Red Dead Redemption 2: The 12 Best Missions, Officially Ranked (And The 9 Worst)

Rockstar have been known for making long games that somehow manage to keep their quality high pretty much throughout the whole thing, but that doesn't change the fact that they're obviously not going to be able to make something that is perfect! Red Dead Redemption 2 is their most recent offering and people have been talking about it for months now, analyzing the game after the dust has settled and people have been allowed a real chance to think over what the game gave us all.

We wanted to jump in and take a look at the various missions found in Red Dead Redemption 2, both good and bad, and see what other people think on the matter. We've gone through every single mission that can be played throughout Red Dead Redemption 2 and we have ranked them to figure out which we think are the best missions and which are the worst. Below, we have the list that we came up with.

It's about time that we got started, had a look at one of the biggest game release in years, and decided which bits we loved and which we were less keen on. If everybody is ready, then now is our chance to dive right in and have a proper look!

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21 Best: Blood Feuds, Ancient And Modern

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Throughout the game, Arthur and the gang he belongs to come up against so many different factions that it can sometimes be difficult to keep track. However, one of the families they have conflict with, the Braithwaites, will always be remembered due to the cathartic mission that sees the gang take over and burn down the family house. Not only that, but the player gets to take down a huge number of the family in a brutal showdown, before Dutch leads them upstairs to the matriarch of the household, a woman that had Jack taken...

20 Best: Sodom? Back To Gomorrah

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Being the first time that we get to go into a bank and rob it specifically for a story mission, there is something electrifying about this mission, something that stays with the player throughout numerous playthroughs, no matter how many times they may rob the bank. The anxiety that courses through us as we attempt to open every safe in the back of the bank while we can hear things going south in the background is something that we will never forget. It shows just how powerful video games can be when they're at their best.

19 Worst: Who Is Not Without Sin

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One of the best things that Red Dead Redemption 2 gets right is how it must have felt to be part of a gang in the old west, an odd family that is comprised of a huge number of people, all with their own separate personalities. However, this means we have to deal with a lot of people that we really didn't like, with one of those being Reverend Swanson. In this mission, we chase the man around as he gets himself into trouble over and over again, before taking him back to the camp. We never liked Swanson and this mission didn't help!

18 Best: The King's Son

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The connection that the gang has with the Native Americans in the game is an odd one, with Arthur and Charles seemingly attempting to actually help the poor people, while Dutch merely wants to use them as a distraction for his own gang. This mission sees Arthur and Charles break into Fort Wallace to save Eagle Flies, taking part in some brilliant stealth, some bloody action, and then finally a daring getaway. Altogether, an incredibly well designed mission that still brings a smile to our faces.

17 Best: A Fine Night Of Debauchery

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It's hard to play a game like Red Dead Redemption 2 and not enjoy the way that the huge cast of characters are constantly attempting to come up with a new way to make a quick buck, and this is one of the missions that shows just how hilariously wrong it could go. After getting onto a boat where a high stakes poker game is being played, Arthur cheats his way to the top before making his way to the back room to steal some money. They're found out and they have to leap off the back of the boat and swim their way to the shore.

16 Worst: A Fisher Of Men

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We genuinely enjoyed whenever the Pinkerton agents made their way onto the screen throughout our time with Red Dead Redemption 2, as the writers had managed to make them more loathsome than any of the outlaws that they had created. However, they felt hugely tacked onto this slow and boring mission about taking Jack outside of camp to do some fishing. That's it. Nothing else really happens and we always thought that it felt rather odd, especially when the Pinkerton agents were always so exciting otherwise.

15 Best: Icarus And Friends

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One of the great things about Red Dead Redemption 2 and Rockstar in general is that they're willing to imply what is to come through the names they give to the missions, and they've been doing this for years. Putting the name Icarus in the name of this mission seriously put us on edge throughout the whole thing and we found ourselves loving every minute of it, unable to guess where it will take us next. We can still play this mission and love every second of it, despite having played through it more than once.

14 Worst: Country Pursuits

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Just like how the island of Guarma felt pretty underutilized by the developers, offering a lot of potential that they never picked up on, we don't think that the swamp was used effectively in the main missions either. It was a genuine treat to ride through on our own, taking a look at the various animals and strange encounters the developers had placed there, but all of the missions that take place in the swamp were far too slow and boring, just like this one was. How they made a giant alligator boring we will never fully understand either!

13 Best: Goodbye, Dear Friend

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Despite the fact that there are arguably many different antagonists that come and go throughout the entire play through of Red Dead Redemption 2, it is Colm O'Driscoll that we spend most of the game up against. We think it was a stroke of genius for Rockstar to make the mission that sees this character pass on a rather subdued affair rather than a massive shootout. There is something so satisfying about watching all of the pieces properly fall into place, the look on Colm's face changing when he realizes that this is it, this is the moment he dies...

