20 Reasons No One Should Ever Buy An Electric Car

The concept of electric cars definitely is an alluring one. There is no question that car manufacturers have the right mindset, as they are vehicles that are supposed to help reduce the automotive industry's impact on the environment. This is something that the automobile world should be looking to do at all times, as it is clear that traditional cars have definitely polluted the Earth. However, with this being stated, there are a number of significant issues with electric cars that need to be fixed before they can taken seriously.

With all that has been stated thus far, we will be looking at 20 reasons why no one should ever buy an electric car. It is important to note that these issues have been proven numerous times and they seem to occur with every single type of electric car. There are just too many problems that we are seeing that absolutely need to be addressed. In time, it is likely that these problems can be resolved by car manufacturers, but they need to fix them as soon as possible. In some cases, these lead to these vehicles actually being worthy of being called dangerous. That is just not a good look and consumers, though turning to electric cars in greater numbers, still display a fair amount of wariness about purchasing their futuristic vehicles.

Now, let's look at these electric car flaws!

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20 Too Expensive

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One of the major reasons why one should never buy an electric car is that they are far too expensive. It would make sense for them to be a little costly because of the technological advances that come with them, but their set prices are just outrageous.

When seeing how they are not perfect cars, this is something that makes people begin to avoid them. There are a lot of issues that need to be fixed before these cars being at these prices will be justifiable. Until then, criticism will be warranted and should be given to electric cars at every opportunity.

19 Structured Poorly

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There is no question that electric cars always seem to be structured poorly. This is likely because of the fact that car manufacturers are still trying to refine these cars into being truly special. However, it is clear that the problems that are coming from them are ridiculous.

No car is entirely perfect, but at the end of the day, there is a very clear trend that electric cars seem to possess major problems each and every time. There is hope that these vehicles will turn out to be better, but man, it is apparent that they are structured abysmally at this present time.

18 Far Too Heavy

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A significant reason for a lot of the problems that come with electric cars is the fact that they all seem to be far too heavy. According to Electrek, this puts a lot of pressure on the entirety of the vehicle, and that is just a recipe for bad things to happen all over. This only becomes far worse with the more usage these cars go through.

In time, the weight of these cars should continue to drop. In fact, at this point, it truly is a necessity. It is absolutely unacceptable for these cars to be having the problems they always seem to get from the immense amount of weight they possess.

17 Way Too Much Hype

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The hype that follows electric cars takes away from the fact that they deserve more criticism. It is understandable that the idea of having an electric car is alluring. These vehicles are supposed to be great for the environment, as they get rid of gasoline consumption.

However, when seeing how car manufacturers have a lot of work to do to actually perfect these cars, they deserve far less praise than they are receiving. Now is definitely not the time to say that they are better than regular cars, as they still have a ton of bugs that need to be worked out.

16 A/C and Heater Issues

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Another major reason why electric cars should be avoided at this present time is the fact that they are prone to having a ton of A/C and heater problems. According to Car Complaints, this is especially seen with the Chevrolet Volt. This is absolutely terrible because of the fact that sometimes we desperately need them to work during the extreme weather patterns we face.

It is known that many regular cars have these problems as well, but it is clear that this needs to end from electric cars especially. As previously stated, these cars are ridiculously expensive, so an issue of this magnitude should absolutely not be presenting itself through them.

15 Complicated To Maintain

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There is no question that electric cars are built differently than regular cars. This is a direction that the creators of these vehicles were going for, and it is understandable why this is the case. It allowed them to produce unique cars for the automobile world. However, this makes maintaining them even harder.

There is no question that most mechanics do not have the tools or knowledge to actually help fix these cars. This, in turn, makes maintaining these vehicles far more challenging, as it is hard to actually find service. In time, this definitely needs to change if electric cars are ever going to become the norm.

14 Premature Rattles

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As previously stated, electric cars often tend to be far too heavy for the parts that they possess. With that being said, it is quite common to see these vehicles experience premature rattling. This issue does not normally present itself with regular cars for a number of years.

However, this problem can display itself just after a few months of usage with the vast majority of electric cars. This definitely is not ideal, as it can lead to even more damage to the car later down the road. According to The Drive, this is especially common when it comes to cars from Tesla.

13 Limited Charging Stations

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One of the most challenging parts of owning an electric vehicle is the fact that charging stations are nowhere as easy to find as gas ones. This is especially the case when it comes to areas where electric cars are not used much at all. This can leave drivers stranded if they are not careful.

Electric car manufacturers are not to blame for this, but this is a significant reason why it would be best to avoid these vehicles at this present time. It just seems to be a major gamble to drive these cars for long distances, and that is particularly challenging for someone who enjoys traveling.

12 Far Less Roadside Service

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Something that can be deemed as a bit irritating about owning an electric car is that there are far less roadside services available. This is definitely because of the fact that the parts that are used for electric cars are far different than those that are found on more traditional vehicles.

In time, this is a problem that hopefully will be resolved. It is absolutely devastating to think that the owners of electric cars could very well end up in trouble if the problems of their cars cannot be fixed. This definitely should not be occurring with vehicles that are coming at such high prices.

