20 Dumbest Plot Holes In Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an incredible game. It offers a gaming experience no other game can match - at least for those of us who are into quality western games where we can practically smell the gunsmoke.

The characters almost feel real, and they will certainly live on long after we've finished the game... which most of us will probably do more than once, just to see the different endings.

While RDR2 definitely deserves its place in the video game Hall of Fame, it does have a couple of flaws. They're nothing major that ruins the entire experience, but they are annoying enough to keep us thinking about them long after we've finished the game.

Let's just jump straight in and take a closer look at the 20 dumbest plot holes in the game.

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20 Ross And Milton Don't Follow Arthur To The Camp

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In one of the earlier missions, Arthur takes Jack fishing when agents Ross and Milton show up to offer Arthur amnesty in exchange for Dutch. Of course, Arthur refuses, but it begs the question – why didn't they just follow him back to camp? Or better yet, why approach Arthur at all? Why not just observe him from a distance and follow him back to camp?

19 Trelawny Is Free To Do What He Wants

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Early on, Arthur mentions that Trelawny can weave in and out of Dutch’s gang as he pleases because of the high-quality information he shares. This might seem like a plausible explanation, but think about it; Trelawny can sell them out at any point, he's the only member who doesn't rely on Dutch to survive, and he knows all their plans and whereabouts. It makes no sense that Dutch wouldn’t keep eyes on Trelawny at all times.

18 Arthur Doesn’t Care About Mr. Bullard’s Fate

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"Icarus and Friends" is a mission that's ultimately not vital to the main story. Sadie could have just said she knows where Marston is being held and they could have initiated the prison break. Instead, they drag the innocent hot air balloonist into this criminal escapade which ends his life... and they show no remorse - that's not the Arthur we know.

17 Hosea Let’s Micah Meddle

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Hosea is the brains of Dutch’s operation. He’s the one who investigates the towns, meets the locals, and crafts schemes to keep the gang afloat. Yet the smartest man in the crew does nothing to prevent the gang's downfall. He never thought about stopping Miach from meddling with Dutch and poisoning his mind, even when it's blatantly obvious what's going on.

16 The Timeline Makes No Sense As To When John Left The Gang

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In the first game, it is strongly implied that John left the gang around 1906, if not outright states]d. Considering the state Dutch’s gang is in by 1911 and how inexperienced John seems as a rancher, the split must have been recent. According to RDR2 though, John leaves Dutch’s gang at the turn of the century and moves around for years before finally settling down as a farmer.

15 Molly’s Rant Makes No Sense

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In Chapter 6, Molly O'Shea tells Dutch that she has been working with the Pinkertons. But why would she say that? We later learn that Micah is the rat, not Molly, so this "plot twist" doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Perhaps she wanted attention Dutch's attention? But she's not stupid and she knows he's dangerous. We never get an explanation as to why she said it.

14 Edgar Ross Found Marston Too Soon

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During the end credits, Agent Ross finds Micah and tracks down John. We see Ross and Fordham looking at Beecher's Hope, plotting the events of Red Dead Redemption. But this doesn't fit the established timeline. Micah passes in 1907 and Red Dead Redemption takes place in 1911. It took four years to track down John? They waited four years to approach him? It took them that long to come up with their plan?

13 John Doesn’t Have To Hunt Down The Other Gang Members

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In Red Dead Redemption, John is tasked with hunting down the remaining members of his gang – Dutch, Bill, and Javier. But what about Pearson, Charles, Sadie, and Swanson? Pearson is even hanging out in a general store in Rhodes! These were nationally-wanted criminals, there's no way the Bureau Of Investigation would let them off -  and no, there isn't a statute of limitations on the crimes they committed.

12 The Law In Rhodes Never Goes After Marston

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Early in Epilogue: Part I, John mentions that the reason he’s on the run yet again is that he shot a man in Rhodes. Then, in Epilogue: Part II, we learn that Rhodes’ lawmen are highly competent. They would easily hunt down John - who shot a man in public - and they would definitely recognize him when he came back to serve as a bounty hunter.