12 Worst: The Gilded Cage

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We're not one of these people that needs every single mission to be full of action and gunfire, but we felt that this mission was particularly boring, offering up very little in the way of entertainment. We understand that it was just placed in the game to ingratiate both the player and the player character with other people that will begin to mean more to the narrative as time progresses, but does that mean that the mission has to be so boring at the same time?! This mission offers nothing in the way of entertainment.

11 Best: Favored Sons

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Not only does this mission have one of the best endings in the entire game, genuinely forcing our pulse higher than is comfortable, it is one of the first times that we really see Arthur turn against Dutch. This is when Dutch loses Arthur, showing him that all he cares about is himself. He may pretend that the military distraction is all about getting the gang out of the US, but it's clear by the end of the mission that  Dutch is only doing this as he thinks it will work out best for him, shown by how much he doesn't care that Charles and Eagle Flies are missing by the end of the mission.

10 Worst: A Fork In The Road

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While it may be one of the most interesting narrative moments in the game, it is not a particularly interesting mission. We think it would've been better if they had thrown this narrative twist in the middle of a mission with any warning whatsoever, rather than making the whole mission about the twist. This is the beginning of the end for Arthur and while we do like what it means for the story as whole, we have to admit that we were begging for the mission to end as we slowly made our way through Saint Denis.

9 Best: Blessed Are The Meek

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The relationship between Arthur and Micah is interesting, the two of them never having a moment together that isn't either violent or tense, and being sent to save him clearly bothers Arthur, but he chooses to do it for Dutch. The player gets to see exactly why Arthur doesn't like Micah after we break him out of the jail and we're forced to run around the small village taking on everyone as Micah fights off every single lawman in an attempt to get his guns from a house on the edge of town. A genuinely annoying but brilliantly thought out mission that shows us something about these two characters.

8 Best: My Last Boy

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There are so many moments in Red Dead Redemption 2 that will stay in our mind for a long time, but the defining moment for us is when we, along with a group of other outlaws and Eagle Flies, descended upon Cornwall Kerosene & Tar to take on Leviticus' men and take back the land. It was an amazing image, one that filled us with excitement at the time and continues to make us smile the more that we look back on it in retrospect. For us, this mission is Red Dead Redemption 2 at its very best.

7 Worst: Old Friends

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It would be a lie to say that the beginning of Red Dead Redemption 2 isn't brilliant, slowly pulling the player in while teaching them important skills that they will then end up using for the rest of the game. However, retrospectively this mission is nowhere near as good as it should be. After the amazing mission in which we save a woman from a group of outlaws, we think that this introduction to the rival gang that will follow us throughout the rest of the game just doesn't hit as hard as we would like it to.

6 Best: Banking, The Old American Art

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One of the things that we really like about Red Dead Redemption 2 is that it is never too scared to get rid of a character if they feel that it will help enrich the narrative, while also never relying on that to shock the audience into being interested either. This mission is a turning point, with everything after it being a reminder of just how incompetent Dutch is, how unable he is to look after this family he has made for himself and how much the US now wants his type of people gone from their borders.

5 Worst: A Quick Favor For An Old Friend

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Crossing over into the epilogue of the game was a genuinely amazing thing that we loved when we first played through Red Dead Redemption 2, but it has to be said that not every mission in the epilogue was very good... In our opinion, this mission dragged on for way too long and offered the player a frustrating glimpse at the shooting mechanics of this game at their very worst, funneling them into a small pass that is essentially designed to give the enemy the upper hand all the way through the last minutes of the mission...

4 Best: An Honest Mistake

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Being a prequel, Red Dead Redemption 2 had to show us exactly how John ended up as he did at the beginning of the first game in the series. One of the characters that we wish had only been in the first game is Uncle, who is just annoying and wildly incompetent. However, it's his incompetency that leads to himself, Arthur, and a couple of other gunslingers being trapped in a barn with no way out, attempting to shoot their way through everything that is being thrown at them, and it is one of the most gripping moments in the game.

3 Worst: Archaeology For Beginners

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We loved the connection between Arthur and the Native American in the game, that he attempts to put their needs ahead of his due to the way that they have been treated by those that stole their land from them, but not every mission regarding this connection is worth playing through more than once. There's nothing of much interest in this mission and while we found the conversation between Rain Falls and Arthur to be worth the admission, it's not then worth going back over it again to get gold...

2 Best: The Fine Joys Of Tobacco

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This mission is the complete opposite to American Distillation, highlighting how Rockstar are able to make the player feel like they have control when they do it right, whether the play does or not! Arthur and Sean make their way through the tobacco fields, pouring moonshine on everything and then burning it to the ground before stealing some money from a nearby wagon. Riding our horse through the flaming fields is a genuinely thrilling moment in video gaming that we doubt many people will be forgetting in a hurry!

1 Worst: American Distillation

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One of the problems that some people have with Red Dead Redemption 2 is that it forces the player to engage with it by the exact rules that Rockstar have put in place. Having so much freedom outside of missions and then taking on one like this that forces people right down an alley can be genuinely frustrating. If somebody attempts to deviate from the path given to them by the game when they're playing through this mission, they will find that they quickly fail it and have to start from the nearest checkpoint...

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