20 Times Red Dead Redemption 2 Made No Sense (And Nobody Cared)

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a video game (you probably already knew that), and many video games don't make logical sense. In order to provide a fun and engaging experience, games need to rid themselves of the burdens of reality. With that said, RDR 2 is still packed with realistic details. In fact, the game's realism is often a point of contention. Some people love the languid pace and sense of complete immersion, while others want a more "video game-y" experience.

With that said, there are still plenty of ridiculous things in this game that don't make a lick of sense, whether they be gameplay mechanics or plot contrivances. But because this is a video game, and because the plot is mostly well-told and logical, we simply don't care. After all, video games require a certain imagination and forgiving nature to be fully enjoyed. If you start thinking about the logic of a video game's world, your head would explode from frustration.

Read Dead Redemption 2 often doesn't make much sense, as the following entries will prove, but we simply don't care.

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20 Arthur Never Infects Anyone

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TB is a very contagious disease, and all it took was a simple cough for Arthur to become infected. And by the end of the game, Arthur is hacking all over the place. Yet he never infects a single person. Curious. However, we were so invested in the story and the characters by the end of the game that we simply didn't care. We just wanted to see how their individual arcs played out, TB or no.

19 The Gang Never Pays A Bounty

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One of the major plot points of the game is that the gang can never return to Blackwater. But couldn't they have just paid off their bounty? Maybe, maybe not, but we were having so much fun in the rest of the map that we didn't really care about exploring the west. And maybe their crimes were so terrible that they couldn't pay them off. But if that's the case...

18 Paying Off Bounties

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So, let us get this straight. You can commit terrible atrocities across town, steal everybody's horses, rob all the stores, eliminate half the city's population, and wipe out the entire police force... but if you pay a couple hundred dollars, you're off scot-free. Now what the heck kind of sense does that make? The law doesn't work like that. Even if it doesn't, this mechanic is certainly better than being wanted for the rest of the game.

17 The Selfie Camera

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Who knew late 19th century cameras had the capacity to move by themselves? In this game's selfie mode, you place the camera on the ground and move it with the joysticks... while Arthur is kneeling, like, five feet away. So how is the camera moving? Does Arthur keep lucking out with passersby? Is his camera magic? Can he control it with his mind? Who cares? Let's just take the pretty picture and get on with it.

16 Arthur Never Uses His Money To Move The Gang

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Throughout the game's story, the gang moves from location to location, all while scouring enough money to move. Meanwhile, Arthur is sitting there eating beans with the rest of them while $3,000 sits in his pockets. Surely he could have used that money to move the gang somewhere safer instead of buying chicken coops. But then the story would be over, and we don't want that.

15 Arthur's Sudden Strength

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By the end of the game, Arthur is coughing everywhere, his skin is all gross, he's gaunt, and he can barely walk on two feet without collapsing. Yet during the climax, he rides his horse like he's in the Kentucky Derby, he climbs a freaking mountain, and he beats Micah to a pulp. Where on Earth did this sudden spur of strength come from? Adrenaline, maybe, but we think adrenaline only goes so far when you're literally falling to pieces. But it made for a cool finale, so who cares?

14 Fast Travel From Camp

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The world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is absolutely stunning, so we didn't really mind having to ride our horse everywhere. But it would have made more sense if Rockstar had just cut out fast travel entirely. Instead, you can fast travel from camp for some unknown reason, even though Arthur doesn't really do anything specific to trigger a fast travel. He just gets on his horse and rides. So why can't we just do that all the time?

13 Traveling Time

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And speaking of traveling, Arthur and his horse must have superhuman speed or something. You can travel from the dry desert to the snowy mountains in like four in-game hours, which obviously doesn't make a lick of sense. But this is a video game, and this kind of stuff never really mattered in video games. You just kind of go with it and enjoy the scenery without thinking about the sheer amount of distance you are traveling.

12 The Rhodes Police Don't Know About The Gang

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The second act of this game sees the Van der Linde gang hiding out in Rhodes and ingratiating themselves into the police force. But how on Earth did the Rhodes police not know about these people? They are an infamous gang, and Dutch's face is plastered on wanted posters all over the country. Dutch didn't even bother shaving! Surely the sheriff would have recognized the most wanted man in the country?