11 Maintenance Costs

via Electrek

It naturally costs a lot of money to get maintenance done on expensive cars. However, with electric cars having such obscure parts compared to others, this only adds more fuel to the fire when it comes to this severe problem. As time progresses, this area may prove to become less expensive.

This definitely is a huge reason as to why it would be wise to avoid getting electric cars at the moment. It has already been noted that these type of cars come with many significant problems, especially when looking at electric cars on Car Complaints. It just does not seem to worth the trouble.

10 Technological Malfunctions

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Many electric cars have a lot of technological components. This makes a lot of sense, as they are meant to be cars that are advanced. However, according to Car Complaints, these cars end up going through a significant amount of malfunctions with this type of equipment.

Car manufacturers are still working on perfecting this aspect of these cars. Problems seem to arise especially after there are system updates for the vehicle. At the end of the day, it is quite clear that this definitely needs to be changed in the future. It simply is unacceptable for drivers to deal with.

9 Flat Tires Are Common

via Road and Track

As previously stated, it has been noted that electric vehicles tend to be too heavy for the parts that they possess. According to Car Complaints, this also applies to their tires, as this makes them experience flat tires pretty regularly. This is not ideal in the slightest, as it can leave its owners stranded.

Perhaps it is time for car manufacturers to create far stronger tires for these vehicles. If they cannot find a way to make the vehicles becoming lighter, this quite honestly needs to occur. Until they figure out this significant issue, this is another reason why these cars must be avoided at this present time.

8 Weak In The Cold

via Bunch of Cars

Due to the fact that these cars run on a battery, it makes it hard for them to handle extremely cold weather. According to Car Complaints, this leads to these cars having a very tough time producing at the same levels that they have the potential to be at in warmer climates.

In time, this needs to be fixed. It is quite clear that with these cars being so expensive, the owners should be getting something that is able to handle colder weather. Alas, this just happens to not be the case right now. It is another reason why it would be wise to avoid these type of vehicles entirely.

7 Replacing Batteries

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At some point during the time you own an electric car, battery replacements will be needed. This definitely is not ideal, as it is very challenging to dispose of the used-up one. It does not help that this needs to occur pretty frequently, as it is not an easy task in the slightest.

Car manufacturers definitely need to provide more assistance when it comes to this type of repair in the future. There is no question that this is a very difficult part of owning an electric car, even if it is essential. At the end of the day, more needs to be done to make this work out better.

6 Braking Systems Are Different

via Guide Auto

According to Electrek, electric cars like Tesla have an entirely different kind of braking system. It can be noted that this is actually very difficult to get used to, as it is far different than the way that we see with our traditional vehicles. It honestly seems to be a bit excessive for car manufacturers to do this.

It is understandable that manufacturers are aiming to make electric cars known for being different, but this basic feature should not have been altered by them. At the end of the day, the brakes are there to protect us from harm and should be the easiest element to use when driving.

5 Steering Delays

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There is no question that steering is one of the most important parts of driving. It is the element of cars that determine the direction in which we are heading, so it must always be working at an efficient rate. However, according to Car Complaints, steering delays are quite the norm when it comes to electric cars.

This definitely is something that cannot continue as time progresses. It is inexcusable for these type of vehicles to not perform this simple task correctly, especially when seeing how they always are so expensive. This ultimately cannot keep occurring with these types of cars.

4 Drives Poorly In Snow

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If you live in a colder climate during winter time, there is no question that a car that can handle the snow is needed. This is exactly why electric cars are not the best of choices for people in these type of situations. According to Car Complaints, these cars often have issues driving in the snow.

It is important to note that many traditional cars have this problem as well, but it is hard to find a single electric car that actually has the performance to drive effectively in snow. This honestly should be a major red flag for potential buyers, so they must weigh their options carefully.

3 Charging Takes A Long Time

via The Verge

Not only does finding a charging station take a lot of effort, but it also takes the cars a long time to actually finish this task. In fact, according to Electrek, it can take hours for these cars to get a full battery, which of course is a necessity. This is something that definitely needs to change in the future.

It is hard to remain productive while waiting for your electric vehicle to finish charging. It also does not make sense to risk being stranded by only charging it for a few minutes, especially when charging stations are so scarce. It just is a completely broken system when it comes to charging right now.

2 Shorter Lifespans

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When looking at all of the issues that come with electric cars, it is quite apparent that these vehicles are prone to having shorter lifespans. I mean, how could they not? They seem to possess every major issue that a vehicle can have, and that is just absolutely outrageous.

In time, for this not to become a known fact, car manufacturers need to find a way to build these vehicles in a far stronger manner. There is no question that electric cars do have the potential to be quite special, but that cannot happen when they are as poorly built as they currently are.

1 Not Really Environmentally Friendly

via Car and Driver

Perhaps the biggest reason why one should not buy an electric car is the fact that they go against their biggest claim: they are actually not very environmentally friendly. Just like traditional cars, they do end up increasing pollution on Earth, and it is why so many people criticize them.

The idea of making a truly green car is outstanding. These cars definitely are aiming to do that. However, this is a practice that definitely needs to be explored further than it is right now. It just is so abundantly clear that these cars are nowhere near where they are supposed to be, especially when seeing that they also create pollution.

Sources: Electrek, Car Complaints, and The Drive.

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