11 Arthur Doesn’t Infect Anyone

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How is it that Arthur didn't infect a single person? TB is highly contagious and spreads when an infected person coughs or sneezes, and only a few droplets of spit are required for infection - and Arthur is coughing like crazy by the end. In the epilogue, we catch up on various characters' fates, and not a single one of them has gotten tuberculosis.

10 John Seeing Dutch Contradicts What He Said In The First Game

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In Red Dead Redemption, John says that the last time he saw Dutch and the gang was when they ditched him during a robbery. This implies the train robbery should be the last time that John sees Dutch in Red Dead Redemption 2. However, John sees Dutch with Micah at the climax of the game. It's unlikely John forgot this, seeing how Dutch saved his and Sadie's lives.

9 The Gang Is Never Recognized

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In the third chapter of the game, Dutch and a few other members of the gang ingratiate themselves into the Rhodes police force. This happens after they've wiped out an entire city, wreaked havoc in Valentine, and were already national outlaws. How on Earth did the Rhodes sheriff not know the identities of the gang members? They're only the most wanted men in the country.

8 Why Doesn’t Arthur Use His Money To Move The Gang?

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We're being told over and over by Dutch that we need more money. The thing is, Arthur made more than enough to cover the gang's relocation. Arthur can rack up tens of thousands of dollars throughout the game, but uses it on stuff that makes the camp prettier, chicken coops, and a boat. This makes no sense.

7 Dutch Trusts Micah Over Arthur And John

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Sure, it's Dutch's fate to follow Micah and lose his mind, but it doesn't really make sense, seeing as he has known both Arthur and John for decades and practically raised them as his own sons. Dutch only met Micah in 1898, and a mere five months later they embarked on the ill-fated Blackwater heist - even following that disaster, Dutch listens to Micah more than his "sons."

6 Where Did Strauss Get The Money?

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We're told the Van der Linde gang are strapped for cash throughout a large majority of the game. So where exactly was Strauss getting the money to loan all these desperate people? Sure, maybe he was using his take from the robbery money, but why lend money to unreliable people who can't even afford to pay back the loan, let alone the ridiculous interest?

5 Why Didn’t The Gang Eliminate Ross And Milton?

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The gang has several opportunities to eliminate both Ross and Milton, yet they never do it. And they clearly don't have any issues regarding taking out lawmen. The best opportunity was when both agents showed up at the Van der Linde camp in order to negotiate a truce. Sure, shooting them wouldn't have solved their problems, but it certainly would buy them enough time to escape.

4 Why Doesn’t Dutch Send The Ladies Back To Blackwater?

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Due to the infamous ferry robbery, no one from the Van der Linde gang is allowed to go back to Blackwater. However, the women in the gang do not partake in the heists, so there's no reason the law should know their faces. Susan Grimshaw is a respected and loyal member of the gang, so why doesn't Dutch just send her, or one of the other ladies to fetch the cash?

3 Why Couldn’t The Gang Pay Off Their Blackwater Bounty?

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We're constantly reminded that the gang can never go back to Blackwater due to their notoriety and the insane prices on their heads. But in other missions, they're practically wiping out entire cities, and once the bounty is paid, everything is alright again. So, why couldn't they just pay off the bounty and go back to Blackwater?

2 How Come The Pinkertons Didn’t See Sadie’s Letter?

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After returning from Guarma, Arthur finds a letter written by Sadie guiding them to their new hideout. The thing is, the Pinkertons have regularly been searching the area - and apparently none of the agents noticed a letter that wasn't even hidden!? We later learn that Micah revealed their new location to the Pinkerton agents, so there's nothing to indicate that they read the letter.

1 Dutch Had Enough Money All Along

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Throughout the game, Dutch tells the gang they just need one last score. When we get to the end of the game, however, we find that Dutch and Micah had tons of cash stashed away. Dutch had enough money the whole time. Clearly, this was done to illustrate Dutch’s mania, but he wasn't like this in the beginning, so this reveal only works if you disregard a big chunk of his character.

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