11 Dutch Never Sends A Woman To Blackwater

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The Van der Linde are shut out of Blackwater due to the botched heist, but it's established that the women of the gang do not partake in the robberies. So why didn't Dutch just send one of the women to Blackwater to retrieve the stash of money? She could have just waltzed in, taken the cash, and waltzed back out without anyone being none the wiser. But, once again, that would mean the premature conclusion of the story. Imagine how mad everyone would be if the story lasted ten hours.

10 Why Did Molly Confess?

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Near the end of the game, Molly tells Dutch that she ratted out the gang to the Pinkertons. But we later find out that it was Micah who was working with the agency, not Molly. So... why did Molly make up a blatant lie? Yes, she was drunk, and yes, she wanted attention from Dutch, but to make up such a flagrant and dangerous lie? Now that's just silly. But hey, it made for a cool plot twist we suppose, so we can forgive it.

9 Gun Maintenance

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Apparently in the world of Red Dead Redemption, gun maintenance requires little more than a quick swipe of a rag. It's certainly convenient for the player, because honestly, who wants to spend all that time cleaning, dismantling, and re-building a weapon? But it's kind of weird for the game to put so much emphasis on gun maintenance and performance only for it to be solved with a two-second swipe of a rag. We're pretty sure weapons are more complicated than that.

8 Arthur Can't Open Doors

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The problem with making indoor environments in an open world game is that everyone wants to explore. But, naturally, exploration is always hindered by a curiously locked door. This is common in open world titles, because making EVERY building explorable would require insane amounts of work and money. And honestly, we're all used to the frustration at this point. But, then again, maybe the doors are just locked. That's always a possibility.

7 Disguises Don't Work

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In order to successfully rob banks or establishments without the law getting on your tail, you need to wear some sort of disguise. Only, these disguises never seem to work. You can wear an executioner's hood and mask your entire face, and yet everyone still somehow knows that it's Arthur Morgan under the hood. And yes, this mechanic does frustrate some people, but it can also be forgiven. After all, simply donning a bandanna and walking away every single time wouldn't make for very exciting gameplay, would it?

6 Dead Eye

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The dead eye mechanic is Red Dead Redemption's most unique gameplay feature. Yet it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense. It's supposed to represent intense focus, yet it comes across like Arthur has superhuman abilities. He somehow has the focus of a hawk, and he can pop off ten rounds in three seconds with all of his shots landing on his desired target. Arthur must be a sharpshooter for the ages, because that is just nonsense. But when it looks as cool as Dead Eye, no one really cares.

5 Horses Never Get Hurt

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Horses can be in one of two states in this game - perfectly healthy and fit, or deceased. Yes, they get tired and hungry and sore, but they never get hurt, even if you barrel into a boulder at mach horse speed. They just get right back up as if it was nothing, maybe a little banged up but certainly not injured. But then again, it would be annoying having to tend to horse injuries or take them to a horse specialist. It's much easier just giving them an apple on the road and going about your day.

4 Arthur's TB Works Way Too Fast

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Arthur's gradual downfall is one of the most tragic things in gaming, so we can forgive the complete butchering of the timeline. In game time, Arthur goes from infected to diagnosed to deceased in what seems like a matter of weeks, maybe even a few months. But according to the New York Department of Health, symptoms don't appear until months after initial infection, and it can take years to become weak enough to pass away.

3 Randomly Meeting Strangers

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One of the core concepts of Rockstar open worlds is meeting strangers. These strangers, many of them reoccurring, are peppered throughout the massive world, and it's always exciting to see an old friend in some remote part of the map. But seriously, what are the chances of that? How many times have you met someone in town only to see them again in some far-off, remote location three hours away? And how many times have you seen the same stranger three of four times throughout your life? No times.

2 Characters Wait Forever

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This is just another aspect of Rockstar's worlds that we have all grown to ignore. You know how it goes - a character gives you a mission and tells you to meet them at a specific place, let's say a bar. You can mess around for ten hours before remembering, "Oh yeah, there's a story in this game." And then you go to the location, and sure enough, there's the character, who has been waiting for in-game months. It doesn't make a lick of sense, especially in this game where time is of the essence. But what is the alternative? Disappearing main story missions?

1 Ross Finds John Too Soon

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The end of the game sees Ross finding John on his ranch, leading into the events of Red Dead Redemption. The only problem is that this is implied to take place in 1907/08, and Red Dead Redemption doesn't take place until 1911. So, what did Ross do for four or five years? Sit around Blackwater and play cards? Regardless, it makes for an emotional gut punch of an ending, so we can forgive the oversight in the timeline.

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