that doesn't matter. With our loved ones, we've got it all.

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